Bread Obsession

It’s truly not an obsession . . I don’t think.  I’ll tell you next time I get brave enough to see how much weight I’ve gained! I’ve been having fun playing with my bread recipes.  So far, things have turned out great.  One day, I’m sure things won’t turn out so well and the chickens will get lots of fresh bread!


Sourdough sounds like fun so I searched the internet and combined a bit of one recipe, a bit of another and came up with a plan.  Sometime next week I should be able to try it in a batch of bread.


Popovers!  The recipe said this batch makes 12 popovers.  It will easily make 24.  I made 12 big ones and I think I used half the batter.  Not sure how well the batter keeps but I’ll know in a few days!

Another experiment was Cranberry Walnut Bread.


It was great but I forgot to take a picture after it was baked.



  1. 1

    Alberta says

    Even tho it is still in the rising stage, that cranberry bread looks absolutely delicious. What about the receipe? I love all your blogs and check them every day.

  2. 2


    So are you using just a basic white bread recipe for all of your experiments? The cranberry walnut sounds delicious! Adding just a little orange zest and a touch of orange juice would be extra yummy!

  3. 3

    Denise says

    The cranberry walnut looks delicious! I had a sourdough starter I started last weekend but then there was the horrible accident! Some klutz knocked something out of an upper cabinet, tried to catch it before it hit the floor or counter – and did – but in the meantime knocked the starter bowl off the counter. Let’s not even thing about that mess. So I get to start all over again.

  4. 4


    You probably already know this, but don’t give raw yeast dough to the chickens. If the yeast isn’t dead it may rise in their stomachs – and that’s really, really bad! (We had chickens when I was a kid – about a gazillion years ago!)

  5. 5


    Life is all about good bread……I’m going to the big city today and one of the stops is at a great bread store!!! The cranberry bread looks wonderful….a favorite around our home!!!