Morning Splash #5

Cutting Instructions:

Fabric is already cut for this step.

Sewing Instructions:

11.  Mark the center of one end of each of the colored strips.


12.  Using the matching color, cut the 2-7/8″ colored squares (M) on the diagonal once and position over the ends of the segments from Step 11 to create the segment shown below.  Make 12 of each color.

12Here’s a not so good video that might help you if you have trouble placing your triangles.


  1. 3

    Linda says

    Do the triangles really meet at the edge of the fabric? Or should they meet 1/4 inch in from the edge? Will we be sewing off the point when we attach the next piece? In the video it looked like the point was 1/2 inch in when you first marked it with the triangle tool, but it looked like it was on the edge when you marked it with the regular ruler. Thanks!

  2. 4

    barbara says

    Judy, it’s nice to know that someone of your caliber has to move the ruler around to get that 45 degree angle in the correct place, also.