Good Eats!

The sewing machine was never turned on this week!  My knee is still bothering me and going up and down the stairs hurts.  ready for it to get better!

A bit of knitting was done but mostly I’ve tackled Windows 7 on the new laptop.  I don’t have an opinion on it yet.  So . . what else was I doing?  Cooking!


Pork Chops with Sweet Potato Salsa.


Tea cakes.


Chicken patties.


Homemade pita pockets for the chicken patties.


Iowa Chowder.


Spinach Meatloaf.

And, other things I didn’t photograph.  Maybe next week . . I will sew!



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    Any recipes? Chicken patty, tea cakes, & sweet potato salsa all sound good… Oh what the heck – what makes Iowa Chowder – Iowa Chowder?

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    Recipies???? PLEAASSSE…would love the sweet potatoe salsa and the spinach meatloaf. Have you ever tried cubed pork serloin? I cook them up alot just like your chicken patties.
    You tempt my pallete and like it when you also post the recipies.
    Thanks for all the inspiration…cooking and quilting…and the chicken visits and the chad stories….well I just love to visit 3 or 4 times a day so you know I enjoy it all.
    Take care of that knee.

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    Rebecca says

    And I think the spinach meatloaf looks great!

    Hope your knee gets better soon, so you can work off that yummy food.

    I once worked with a woman who made her own pita bread. She reset her oven thermostat so it was hotter than indicated (so she could get it really hot) and I think used a stone. I’m thinking you don’t go to those extremes.

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    Bessie H. says

    I would love to try your teacake recipe. I can’t get the same taste as my husband’s late grandmother’s. Can’t find her recipe.I think it was one of those in your head ones.

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    I see I’m not the first to ask for recipes!! They all looked great, but I think I’m most intrigued by the Iowa Chowder!

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    Looks yummy! Keith was gone all week so I just had leftover spaghetti (which I love!) a couple nights and then a bagel last night.

    Hope your knee is better soon and let me know what you think of Window’s 7 I’m debating whether I want to upgrade our laptops to it.

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      I’m not crazy about this new computer. The touchpad has some kind of weird combo strokes that make the screen larger or smaller and my fingers seem too uncoordinated to make it work right. If I were cooking only for myself, you can bet there would be lots of grilled cheese sandwiches around here.

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    Brenda B. says

    Windows 7 – I heard someone at work say something about they’ll be changing ours to that next year 😐

    I ditto the recipe request – the spinach meatloaf looks great (along with everything else). I went with my mom to Sams and they have 1# of cut spinach for $3 it’s $5 at the local WalMart, I’ve really liked cooking with it.

    Hope your knee gets better, take care of yourself.

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      That’s a great price! I’ll definitely check it out at Sam’s next time I’m there. We use a good bit of spinach. That’s the only kind of salad Chad will eat but he seems to like spinach salad.

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    Deb says

    man, I would be about 400 pounds if i lived at your house!
    I spent the day cutting my quilt for and hour out up to this point and hoping that i will be able to sew for 5 hours tomorrow! maybe i can talk my husband into cooking like that while i sew! Most likely he will be working…but he cooks unless he wants to eat mac and cheese, or a frozen pizza! He loves it, i hate it. works for us. but i am game for those recipes too! You shoudl know that you cant tease us like that and then NOT be asked for them! Thanks, ahead of time….

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      Becky R says

      Great job! I like your border using the half square triangles – I like the design you created.

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    JoanS says

    P.S. I, too, hope your knee is better soon. Wonky knees are no fun even if you don’t have to run up and down stairs!! And I was told that after arthroscopic surgery on mine, it would be good as new. Surgeon lied!!!

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    Peggy says

    Judy maybe you need to write a cook book. You have many recipes that are interesting and different. Another thing I like about what you make is that you don’t depend on mixes and premade foods. I have not had pita bread in a long time, but don’t have time to make any now. I will try to find some week after next when we go to the “farmers market” in Madison, WI. There are several unique bakeries that attend the market.

  11. 18


    If I moved to your town and acted pitiful, would you invite me over to dinner on a regular basis? Everything looks wonderful!!