Cute House

Recipe on Lime Green Kitchen:

Chicken & Dumplings – the much requested recipe my family loves!

It isn’t that I want this house but if it was sitting out on a farm somewhere, I might want it.  It’s across the street from the house that’s kinda behind me.


When leaves are on the trees, I can’t see it but as soon as the leaves fall off, it’s what I see when I walk out my back door.  The sun rises right behind this house and it’s just beautiful.  I guess it’s the curve at the top that gives it character and catches my attention.

My Bears in the Farmhouse quilt would go perfectly in this little house.



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    Thanks for the recipe-this is a favorite of my guys at the Cracker Barrel. When I make this they will be waiting at the table for it to be ready. I need some things done around the house-I bet I could negotiate with this recipe!
    That house does have a lovely profile.

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    Deborah says

    Yippee! Thanks so much for this recipe! Been craving chicken and dumplings for ever so long, but can’t seem to find a good rolled dumpling recipe. Looks like it will be on the table at the weekend.