My Father’s Daughter

Do you ever look at your parents or think about your parents and realize you’re so much like one of them?  Or, maybe you have some good and some bad traits from each?  I’m so much like my dad.  He walks to through the kitchen, opens half the cabinet doors and leaves them open; gets the milk out of the fridge, pours a glass and leaves the milk sitting on the counter.  Though I try really hard to close cabinet doors, and put the milk away, it just doesn’t come natural for me.  Mom, on the other hand, would never walk away with a cabinet door open; nor would she take the first sip of her milk without putting the carton back in the fridge.


Mom loves to decorate.  I believe she would paint her walls a different color once a week, and she would love to buy new furniture to match!  I keep my furniture forever  . . don’t matter to me if it matches.  When I move into a house, the color of the walls are what they’re going to stay.  In the horrible event I do have to paint  . . it’s torture if I have to choose a new color.


And, when she wants to paint, she does it all by herself!  Not me . . I hire painters.  I am not a painter . . don’t like it, make a mess, ruin everything!


She loves little vases and flower arrangements.  Not me . . I have junk everywhere!  A shelf in my house means a place to collect clutter.


And then, you accidentally wander into my dad’s room!


You might think he has sunflower curtains.  Nope, there are curtains in there but that’s just some fabric that was leftover from years ago when I had made sunflower curtains in one of my houses and I think the extra fabric was in a garage sale box and dad has it pinned up over the curtains to make it darker in his room.  Yep, that’s my kind of decorating!

And, nowhere in his room is a quilt that I’ve made for him . . and there have been several!  What am I going to do with him?



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    Loved this post and had to laugh when you got to the part about your dad not having any quilts from you in his room. I believe I recall when you made him the last one that you were talking about that very same thing. What DOES he do with the quilts you have made him? (Tell him if he’s done with them, you have a bunch of volunteers who would be happy to take them off his hands so they could say they have a Judy quilt…..he needs to know how LUCKY he is!!! LOL)

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, i think my mom was like your mom, (definitely ahead of her time in the fix-it dept) and my hubby is more like your dad. it is an interesting situation.

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    When Chris and I are around my Mom and Aunt I am always turning to him and saying “See, I can’t help it – I HAVE to be this way!”

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    Carol says

    BTW, there’s another quilt…it’s on the small table between the windows.
    It was a real shocker the day I realized I’m more like my parents than not. It was one of those “Did I just say that???” moments. I think I’m a blend of both parents although I’m not as organized and neat. I think that it’s my form of rebellion for growing up in a family of 8 in a small ranch. My parents are do-it-yourself-ers. So, we children grew up that way. I’m not a decorator and if everything doesn’t match, it’s fine by me!

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    I laughed out loud at this one. Your mom is a true Southern lady, and your dad — well, let’s just say it’s a guy thing! I spotted the quilts in there, but they’re not YOUR quilts! We’re gonna have to talk to him about that!!!!!!!

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    Judy….since you can’t see the quilts sitting around, you should go hunting for them, they have to be there somewhere in the house……and maybe set them out to display.


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    It’s lucky for your mom that he has his own room…

    I am more like you Mom…I would paint every 6 months and redecorate….

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    I’m with you on the decorating. The Hubbo is beyond not keen on it, and I’m sliding down to his level. Besides, what’s the point of a horizontal surface if you are not going to pile lots of delicious junk on it.