Fresh is So Good!


Can  you buy parsley that looks like this in your grocery store?  We sure can’t but, for the most part, I have to use my imagination when looking at the fresh produce in our local stores.  This past spring, I planted just a few herbs because we never got around to getting a garden set up and protected from the deer.  The few things I did plant just did great!  Except . . the one thing I thought was impossible to kill . . I killed.  Mint . . explain to me how I killed my mint!

Here it is almost the 2nd week in November and I still have cherry tomatoes, green onions, parsley, oregano and basil.

DSC08730I am going to miss my fresh herbs when the first freeze comes along and they all turn to mush!  In the spring, I’ll plant a bigger and better herb garden and I’ll see if I can keep mint alive.  🙂



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    I always had a bed of fresh parsley, and I loved going out and picking it. My Katie doxie used to lay in it and always smelled like parsley.

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    We had our freeze here about a month ago… no more fresh stuff here. Your deer must be different than our deer…they don’t bother my garden one bit….the bunnies though do try to eat up everything. I had a good chuckle about the mint……

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    Toni says

    I truly did not think you could kill mint!! The parsley looks wonderful. We both live in the same size towns so I know the frustrations on not being able to find nice looking veggies. We just buy it anyway and hope for the future.

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    My mint did not do well this year – I think I put it in a spot that was too wet and you got more heavy rains than I did.

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    I’ll trade some basil for mint – my mint grows EVERYWHERE! I keep having to pull it out to control the bed. Basil, on the other hand, dies every time I plant it. I’ve tried growing it in the sun, shade, partial sun, pots etc. No luck. And I love it.

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    We don’t pay any attention to our mint, and it grows like crazy! It must be very attractive to animals — the neighbour’s cows next door love it, and they reach their heads over the wall to eat it, and another neighbour’s cat likes to crawl into the mint bed and sleep.

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    Carol says

    You can kill off mint?! I used to have a small strawberry patch until the mint invaded it. I used to have a space for a few seasonal flowers until the mint invaded it. It’s growing amongst the myrtle (which is also out of control). Want some of mine? I can include the myrtle as a free bonus…

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      I have three of them! I don’t use them in the summer but during the winter (seeds will be planted next week), I plant all three in basil. Basil is way expensive for a few puny leaves in the store so that’s why I only plant basil in the indoor gardens. I can buy parsley fairly inexpensively and it keeps longer than does storebought basil so I’ll just buy the wimpy parsley and look forward to my own outdoor herb garden in the spring.

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    My basil has been wilted by the recent cold but I noticed my parsley is still OK… maybe I’ll head out with the scissors tomorrow and see what I can get to tie up to dry. I also noticed the sage is there too – so maybe I’ll cut some more of that.

    No way I’m ever planting mint again… it ran all over the place at our other house.

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    I was going to ask you about your indoor growing station, but it looks like someone already asked. I’ve been considering buying one myself, but I wanted to see how well yours worked before I spent the $$! I live in California where things grow well, but I’m not good at it and our last batch of herbs were devastated by bugs.