May I Take Your Order, Please?

My family is spoiled and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  So, no need to tell me they can (1) all eat the same thing or (2) fix it themselves or . . or . . whatever else you may be thinking.  I’m one of those wives/moms who likes waiting on my men.  We were out of town Friday so Saturday morning I had to make bread for the weekend.


Whole wheat bread in the loaf pan in the back, sourdough bread rising in the blue bowl and biscuits for breakfast.

Chad is gone all week and usually has to be at work at 7 a.m. on weekends but Saturday he didn’t have to be at work til noon.  He left home before daylight for another unsuccessful morning of deer hunting.  Too bad he can’t hunt in our back yard, huh?  Can’t hunt in the city and surely can’t hunt after he fed the deer.

Anyway, he was back home before breakfast so he was able to eat with us.


I should give a prize if anyone can figured this picture out.  Hint:  The wine does not go with breakfast.  The glass jar with the lid . . that’s Speck’s dog food and it isn’t part of breakfast.

Front left plate – Fried eggs with no runny yellow and most of the white given to Vince ..  for me.

Front right plate – Fried egg with yolk broken and fried hard . . for Chad.

Back left bowl – Corn grits (or polenta).

Middle bowl – Scrambled eggs for Vince.

Bowl right back – Scrambled eggs for Speck.

And . .


A plate of bacon for everyone.

I love it when we all have breakfast together.


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    before I saw the picture of the bacon the commercial with the dog running around yelling “I smell bacon” came into my mind…that is too funny. BTW…want my eggs fried with runny yokes and yes I give some of my egg whites to Andrew for his scrambled…

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    Sarah says

    I am one of those wives/moms too. I love the looks my friends and family give me when I tell them I have to be home to make dinner and feed the kids. They think I am crazy to wait on them but I believe it’s the best way to a great family life. It also helps that my husband and kids will eat anything! It’s nice to cook when the food is appreciated. But it’s nice to hear that you enjoy it as well…

  3. 3

    KatieQ says

    Life is too short not to indulge our family in their favorite foods and to take pleasure in the moments we spend together. Cooking is the kind of thing where a little bit of extra effort results in a whole lot of enjoyment.

  4. 4


    I do the same thing… Fried eggs (in the bacon grease) for hubby, fried eggs (in butter) for me and scrambled for the Rock Star…

    I LOVE waiting on my guys…

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    I so enjoyed your breakfast blog! Let me share with you what I did for my big family. We were all together 16 of us!!!
    I did not want to do a lot of cooking for days ahead, it was someones birthday, honestly cant remember who.
    I bought deli meats, cheeses and breads and all kinds of pickles etc. and chips.
    Made a “MIMI’S GRILL” menu, with all the hot deli sandwiches I knew we loved. Listed all the choices of meats etc.
    My waittress Allison passed out the menu’s and each person checked off their choices and I started my griddle.
    We had so much fun, some came back for seconds because they thought someone else’s sandwich sounded good.I was cold weather that should narrow down the birthday list!!!

    You have helped me bring back a wonderful memory, My oldest grandson wants to do this for his birthday next. He is 16.

  6. 6

    Marilyn says

    You sound so much like me……I just love it when people enjoy having
    a meal together. It’s such a family time. In our house you better have had
    a good excuse not to be there for dinner…….and home when
    the streetlights went on. Wow , now you know I’m OLD.

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    We had biscuits and gravy, fried eggs and bacon this morning! Yum! I cook my bacon on a paper plate in the microwave with a paper towel over the top. We prefer it cooked that way. The bacon grease left in the paper plate was poured over the dog’s dry dog food for his breakfast. Sparky, our dog, loves bacon! It’s so good to know there are others who eat bacon. However, we limit it to about once a week.

  8. 8


    I hear ya……in the resturant business, I think they call us….”short order cooks”…..everyone gets it the way they like it. You can tell your a “so” cook if all the dirty dishes and pots don’t fit in the dishwasher after a meal and you have to wash the rest by hand!!!

    • 8.1

      Bobbie says

      We=me & Holly-love our fried eggs–he’s got to have runny yokes-makes me about gag-I have mine hard. Both are fried in bacon grease. I grew up in the south and have a small crock just for bacon grease, kept in the ice box. Use bacon grease for lots of stuff around here. On your LIME GREEN KITCHEN, do we just copy the recepie that we read or go somewhere else? I’m thinking since you’ve got your 2nd. quilting book out, maybe you could fix up a recepie book?? Hugs, Bobbie

  9. 9

    pdudgeon says

    that all looks fabulous, but i’m missing the sauted green and red peppers and onions, and the creme gravy for the biscuits.

  10. 10

    Jo Anne says

    Though I am from the west, my grandmother grew up in South Carolina. One of my favorite breakfasts: corn meal mush topped with butter, fried (or hard boiled) egg, bacon. Some like to season it with ketchup, but not me. Now that all the children are out of the house, it’s been a long time since I have had it.
    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all you share.

  11. 11

    D Seals says

    I’m proud of all of you. But me, after over 30 years of working outside the home, cooking constantly, cleaning constantly, I am finally doing for me. A health issue a couple of years ago made me focus on me. For the first time in my life I am doing what I want to. I am sewing again. I don’t know much about quilting but I follow all of your blogs. Maybe some day I will be an equal.
    Judy, I love your humor. And “God help me” my hubby wants chickens.

  12. 12


    This probably won’t surprise you but we do brunch out at least one day on most weekends. Makes running the errands much less painful!

    I’d definitely be one of the ones shaking my head at all the *custom* orders. When the boys were home I would take turns cooking things all 3 guys liked but just one at a time…they had to wait their turn to get their favorites.

  13. 13


    I am *so* glad to see someone else who doesn’t eat “dippy” or runny eggs. I can’t even eat anything else on the same plate if my eggs aren’t cooked totally, completely, opaque…done. Weird, I know but that’s the only way I can eat them.

    Have you ever tried to order hard, fried eggs in a restaurant? They don’t seem to understand the concept. I sent eggs back 4 times at a diner in PA. The waitress just couldn’t get it. She finally asked: “You mean, you don’t want your eggs “dippy”??? You don’t really want to know what my reply was. VBG.