Taylor’s Quilt

On Lime Green Kitchen today:

Greek Chicken Pita – These are different from what we normally eat but very good and quite flavorful.  My dad, who normally doesn’t like anything out of the ordinary, loved these.

The kids these days .  . do you think when we were kids, technology was moving as quickly as it is now?  If you’re middle aged or older, think how much things have changed since we were kids.  Internet, digital cameras, cell phone, GPS . . we’re living in such fun times.

I laugh every time I take a picture of a child because the first thing they say is “let me see it!”  When I was a kid, I couldn’t imagine looking at the picture immediately.  Could you?  Eventually we had the Polaroid type cameras that were kinda instant.

Anyway, I am going to use letters in the border of  Taylor’s quilt. They’re not going to look like this but I played around with EQ and made some kinda wonky letters and added them.


I explained to her that it isn’t going to look exactly like this.  The letters will be closer together and scrappy looking.  Know what she said?  Oh, nice.  But . . what font are you going to use?

What font am I going to use? I’m not using any font . . I’m piecing the darned letters!  I explained that but then she looked at me and said But  . . what font are you going to use? Pica!  That’s all that was around when I was your age.  Pica!  And be happy with it!  🙂



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    Hey Judy….are you forgetting about Elite……I think that was also around on those very first IBM electric typewriters. Oh how times have changed. The quilt is going to look wonderful no matter what font you use!!!!

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      Karen: Honey, when I learned to type, we didn’t use electric typewriters. Those keys just flew up there and made their mark — if you struck them hard enough. Those were the days!

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    LOL, I was going to say Elite, too. Gosh, I remember when we got our first tv. The neighborhood kids would all come to our house after school to watch. I think we only got three channels. There were so many kids there every day that Dad had to make a rule that when he got home from work, all the kids had to leave.

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    Becky R says

    I really like how you did the lettering around the border! Gives the quilt character. Good job Judy.

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    that is funny! LOL

    well Judy, you know you technically “could” use her favorite font… and print out and use as templates for the “A” word… but I know you are allergic to needles and won’t be doing any applique 😛 not on this quilt anyway.

    I know Taylor will love her quilt no matter what the letters look like – what’s not to love about having your own name on your quilt? 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    I once had someone with an embroidery machine do the letters I needed. I gave her plenty of fabric, told her how large the letters needed to be and picked them up later.

    I did some seminole-style blocks to add to in between the words to make the border fit.

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    I love this border… GEAUX TIGERS, indeed!!! And SAINTS, too!!! (Can you tell I am from LA, too?)

    Pica, indeed! I remember it well… oh how much fun to use ancient typewritters… kids today don’t know what they are missing… onion skin paper and carbon paper for copies, no good way to erase type-os, and trying rubbed a hole in your paper… those were the days (NOT!).


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    Judy, you bring back memories of long ago. I also learned to type on those old fashion typewriters, was a nervous wreck – the teacher was scary and we had to type with our hands covered. Do they still teach that way?

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    Margery says

    Judy, just say “I’m designing my own font – none of those others is quite what I want!” Makes you sound more techno-savvy than you feel (G).