Wildlife Pix

It’s been so fun checking the pictures on the trail cam.  We’ve had a few cats, squirrels, rabbits, crows and mostly deer.  At least we’ve seen no humans  except for us. . cuz there shouldn’t be any back there!  Here are some of the deer pictures we’ve gotten so far.  Some are grainy, some are blurry . . they don’t always stand still for the camera!






Who needs street lights when we have this creature in the woods!  Don’t worry . . it’s the flash . . not a mutant deer.


And the cutest and the wildest of all the wildlife we’ve ever seen . .



Recipe Today at Lime Green KitchenPita Bread

Cooking is not only a hobby but a MUST DO at our house.  We live in a small town and except for our infrequent trips to a city, our meals consist of every day, easy to find ingredients.  We love good food and I love trying new recipes.  Too often I forget to take pictures of the ingredients sitting out on the counter, of each step along the way so on this blog, you’ll find photos of whatever I remember to photograph . . no promises about the pictures.  I will promise yummy, husband and family pleasing recipes!


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    Carol says

    Nice pics, especially of your mighty hunter. Most people here on Long Island (NY) would have a fit to have deer in their backyard. What a treat! What is the rectangular looking thingy on the ground – a broken clay pot?

  2. 3

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    My husband wouid LOVE to have deer like that in our back yard because he is a hunter! We live 15 miles from town and we never have deer like that. I’ll bet it is hard for Chad to know that deer are so close but he can’t hunt them!

    Does Chad know that he looks somewhat like Vince? I had to look twice at his photo to determine that it wasn’t Vince. Perhaps we just grow to look like those we are close to!

  3. 4

    Julie says

    These are wonderful pictures! I’d be thrilled to have deer in my backyard – we have javelina and coyotes. Chad is looking wonderful! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us – and the recipe for the pitas!

  4. 5


    looks like Santa delivered Chad his toy a little early… 😉 I know how fun you all must be having checking each morning to see what photos were taken 😉

    David has one of those out at the Firestone Plant and they’ve caught a lot of wildlife… mostly deer and bobcats and occasionally gators

    Good luck to Chad this deer season! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. 6


    Your deers remind me of a story.In the summer when there were meteor showers I was up in northern MI visiting relatives. My niece and I decided to stay up late for the best viewing of the showers. Around 2 in the morning we ran out the front door and there was this white thing going down the road. It stopped and all we could see was white. We thought it was kind of ghostly but we just couldn’t get our eyes adjusted to see what the heck it was. All of a sudden it moved and another one appeared behind it. It turned out to be 2 deers running down the road and they stopped when we opened the front door and just stared at us. Like we were nuts!

  6. 7

    Christy says

    How neat! It’s because of your post last week that I decided to get my parents a game camera for their mountain home as they have quite a bit of wildlife coming through also. Would you mind sharing what camera you got – I like the quality of the pictures so any recommendations would be helpful as it is a bit overwhelming when researching.