Feels Like Home

When traveling, do you bring things from home that help you feel “at home”?


Look what’s sitting on the dresser in my room!  Two eggs from my own chickens.  How’s that for feeling like home?

Only difference is . . I’m not getting up at daylight to let them out!

The reason I have those two eggs . . I brought 4 dozen eggs with me but as I was leaving home, I went to say goodbye to the girls and there were two more eggs so I stuck them in with my stuff so . . I’m bringing 4 dozen and 2 eggs with me . . if those 2 don’t get broken along the way.  Hope not!



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    And I thought that bringing my own quilt and pillow from home was a big deal. Off to find some eggs to bring to Kansas with me tomorrow.

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    I hope they don’t break either. Brings to mind Charlotte’s Web and the pack rat…I forget his name. Maybe you could have the kitchen at the hotel hard boil them for you so you could eat them.

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    Kathy McC says

    I was wondering how the chickens were doing with laying eggs. Clearly they are still laying them if you have 50 of them with you!! Thanks for sharing the events of your life with us through your blog.

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    Carol says

    Thank you all for a belly laugh! Next time I see an egg I’ll think of it sitting on a hotel dresser.

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    I usually travel with some food and wine, though my eggs are usually hard-boiled and not fresh!

    When traveling with Mom, I also carried a LED nightlight to plug into the bathroom socket….but there are some hotels which are putting nightlights in their bathrooms..

    BTW, you need to put a link on your page to your cooking blog, so it is easier to navigate…..unless I ma missing it…