Lights Please!

When traveling, I bring along knitting and hand work, whether it’s embroidery (that I never do) or handwork on binding (which I rarely do) but what’s with hotel lighting these days?  I understand saving energy but there’s no overhead lights in this room and these lamps are the worst I’ve ever seen!


If there was a Wal-Mart within viewing distance, I’d go buy light bulbs.  You can bet I’m going to start bringing real light bulbs with me when traveling.

The only place in this room I can sit and have enough light to do  handwork . .


Hmmm . . maybe not a good idea.  “Chair” doesn’t look too comfy!

I do have a windup LED flashlight in the car . . maybe I’ll go get that!  Or . . maybe I’ll stop complaining and go blind trying to knit!  🙂



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    You’ll have to invest in a padded seat and carry that with you too ROTFL!!!

    Maybe you can get one of those small halogen desk lamps and pack that? They’re not too big… just like a curling iron!!

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    LOL…..I know exactly what you’re talking about. Thanks for voicing how I feel when visiting a hotel and wanting to do handwork.

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    Julie says

    I just spent five days in Nashville at a luxury resort. They had changed to the energy efficient bulbs – not enough light to read or sew. The light in the bathroom was more like a night light. Next time I travel I’m taking an Ott llamp with me – no matter how small it is – it will be better!!!!!

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    Marilyn says

    Judy, carry an Ott light and some bedside bulbs. We use those energy saving bulbs…I hate them. Far from bright enough for these old eyes. We put in some solar tubes and they are great. But, need more of them. Our spring, summer and fall light is so strong, the heat is just too much It was over 90 today…still…the inside of the house is dark to keep it cool. Just need proper lighting!

    Hope you are having a great trip!


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    Whenever I take handwork with me, I do take my small Ott Lite…….helps a lot. It is very frustrating to be away and find time to do the handwork and then NOT be able to do it because of poor lighting.

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    Julie H. says

    Call me crazy, but I’ve been taking a headlamp with me to hotels. I sleep with it around my neck in case if fire. My husband gets medical treatment in Seattle and we stay in a 100 year old hotel that was retro-fitted for electricity. I’ve blown fuses just trying to dry my hair. It got me thinking and so I carry the headlamp. I believe it would be sufficient for knitting and it’s always shining wherever you’re looking. The one I have is very light weight (I keep it in my purse) but has great battery life. I use it at home to do chores outside at night.

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    Evelyn says

    The small, folding Ott lights are great! I got mine at Joanne’s with a 50% coupon that didn’t exclude them (lucky day!). Just be sure to take off the protective wrapping they put around the bulb before turning it on! My son likes my “craft” light so much that it has now become his bedside lamp for reading before bed – I have to get another! If you do bring one with you – just remember to take it with you when you pack – I sometimes find things like that easy to forget when leaving a hotel. Cheers!

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    My mom bought a lightbulb for a hotel room once when we were staying a few days at the same location…you’ve got to be able to read in the middle of night!

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    I have an led headlight that I bought when we lost power a couple of years ago. It’s pretty rugged so I feel OK packing it. I also have a pendant lamp that I traveled with for a while (wow, I didn’t pay anywhere near that much for it. they have really gone up), but once when I packed that in my suitcase the support got bent. It still works, but it’s harder to aim it at my work than it used to be.