Candid Camera


A week or so ago, Chad and I bought a game camera.


I didn’t know too much about them (still don’t) but Chad did all the research and since I was buying, everything was an issue but price.  After it got here, it rained non-stop for 40 days and 40 nights. . or so it seemed.  The camera is supposed to be waterproof but was just too nasty for us to get out there and get it set up.  One night we finally managed to get it set up (in the dark I might add).  While out there, I was thinking . . if we’re trying to get pictures of wild animals, aren’t they hiding around the corner waiting to eat us?  Chad’s friend who lives not too far away thinks he got a picture of a mountain lion on his camera.  I think it was a really big house cat . . I think he visits my house sometimes too.  Anyway, we got it set up and because I kept saying hurry Chad!, we had it pointed up so we got pictures of the tops of trees.  When the wind blew, the twigs and weeds would wiggle and the camera would think it was a 20 point buck  (or a mountain lion) and it would take a picture of . . tree tops.  We brought the camera in and waited for better weather.

This past weekend Chad and I set it all up again.  This time we took my digital camera out and took photos at the exact angle as the game camera to see what we would be getting if it takes pictures.


My back yard from an angle you haven’t seen before.  Pretend I live on 100 acres and that house isn’t there!


Something about this angle bothers me.  I can see us getting a perfect shot of the south end of a buck facing north!  Not exactly what I want to see.  Let’s make an adjustment to the angle.


Better . . maybe.  We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of shots we get.  I’m pretty excited to see if we get good wildlife pictures (and to prove to myself there’s not a mountain lion living back there) but I promised Chad I wouldn’t look at the pictures til he gets home.  But .. he’d probably never know if I sneak a peak .. right?



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    What we do not have is any evidence of a viable, breeding population of mountain lions in Missouri. As a result, the Missouri Department of Conservation has changed the state classification of the species from endangered to extirpated. An extirpated species is one that is considered extinct as a viable breeding population from a portion of its historical range.

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    Donna in KS says

    Are bobcat and mountain lion the same thing? We have bobcat in KS. In fact, within the past week, the local paper had an article, complete with photos of cubs that had come onto a family’s patio to play, a very unusual occurance. This was just outside Hutchinson, KS. The residents said the female stood within reasonable distance with one cub while the two more adventuresome ones played close up. My resident ‘expert’ on these things just came in and explained this to me. One is a ‘cat’ one is a ‘lion’. A mountain lion was recently proven to be in KS. They are not prolific like the cats are! What would we do w/o these ‘resident experts’?

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    Hey Judy….what’s with the sticky note……are you keeping a secret from us and are going to keep us lingering until Monday to find out what this secret is??????

    About the camera……do you really want to know what lurks around during the night????? We had one of those out a couple of years ago to catch wildlife in nature……and we caught abit more “nature” than we wanted to….

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    My neighbor has a camera set up and has pictures of a bobcat, coyote, deer and my dog! Hubby wants one and will probably go pick his out this weekend. I’d like to set it up in my chicken house for a couple days to see if there is any activity in there that I don’t want. I’m anxious to hear what kind of pictures are on the camera but more anxious to find out about Monday……….a book release date maybe????

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    Linda says

    My brother & his boys got a picture of a female cougar & 3 young ones on their game camera a couple years ago. Nebraska Game & Parks also claims there is no breeding population of cougars in the state. They are so full of it!! That’s twice in the past 8-9 years that someone saw a female & young. And if the number of single cougars spotted in NE Nebraska is anything to go by, there are plenty of them around. There are also lots of bobcats. Both species are wisely people shy and real easy to miss seeing even if you pass right by them. There were wolves just a few miles northeast of here but people shot them. Farmers DO NOT want these critters around their livestock, especially in the spring when the calves are being born.