White Stove

Honestly . . this isn’t just about the stove but it kinda is.  It’s mostly about me being goofy!  Remember when I thought I was going to get a new dishwasher and I didn’t know what to do since all my other appliances are almond and I thought I couldn’t get an almond dishwasher.  It was much ado about nothing because (1) my dishwasher was easily fixed and (2) my stove is white!

I’ve lived here almost three years and never noticed that my stove was white!

DSC08715Dishwasher is almond!


Beneath all the magnets, the fridge is almond.

DSC08713The wall oven is almond.

DSC08711The stove  . . is white and you know the only reason I know?  When I was asking the dishwasher repairman what people do when they can’t get almond and he said “most people are using white now”.  Then he looked at my stove and said “your stove is white!”  Huh?  It is!

And worse . .


Neither one of us could determine if the microwave is white or almond!

Don’t I feel like “Miss Observant”!


Recipe on My Lime Green Kitchen – Pork with Fall Veggies.  It’s veggies that are in season right now.  This is a dish that can be made ahead of time and heated as needed and even though the veggies are better before freezing, the whole dish does freeze well.


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    Hmmm maybe I’m too early, but the link to the recipe doesn’t work. 🙁 This recipe sounds great! Sort of funny about the white vs almond appliances. Maybe you didn’t notice white stove, because it is apart from the other almond appliances. (sounds good, doesn’t it!)

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      Thanks for letting me know about the link. It should be working now.

      At least when I do have to buy a stove or dishwasher, since neither sit next to other appliances, no one should notice if I get white.

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      Rose in MN says

      Sure hope by time I need to replace kitchen appliances almond will be back in vogue. Just don’t like white–reminds me of “old timey”; guess that’s becuz I am old. Almond is such a softer color and goes with most other colors. White to me looks so clinical. Just hope appliances don’t go back to the avacado green..wasn’t my fav. Just noticed at appliance store when we were picking out a new clothes dryer there’s lots of deep colors like red, turquoise, gray on the market. I got a white one to match washer since both are in basement. By the way, my old electric dryer lasted 40 years, was a Sears-Kenmore brand made by Whirlpool; only repair was one belt that was replaced 36 years ago when we moved to our current house. Bought a Whirlpool as know my daughter has had good luck with hers. Her kids constantly overload the dryer..something I don’t do as I separate bath towels, jeans etc, from faster drying items. Seems the young folks these days are in such a hurry that they haven’t time to sort like I do.

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    I heard once that a lady could not get a replacement appliance in whatever color it was that she needed so they went to an auto body shop and had the color matched. They painted the face of it and it was actually pretty reasonable. Anyone in the auto body business … could this be true?

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    That’s why I’ve got white appliances. They go with any decor! And they’re easy to replace.

    Only place we went different was laundry area and we went with bisque when we replaced the washer a couple years ago. This year had to replace the dryer and they’re close in color but don’t match. Won’t make that mistake again!

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    tap tap tap…. as good as the veggie recipe sounds…I am still waiting for the chicken and dumplings recipe…


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    Judy are you going to combine the recipes from your “recipes tried and true” link with the Lime Green Kichen recipes? They all sound so good and it’s because of your prodding several months ago that I finally tried the artesan bread recipe! Like some others, I’m waiting for the Iowa Chowder and other recipes. THanks for all you do..I love reading your blog.

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    Linda says

    Sometimes white yellows a bit and depending on the light might almost look almond. And if you never noticed before, what does it matter?

    When we redid the bathroom we kept the tub & stool but got a new pedestal sink and a tub surround for shower. The packaging said “white” but the surround looks more almond to me and the sink isn’t a white white either. The white wall covering looks almost like a real light misty gray-ish color, the paint on the window trim & door look sort of creamy. I just prefer to think of it as a really fancy monochromatic decorating scheme. I don’t know how on earth anyone gets everything in a room to match perfectly. For a splash of color I painted the ceiling a sage green. With all the shades of white, I think I could put just about any curtains or towels in there & it wouldn’t look too bad. I’ll keep telling myself that anyway. LOL

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    Maybe the microwave is bisque. When our new bisque stove was delivered, the delivery guy was quick to point out (in the driveway!) that it was in fact bisque and not white. So we have 2 appliances that are almond (12 years old) and 2 that are bisque (3 years old). I hate that the appliance companies changed colors on me! It really is noticeable.