November 16, 2009 Design Wall Monday

Not much change from last week . . especially since I haven’t been home.  This is Taylor’s “X’s and O’s” quilt.  I did bring a project with me and worked on the borders a bit yesterday so at least I touched the sewing machine this week.

DSC08868What’s on you design wall?


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    Somehow I’ve managed to add more projects to my list than I had planned. Now I have to plan to finish them all! I had really hoped to start next year working on new things. I guess we’ll see what happens:)

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    Mary says

    I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in a week. It’s a good thing I have the design wall Monday post to get me going. Thanks again Judy.

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    Some weeks are like that, and it sounds like you have been busy with your folks, which is cool! Enjoy your time, and stay out of those malls! LOL

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    I can’t post what’s on my design wall, sadly, as it’s a gift for my dad and stepmom. Had fun last night with some girls who came over to sew, though, and that’s up on my site… as well as a story of Abject Stupidity. 😀

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    Ida Lively says

    I’ll have to share photos of my sewing room.

    I’m …hmm … I guess it depends on how you look at it … either fortunate or UNfortunate to have my entire sewing room (an approximately 11 x 11 space) as a ‘design wall.’

    We had the Owens Corning basement system put in a couple years ago. Basically, I have cloth-wallpaper covered inch-thick insulation on all 4 walls. That means I have a TON of space to hang up my latest projects.

    I *do* have some stale projects up — let me tell you! There are currently 2 quilts for my son (one just needs a border, the other needs repairs from where a mouse got into my late MIL’s craft room). I also have a quilt for me that I need to piece the top together (oh, the Y-seams! What *was* I thinking?) And there are quilts to be completed for two of my three sisters. Oh! And a few blocks of a quilt for one of my Boy Scouts who is now in the Navy.

    The area directly behind my machine, tho, is what I consider my true ‘design’ wall. I have all kinds of drawings, patterns, little gifties, and so forth … that ‘inspire’ me, or are for the ‘current’ or ‘future’ projects that I’ll be working on. I do have a few ‘old’ project things up … that I just haven’t found a place for yet. 😉

    I’ll have to photograph the mess.

    All the best ….