A Stove or a House?

Vince is off today and he had big plans for the day but this morning, after fixing bacon, eggs, whole wheat toast and hash browns (which I grated myself!), I very sweetly said “Would you mind running down to the appliance store with me?”  He looked at me real suspiciously but said “ok”.  After a few delays, we made it to the appliance store and I think we decided that IF we’re getting a gas stove, we’re getting this one.


While figuring the price, the guy said “Do you have natural gas or propane?”  I said “We’re going to get natural gas.”  Vince said “We need a different house!”

You never know where one statement will take you.  The guy at the appliance store said “Oh, my dad’s house is for sale . . about 12 miles out of town!”  So . . we ended up making no decision on the stove but going out to look at that house.  See how easily we get sidetracked?

The house, with the exception of the kitchen, was ok.  The kitchen and the rest of the property was . . fantastic!  When you drive up, you see this!

DSC08657It’s about a 24′ x 30′ sewing room . . separate from the house . . with its own air conditioning and heating and . . its own bathroom complete with a shower.  That room makes me real happy.

This room made Vince real happy! A 40′ x 50′ shop with concrete floor, mercury vapor lighting, a big loft!

DSC08659And, I’d get my own bridge!

DSC08661Over my very own creek:

DSC08662And some really pretty trees!

DSC08658And fun neighbors!


The house just didn’t do it for me.  But the land and the outbuildings and the neighbors surely made it almost the perfect house for us.



  1. 1

    pdudgeon says

    I’ll bet your chickens would feel right at home. *S*

    but seriously with all that going on to the good for the house/land, could you just add on a new kitchen to that house?
    and a house with a creek, a bridge, lovely trees, open space, separate dedicated quilting space for you, and a dedicated guy room for Vince ===this would not be too bad!

    and with that separate space for quilting, you do realize how much extra time you’ll have for quilting, right????
    Judy, if an idea struck you suddenly in the middle of the night you could go out right then and quilt till the sun comes up and have the radio up full blast if you wanted to without worrying about waking anyone else up.


  2. 4

    Jamie says

    Oh I would jump on that in a heartbeat if the price is right!!!! The house might not be perfect, but with the land and out buildings, you could always build a new house to liking and NOT be in the city WOOT!!!!

  3. 6


    Sounds like you had a great day……a building, not just a room, a whole building for you (YEAH YEAH YEAH), a building for Vince, a fantastic kitchen…….acreage, only 12 miles out…….will the pluses outweigh the minuses.

    When you think about it……all a bedroom needs is a bed and a dresser and most of the time when you are in there, you have your eyes closed…… and a sofa and chair for the living room…so in my opinion the place sounds perfect.

    Do you want to know how we entertain here???? Most of the time we party in the shop…..throw the peanut shells on the floor, if you spill a beverage no problem, it has a mini kitchen set up and when the party is over….sweep and pressure wash…..cleanup all done. So is a “house” overrated….maybe just have to think outside the house and explore the other possibilities.

  4. 7

    Linda says

    Who cares about the house??!!! You’d spend all your time in that great separate sewing room. And Vince would have his fantastic shop. When would you spend time in the house anyway? As long as the kitchen was adequate to cook & eat in, the rest of the time you’d be sleeping, and like somebody else said, you only need a bed & dresser. The place was made for you.

  5. 9


    bulldoze the house and build a new one…with the workshop and quilt studio all you’ll need in the house is a kitchen/living room combo, a couple of bedrooms and a couple of baths (can’t leave Chad out to share a bath with you and Vince)…Go for it!

  6. 10

    Jean says

    Well, my first thought upon looking the the picture of the stove, was where did you find one that had a computer monitor on it? I need one like that. Obviously I also need glasses….

  7. 11


    Well, you can’t have everything? I think a stand alone sewing/quilting room is every reason for getting the property.

  8. 12


    How much land? I’ll give you my experience, for whatever it’s worth…. finding the perfect land WITH the perfect house…. not likely. My suggestion would be to hold out for the perfect land and build… and if you aren’t up to building, then go for the perfect land and modify the house as much as possible.

    You can change the buildings to your heart’s content…. but you can’t change the land much. And to me, the land is what makes a place special!