Daylight to Dark

Today was such a busy day.  Up at daylight for the chickens. The sunrise is so beautiful and seeing it gives me such a sense of a new beginning . . a new day is ahead of me . . to do with whatever I please (within reason).  Most days, except for a few chores, the days are mine to do with whatever I choose but once that day is gone . . it’s gone forever.  24 hours of my life . . gone.  I hope at the end of each day, I’ve done my best with the time given me.


But, today was a day for shopping with my husband.  I woke up at 2 a.m. with a scratchy throat but I knew it was sinus though the thought did run through my mind to say “I’m sick . . I cannot go shopping!”  That would be a lie and I would not do that.  I did lay in bed for a few minutes thinking about what I should do and then the thought went through my mind . . did we ever close the downstairs garage door 2 days ago?  Got up, went downstairs . . No . . it wasn’t closed.  Good thing there’s no crime in our neighborhood!


First stop was Target.  I knew as soon as I saw this sign . . I’d never leave the store.  Vince would buy everything in the store that’s 75% off.  He cannot pass up a bargain.   Yep, we about filled up the SUV at that one stop.  I said “Vince, don’t forget that I will not go shopping again til after Christmas!”  Panic filled his eyes.  I could see his mouth begin to twitch.  Alarm bells were going off in his head.  I could hear them!  🙂  He grabbed more toilet paper (we only have 384 rolls now); he grabbed another package of paper towels (we’re up to 104 rolls now)  . .


In fact . . this is the exact look on his face when I said “Honey . . we must leave the Target store NOW!”


A trip by World Market for more Blood Orange Mimosas.


It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out running around.  A bit windy and a bit warm for this time of year but very, very nice!


We did make it to the restaurant.  This is the salad.  I love the basil dressing!  I also love the salmon, the prosciutto, the tabbouleh and . . I love everything on that salad bar.  I did save room for the meats though.  Oh, and dessert!

DSC08764Vince and I shared Papaya Cream.


Does he look like he’s sharing nicely?  He did.  I was stuffed and asked him to finish it.

DSC08766And finish it he did!


Yes, dear!  We at the whole thing.  A few more stops and we were home just in time to unload the car and put up the chickens . . just in time to see the sunset.


What a perfect day! Do I have a good life or what?



  1. 1

    Cheryl L says

    Is that the Country Club Plaza I recognize in one of the photos? Is that where you ate? I just love that place!!! I also remember when Brush Creek flooded major big time back in the late 70’s… made a real mess of that beautiful place!

  2. 2

    Linda says

    You do have a good life, Judy. And a husband who shops!!! And a nice big sewing room. And lots of fabric. It’s nice that you enjoy it all. And we can enjoy it with you through your blog. Have I told you that you tell the best stories???

  3. 4


    Yep, I’d say that was a perfect day! Oh, and that you now will NEVER run out of toilet paper! Love that rubber chicken!

  4. 5


    Yup Judy, you do have a good life….even if Vince makes you go shopping once in awhile……anyway whats wrong with being prepared in the toilet paper and paper towel department……do you know what you would have to use if you ran out…..that Sears catalog was good for something when I was growing up.

    Something I like about your cooking and food adventures……you make and try things I’ve never heard of…..sometimes I google what you are eating just so I can figure out what it is……someday I might get adventurous and try some of the things you make.

    Have a giid rest if the weekend.


  5. 6

    pdudgeon says

    ROTFLOL i hope that rubber chicken also went into your basket–that’s priceless.

    how blessed you are to go shopping among such lovely archetecture! i saw three quilt borders on that building to the left in the street scene.

    Lunch looks definitely lovely! YUM!!!

  6. 7

    Vicki L says

    I’m with Cheryl L. The Plaza is one of my favorite places. I was in college when it flooded. I was heartbroken to think there may be no Christmas lights. Judy, it sounds like a perfect day in my book.