Little Red Hen

Have I said lately how much I love my red star chickens?  Not only are they egg laying machines . . there’s hardly ever a day I don’t get 6 brown eggs from six red hens, but they are sweet!  Really, they love being petted and “talking” to me.  The Ameraucanas . . 4 of them and they all lay green to blue eggs.  I might get 3 blue eggs per week.  Pathetic little whiners those Ameraucanas are!  Only one of them (Lynn) is still mean and the other three will let me pet them but they’d just as soon not have anything to do with me. Just different personalities.

In the morning, the chickens all seem so busy.  They’re looking for bugs and going about whatever business chickens have each day.  Late in the afternoon, they slow down and the red ones are always happy to hop up in the nest and visit with me.


Ruby had something on her mind  .  . come closer . . let’s talk!


Ever heard the story about the Little Red Hen? I feel like we’re doing all the work and those Easter Eggers are just . . they’re just not producing eggs like we are! Oh, Ruby . . I can’t help it that those Ameraucanas are lazy and not carrying their share of the load around here.


They think they’re so special because they lay those weird green eggs! Oh, Ruby . . you lay more eggs in a week than they do in a month!


They’re worthless, I tell you! Oh, Ruby . . don’t worry.  Vince wants to smoke them all but we like you the best so please don’t worry about those lazy, whining, pecking Ameraucanas!

Who would ever having thought keeping peace in the chicken coop would be so difficult?  🙂



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    There’s politics everywhere you turn…I would be anything that Ruby is the Mayor of the Coop and get her instructions from you, The Leader, and tells the meanie’s that they better shape up or The Terminator (aka Vince) will take them behind the wood shed….

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      This is our first winter with them. I’ve heard they slow down a bit due to the lack of daylight hours. You can put lights in the coop and make them think there’s more daylight but I think they need a break . . mother nature did all this for a reason. I’m guessing that instead of getting 7 eggs a day, I might get 4 or 5 but that’s fine with me.

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    You do realize you are only adding fuel to the fire that might just become my new obsession. Not that I needed another obsession, but this one’s been mulling around in my head for months now…………. ;>)

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      Getting chickens was a big deal because I so badly wanted them and Vince wasn’t quite so enthused. I didn’t want it to be one of those things that I wished I hadn’t done after I did it so I thought a lot about it before getting the begging in high gear. I’ve never once been sorry we have them. They’re so fun and they’re productive and they’re hardly any trouble at all. But, I know some people would rather walk across hot coals than deal with them so it isn’t for everyone.

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      I can’t think of how any chicken could be better than my red stars. They’re friendly, easy going, great layers. The Ameraucanas on the other hand . . I won’t get them again. It’s so pretty to have lots of different breeds. I’ll be anxious to see how you like you Australorps. The Amish near me love the Buff Orpingtons too.

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    oh no Judy, now your have a advertizement box floating across the screen 🙁 It is a lightblulb and says tell the grown ups what you think and you could win… well I think it stinks!

    Your blog is my most favorite b/c I love your stories but your blog is filling up fast of too many adds – like the 2 LEGOs at the top and top right. Can you not move the one on the side down… and have your info first? I know you get a little money from them and need them on here – but do they have to be so “in the way”??

    just my opinion. Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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      I’m sorry Bonnie. I can’t move the top ad to the side because I don’t have a side bar on the left. They definitely pay the cost of the blog (hosting, maintenance, etc.) so for now, they have to stay.

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    I am so sorry you named your nasty chicken Lynn – I don’t take it personally though as I know I am not like your Lynn. Those red chickens are pretty though. No chickens on our farm here but my mother raised chickens when I grew up and now my brother’s family live on the home place and raise chickens which my two nieces show in 4-H.


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      Lynn, you know that chicken wasn’t named after you! 🙂 And, one day that chicken is going to be a nice, snuggly hen too.

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    Hey Judy, maybe you missed your calling. You should write children’s stories. But don’t include the part about putting the Ameraucanas in the smoker. But if you do, you could be the bad witch or whatever villian you want to be. You could also include real pictures of little red hens. Oh no! This has a familiar ring to it.

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      I have thought of writing a children’s book and I’ve also thought of writing a fiction adult book. Just a thought for now though.

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    Sandy Preslaqr says

    Okay…it’s been a long time but I did have one Rhode Island Red that I named Rhoda (original) and she would fly up and perch on my arm when I held it out. The Golden Girls (about 4 golden chickens) used to peck on her, chase her and bully her all the time because she was different. Chickens are racist too!

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    quiltbea says

    A quilter buddy sent me in your direction. I’m so glad. I love your site. You put a positive spin and comic relief in your posts. A laugh and a smile keep me going along with gardening and quilting.
    I’m trying to get my son to let me have chickens. I live in the daylight basement apt of his country home so I always ask before starting something new. It took 5 years to get a raised bed veggie garden but he’s pleased and so am I.
    I love your cooking posts and insights. Your quilts are lovely.
    I hope you post more about the hens so I can see if its feasible for us here in the northcountry…southwestern Maine where the temps drop below zero many a winter night.
    Keep up the great posts.