A Big Announcement

Tomorrow was supposed to be the day for the big announcement but I can’t keep it a secret any longer and besides . . the Caramel Pumpkin Creme is so good!

It may not be as large for you as it is for me but . . here it is just the same. The old website, Lime Green Kitchen, has been renovated and is now the blog where all my recipes will be found.  All the recipes that are posted there will be recipes I’ve used and love.  Most of the recipes are made from every day ingredients and for the most part, they’re recipes everyone in your family would eat.   Everyday recipes for everyday families!

I don’t always remember to take pictures of every step along the way; I sometimes have drips and crumbs on the plates . . it’s just real life at our house and I hope you can all find recipes there that you enjoy.

I will mention on this blog what I’m cooking or what we’re eating but for the recipe . . you have to go to Lime Green Kitchen.

There is a List of Recipes button near the top of the blog.  It’s an alphabetical list, as well as a list according to category, of the recipes.  I’ll update that list weekly.

When you go to the blog, you’ll see this:


If you click on an individual post, you’ll see this:


See the arrow above the individual post?  It’s a little printer and it says “print this page”?  Click on that and you’ll get a printable version without the pictures, ads, etc.  You’ll get this:


Many of the recipes I’ve shared before have been posted on the new blog already.  I have others scheduled to post so please be patient with me while I get all the recipes up.

I hope this makes it easier for you to find and enjoy my recipes.



  1. 1

    Toni says

    I just deleted the old Lime Green Kitchen and added the new one. It will so easy to have all the recipes in one place.

  2. 3


    That is great news.

    Almost thought you got your new GAS stove, you have been teasing us about tales of it lately. 🙂

  3. 5


    I made your Italian spgahetti squash today Judy and loved it! I’m posting about it and a couple of others tomorrow (and linking back to your Lime Green Kitchen site.) blessings, marlene

  4. 6


    That spaghetti squash looks great. I wonder if I can buy them here. I’ll look! Lots of great recipes! Thank you, Judy!

  5. 7

    peggy says

    I think this is exciting. Glad you didn’t wait til tomorrow. I’m heading over to the site this minute!

  6. 8


    I’ve had a link to the old site on my blog forever. I’ll have to update it to the new one. Thanks for sharing your recipes, Judy.

  7. 9


    Oh Judy thank you so much, the other day I was looking for a recipe of yours and I searched both blogs and finally found it by reading back through many posts. You have a lot of recipes hidden in your blog – maybe I should call them “little jewels” It is wonderful of you to do this and I realize you are being nice to all of us groupies so that makes it even better.

  8. 10


    Judy, you are a darling! I really apreciate that you have put your recipes in a blog, and for being willing to share them!! Bon Appetit!

  9. 12

    Kathie L. says

    Judy, Thanks for organizing your recipes in one place! That will definitely be one of my ‘go to’ places for finding a good meal or dessert. I think I’ll drop over there now.
    Kathie L. in Allentown

  10. 14


    I’m so happy — for you and for me!! Now I get to try some new things. I love to see the food you prepare — looks so yummy!!

  11. 15

    denise says

    Don’t forget your pork chops and rice recipe. The one with the can of corn. It is absolutely delicious, I have made it twice, everyone loves it.