Dumpling Day

Chad loves chicken and dumplings.  I like it too but it isn’t my favorite thing to make.  A blog reader sent me a recipe using canned biscuits and they were so much easier and so much quicker but Chad declared that he liked them better the way I had always made them.  One thing the blog reader’s recipe said was to pressure cook the chicken.  I had always boiled the chicken.  Pressure cooking it was so much better and produced a much richer broth.  So, Friday the chicken was cooked in the pressure cooker.  No . . not one of my chickens!


Saturday the dumplings were made.  You’d think being a quilter, I could cut my strips more evenly.


They sit to dry out so they’ll be kinda chewy. Then they get flipped and sprinkled with flour and they sit some more.


Then they go into simmering broth. They cooked.  They were good.  I forgot to take pictures.  How in the world do people remember to take photos of each step along the way?  I cannot!  I did remember to get a picture of the leftovers!  🙂




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    Judy……….I’m surprised that there WERE any leftovers to take a picture of!

    Is there a recipe posted for this anywhere?
    It looks yummy!

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    Bell says

    Judy, I have been lurking on your site for a long time and decided to surface briefly to offer a tip on making dumplings. I have tried many different recipes over the course of forty years and I can make pretty good chicken and dumplings. When I am in a time and mess saving mode, I have learned to use big flour tortillas for the dumplings. They work great! You don’t have to mix, roll out or flour them or let them dry out, just cut them up with the pizza cutter and stir them in the boiling broth. Before I retreat to lurkdom, I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us all.

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    I was looking at pressure cookers at our state fair and about fainted at the price. Where did you find your pressure cooker and what did you look for when buying it?

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    Kathy B in TN says

    When I’d come “home” to my mom’s she would always make chicken and dumplings for me . . . she tried the shortcut with the canned biscuits too – NOPE – stick to the old way . . . much better. Makes you wonder what my own kids will want when they come “home to mom’s”???

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      The key is the type of can biscuit being used. I use a flaky buttermilk biscuit. Originally they were Hungry Jack Buttermilk Flaky biscuits, but Pillsbury seems to have rebranded them as Grands! Jr Golden Layers Buttermilk.

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    Cindy says

    Crap, Chad’s lucky he doesn’t live at my house. Until I saw that picture? I swear to God, I thought all dumplings came from the Bisquick box. Those look like square noodles! Is it just noodle dough rolled out and cut into squares? Do they puff up?

    I’m confused

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    Interesting! My dumplings, while not from the the Bisquick box, are a very wet dough that you drop in. I don’t believe I’ve tried them like you show here.

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    Penny says

    It looks very tasty but your dumplings are nothing like what we call a dumplings here in the UK. I make mine with 8 ounces self raising (self rising?) flour, a pinch of salt and 4 ounces butter or margarine rubbed in as if making pastry, then bound together into a dampish dough with water, divided into about 6 balls and simply dropped into the simmering stew/broth for about 15 minutes or so. A favourite winter dish, so filling and warming. Many recipes make them using suet but I’m not so keen on this and I’m not sure if you can buy it the US.

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    Someone at my church makes her dumplings out of flour tortillas. They always get raves and no one can believe that they are strips of tortilla.

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    Here in the South we call this chicken pastry. I can see in my mind’s eye the pastry rolled out on Mama’s table, just like yours. Now, I buy Anne’s frozen pastry which is made here in NC. Its just as good as Mama’s and easy!!!!! Not sure where you live, but maybe you could buy some frozen pastry?

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    Like Cindy, I also use Bisquit mix and add fresh parsley in the dough. Then, I drop the dough by the spoonful into the chicken soup and then cover. The trick is not to check the pot for 20 minutes. They come out light and fluffy. Yum!

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      Cindy says

      I did the opposite once, covered them up right after I dropped them in and when I took the lid off the dumplings had disappeared.

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    Glenda in Florida says

    I love dumplings–any way you want to make them. I’ll be watching for a recipe. AND…I’m still expecting you to come through with an egg noodle recipe. I figure you must have an abundance of eggs by now

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    A.L. says

    I think the way Judy does her dumplings is the Southern way. I had grown up on dumplings that were big and puffy.
    I never knew about the “other” way until my daughter’s MIL made them at her house. That is all they serve.

    Learn something new everyday!

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    carla says

    Chicken dumplings are my all time favorite. Mother made them at my request on every birthday. Looks like Judy’s were pretty good. There sure weren’t very many leftovers to photograph. I agree with you on the photoing. I tried to photograph making my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. Whew..what a challenge. Judy, just keep up the good work!

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    Sherry says

    Looks delicious, Judy! How about that recipe. Start to finish.
    Dumplings and how you thicken the chicken broth. Thanks.