Week 44, 2009 Stash Report

Nothing added this week!  The only thing I worked on was the tree skirt so not a whole lot busted either.

Used this Week:  7 yards
Used year to Date: 413.75 yards
Added this Week:  Nothing
Added Year to Date: 452 yards
Net Used for 2009: -38.25 yards

Anyone going to make a real effort to bust a lot of stash between now and the end of the year or do you feel you’ve blown it and you’re going to add as much as you want and start over with a clean slate on 1/1/10?  Some days I think I’ll bust a lot and some days I think I’ll order every remaining color of Dimples.  Someone . . take my credit card away please!  🙂

How’d you do this week?


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      Oh, it wasn’t wasted. I’m betting you got much wiser in your fabric purchases and you’ll be more determined when 2010 starts. I’m here to . . wait . . I can’t cheer anyone one. I’ll be starting anew on 1/1/10 with you.

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    I’m cheating and reposting a blog entry I made on the 29th, but I couldn’t wait until Sunday to write about it! 😀 Sorry for those who saw it before today.

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    ya’ll are funny … think of this as like a diet … some weeks we do better than others and the over-all effort is what counts in the end.

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    Marilyn says

    Come on Judy, you know you want to bring on the Dimples.
    I say just do it…… they can be your xmas present from Vince. LOL

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      Everything I buy from January 1 through December 25, Vince says “That’s your Christmas present!” So, according to him, I’ve already received all the presents I’m going to get.

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    Donna says

    I blew it, but I don’t care. I dont regret a single piece of fabric that came into my house.

    I have five tops that need quilted. If I finish them I will have used more stash than I bought.

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    Well, since most of the fabric which came in was given to me and I didn’t buy it I suppose I didn’t do to bad. I’m going to keep going along like I am until the end of the year, bust what I can and bring in only what I absolutely need.

    As for next year, I’ll start with 0 given that I don’t know my total yardage anyway. (although I have a rough idea).

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    Well at least you would use that fabric and not having it sitting there in your stash. So that wouldn’t be such a bad purchase. You know you want it! So……….

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    I just change my goal; it’s now to break even! It’s been a successful year already because I’ve used some pretty old fabric, and the new fabric that’s come in I absolutely love. I already feel like a winner! Thanks, Judy, for hosting this. It’s been good this year to be more aware of what’s going out and what’s coming in.

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    although I had a major purchase last week, I don’t plan on “buying now–worrying next year”. Still working on some finishes. Have a UFO or two I want to pull out. But, I am satisfied with my purchases (lots more thought went into them) and what I’ve bought. Stash reports work well for me!

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    Denise says

    I think it’s eye opening to see how much fabric a person can really use in a year (okay – even more eye opening as to how much I buy but we’ll not dwell on the past) 🙂 but what I really enjoyed looking at in my little spreadsheet of fabric used and bought was where I also listed what projects it was used for and all the projects that got completely finished. And even better, at least half of what I finished went to charities so I’ve decided I shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty about buying fabric. LOL Will I do it again next year – sure – it does make you think a bit differently about how you shop (until a binge shopping experience happens) but more fabric really did get used from the stash that migth have otherwise and if nothing else, it makes room for new fabric lines.

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    Reading one of the above comments, “I don’t regret a single piece of fabric that came into my house,” I have to say I agree 100% – except for the stuff I was buying in the first weeks, before I knew what I really liked, or even how to really look at the fabric in a shop at all. All the bolts can be completely overwhelming at first!

    Now that I’ve been buying fabrics I’m in love with, and figuring out how they go together, I have no regrets. 🙂

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    I’ve been too afraid to join in with a report, but I am planning to hop on Judy’s Show Your Stash bandwagon, and I got brave and showed my stash back when she first challenged us to. Now my goal is to improve it’s organization before the end of the year, when I have to post pictures of how it looks, and then spend all of 2010 trying to make it look even better. So I’m not throwing in the towel on the current stash, but after spending an entire afternoon refolding what was in just two bins, I’m beginning to doubt how much better I can make it look before the end of the year (or even by the end of next year)! Whew, I have a LOT of fabric! I have no room to add any more before the end of the year . . .

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    Norma says

    I think you should just get the remainder of the Dimples fabric line that you don’t have. What if it were to be discontinued and you could never get it? You know you need it for your books! And you’re such a good wife and mother as well as encourager to us.

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    carol c says

    it was not wasted by any means
    10 charity quilts from lap to larger
    but i am adding to my stash ala Judy L-lol
    and i just now sorted 2 bags of scraps from the free table at
    the Quilt Guild
    now to empty bags to take in tonite to the Nov. meeting
    did have a lot of r/w/b for soldiers scrap quilts !!!
    and several larger pieces to make personal bags for others
    no sewing yet this last week to mention
    although Dh and I had a discussion and told him I need my space back from his 8 years of working 5:30 am till bed 9pm.
    that I am not getting nothing done and need to get a LOT done.

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    I’m still chugging along with my stashbusting although I’ve buy when I really want or need something too.

    Today I’ve been piecing backs and cutting bindings from stash as well as cutting a few more things to send to Mom so by the time I’m done I’ll probably have used 20 – 25 yards just today!