Morning Splash #3

Cutting Instructions:

Accent Fabric:
1- 1-1/2″ strips (I)

1 – 2-1/2″ strip (J)

Colored Fabrics:

For this fabric, I’m giving the instructions for cutting all you’ll need of the colored fabrics.  Stick aside everything except (V).

2 – 1-1/2″ strips (L)
1 – 2-7/8″ strip.  Cut into 12 – 2-7/8″ squares (M)

1 – 9-1/4″ strip. Cut into:

  • 2 – 9-1/4″ squares. Cut these on the diagonal twice so you have 8 triangles (X)
  • 8 – 4-1/2″ squares (V) (See Note Below)

NOTE:  You need a total of 12 of each of the 4-1/2″ colored squares.  Depending on the width of your fabric, and how many squares you were able to cut from the remainder of the 9-1/4″ strips, cut a 4-1/2″ strip and cut the remaining 4-1/2″ squares . . just so you end up with 12 – 4-1/2″ squares of each color!

Sewing Instructions:

7.  Sew a 1-1/2″ black strip (I) to the top and bottom of a gold 2-1/2″ strip (J).  Make 1/2 strip set.  Cut into 12 – 1-1/2″ segments.

78.  Sew a segment from Step 7 to two opposite sides of the units from Step 6.  Make 6.

89.  Assemble the block, using segments from Steps 5 and 8, together with one (per block) of each of the four colored squares.  (V) Be sure to keep the numbers in the right order.  If you don’t keep the #1 color in the spot on all blocks, your design will be off.  Look at the cheat sheet you downloaded on Monday.

NOTE:  Virginia asked which way the strips from Step 5 go.  They can go towards the #1 and #3 squares or they can go towards the #2 and #4 squares . . just be consistent in the way you place them.  Some fabrics won’t even show which way they go.  My first quilt with the black fabric . . doesn’t show where the seam is but some fabrics, it will matter.

Make 6 blocks.



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    Virginia Hershberger says

    Hi Judy,
    I’m working on Morning Splash #3 and don’t know which way to attach the block from step 5 to make the block in step 9. Do you put the 1 1/2 x 4 1/2 accent strip towards the center of the block? This is my first attempt at making a quilt from computer instructions. Thanks for your help.
    Virginia Hershberger