I Love My Dishwasher!

Not really!  The appliance repairman called about 4:15 and said he could come today . . after all!  I was ready to clean out a path through the garage to get the old one out and the new one in.  No!  I’m not that lucky!


$37.50 to put in a door seal that was $8.95.  I’m betting most places charge way more than $37.50 for a service call.  I love my town . . I do not love my dishwasher and I detest my stove but . . we won’t talk about any of this ever again (I hope you believe that!).  My dishwasher is kinda noisy, though not nearly as noisy as the one my mom and dad used to have.  It works! It cleans the dishes.  It will stay!  My stove . . you know about my stove.  No need to even discuss it.  I’m afraid it’s staying too.  🙁

Thank you to everyone who sent advice and thoughts about the dishwasher.  And, the repairman told me they can still get almond/bisque in almost everything!  Not what the Home Depot guy had told me earlier!



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    Chris says

    Our Home Depot has no almond/bisque appliances and I was thinking the same as you as our dishwasher is less than lovely looking (old owners somehow abused the outside), but it cleans wonderfully!! I hate (truly!) stainless appliances–they are cold to me and would not fit in my kitchen. Then a few weeks ago we had to go to a real appliance store to get Dan a new CD player for our old Explorer (the old player ate his Janis Joplin CD and he was very distressed!!) and low and behold, bisque appliances!!! I asked and they said there is no problem getting that color. Was I relieved!! I’m thinking of buying a new DW and keeping it in the garage for safekeeping, just in case!! Guess it’s just HD who doesn’t stock almond/bisque and hopes we’ll buy *all* new appliances to match…

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    You know Judy…..here’s how I get something I want even though I don’t need it…..If I were you I would start burning/undercooking a few meals, not everyone, just once in a while and “blame it on the stove”….its just not working right…..it doesn’t heat up right sometimes and then sometimes it overheats and burns things….and of course when the repair man comes out to take a look he sees nothing wrong….because this is an occasional problem that only shows up once in awhile….so after a few wrecked meals Vince might see that something is wrong and decide a new stove would fix the problem since the repairman can’t find anything wrong….hey it works for me this way…….I don’t usually apply this theory to domestic appliances…..but I did get a longarm using this method, my domestic machine just didn’t work like it was supposed to when it came to machine quilting!!! Just a thought.

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    Carol says

    Just to add to Karen’s comment… A woman in my quilting class has “Yoyo Night” at her house, as in “Your On Your Own”. Perhaps that will help you get the stove you want and make up for Vince’s comment.

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    Our dishwasher also needs a new seal – wonderful that it’s not a hugely expensive fix! And I, too, HATE our stove. It’s one of those glass-top electrics, it’s slow to heat up, the temperature varies wildly, the burners are ridiculously small… HATE!!!

    I’m wondering how expensive it would be to run a gas line to the kitchen….

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    I love all of my matching stainless steel appliances, including the stacking washer/dryer that live in my small kitchen.
    The go great with the granite counters.

    Now if I could get more counters & some drawers…

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    Julie H. says

    Hooray! You’re back in business with the dishwasher.

    I wonder where Home Depot and Lowe’s find their employees? I’ve seen an awful lot of interesting things go on in those places.

    I’m not sure that deceiving Vince with the stove thing is the right way to go.

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    I can relate to that! Except with my washing machine (20+years old) – thought I was off to pick up a spiffy new front loading model after seeing a huge puddle of water on the laundry room floor…I was so excited! Then the repair man came – a $20.00 part fixed it (plus $80.00 for the service call to our very rural locale). He left smiling saying my old machine would work for a long time yet (hubby is smiling too by this time!) :o( Oh well, with the economy so tight now, guess a bill of $100.00 is “better” – but I sure do covet a new front loader…I will keep mentioning how much more efficient the new models are but there seems to be a loss of hearing around here! And don’t get me started on my 13 year old not-enough-storage-side-by-side.