Not Friendly Cows


My grandma had Old Spot.   She was a milk cow.  I was 6 or 8 years old.  I remember that she was friendly.  I also remember that her milk tasted really bad.  We bought our milk at the grocery store so I hated drinking milk at my grandma’s.  Maybe Old Spot wasn’t so friendly.  Maybe I forgot.  That was a lot of years ago.  Pioneer Woman’s cows always look friendly.  While out riding over the weekend, we were going really slow down a bumpy dirt road.  There was a cow.. watching our slow trek.


I said “Vince, let’s stop and see if I can pet him!”


This was the unfriendliest cow I’ve ever seen!  He walked right up to that fence, snorted at me, threw snot everywhere!  Vince, sitting in the truck said “I think he’s a bull!”  I said “I think you’re right!  I think I’m not going to pet him!”

Then we traveled a little farther down the road and saw this:


That one with the white face reminds me of Lynn, my goofy chicken that doesn’t look right.  The rest of these cows are all black so where did this one get that white frame around his face?  Maybe he’s an outcast.  Maybe he’s friendly.  Maybe I’ll try petting this one.


Hmmm . . she really doesn’t look too friendly.  I’m trying to look and see if she’s a he because that might explain this aggressive attitude she’s displaying.  Nope, don’t see any bull parts.  Maybe she doesn’t like my red sweater.  Maybe she doesn’t like Vince’s red truck. Maybe it’s a real bad case of PMS.


Oh, no!  She’s licking her lips and coming towards me.  The reinforcements are arriving.  I don’t think these cows are friendly at all!  OK!  I’m leaving.  You missed your chance to be my friend!


She doesn’t look very sorry I’m leaving, does she?  As I got into the truck, I think I heard her say “Eat More Chicken”!  Goofy cow!



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    Bobbie says

    Judy-she is known as a “black baldy”–Her dad was a Angus (black) and her Mom a Herford (red and white) She probably was licking her lips thinking you came over to feed her and the other cattle came to, so they would get some. Next time you go down that road-take a bale of hay with you-they will love you to pieces. Hugs Bobbie

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    Well, isn’t that interesting! I know as much about cows as I do about housekeeping! 🙂 I don’t know if their owner would appreciate me interfering with his feeding operations. They were kinda scared of me . . are cows usually scared of people? The only ones I’ve ever been around were more like pets and they came running when a human came up. Maybe just because I was a stranger or maybe Vince looked scary to them. I’m sure it wasn’t me! 🙂

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    Julianne says

    LOL Judy the cows were scared of you…at least a little. I have no idea how intelligent a cow might be LOL or not But I bet they knew you were not their usual care giver.

    I remember long long ago when I was a kid. LOL Dad bought a couple of cows that had never seen a child or a woman.. One cow would go crazy any time mom or one of us girls would set foot inside the lot. The other cow was so curious that we had to watch her closely to keep her from knocking us over or stepping on us just trying to figure out what we were I guess, she liked to smell us and would even lick us. Which was disgusting by the way.

    Now dad could do whatever he liked and those cows did not seem to notice but let mom or me be within site and it was a different story.
    My sister was about 3 at the time I was about 11.

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    Julianne says

    I remembered something else…LOL After I was grown and married. Dad had this steer that for some reason he did not have the horns removed…He had some nice big horns. LOL Any way anytime This steer saw me he would run towards me like he was going to run through the fence….he would hook his horns in the woven wire fence and stand there bellering pawing the ground and shaking the entire length of fence. I have no idea why he hated me so much but he did and I never got close to him or his fence. He was scary !!

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    Jamie says

    The last time I was around and farm cow’s, I was at a friends, grandparents house. We all (3 of us) went out to the fields on a tractor to watch the few babies they had at the time play. Well as we was returning the tractor to the barn, here come big bad papa bull with some big ole’ horns. Well I made sure I was not lined up with this bull in away and needless to say, as Ricky was shutting the barn doors the bull charged!!!! He ran right through the barn doors wanting to get to me and Holly. We ended up having to jump up on the back patio roof (how we got up there, I don’t remember) to get away from this bull, He did not like us girls!!! It wasn’t funny back then, liked to scared me and Holly to death. But looking back on it now, well it was hilarious!!!!

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    This is funny because I just read in my new issue of Country Living (I think that’s where I saw it..) Anyway, that cows who are given names give 60 some percent more milk. the reason is that they are treated nicer and are tamer. The cows in your post must not have been given names!

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I have to laugh. The bull, it is a good idea to stay away from him. Especially if he is in with females. They are top rooster and they will act like it. The females are usually just curious, but I would still keep a fence between you and them. I lived on a dairy farm when I was a kid. All our cows were nice but then of coarse our rooster was wasn’t nice. If I remember right, we didn’t have any bulls. I think we “rented” them 🙂

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    Linda says

    Sharie’s right about the bull, but Angus cows can be pretty aggressive too when they have their calves with them. As a kid, I was chased up trees by mama cows often enough to know. Judy, they probably weren’t really afraid of you, but you were someone they didn’t know so while they were curious, they were being careful too. You tell the best stories about ordinary things.