Morning Splash #11

Cutting Instructions:

Background Fabric:
6 – 5″ strips.  Cut into 36 – 5″ squares (W-1)

Accent Fabric:
7  – 1-1/2″ strips (Y)

Sewing Instructions:

Pieced Border:

1.  Cut 36 of the 5″ background squares (W-1) on the diagonal once so you have 72 triangles.  Sew to black 1-1-/2″ strips (Y).   Space the triangles out so you get 5 triangles per WOF (width of fabric) strip, leaving space between each triangle.  The space is needed for squaring up.


2.  Cut apart.  Sew another background triangle to the other side to create the unit as shown.  Make 36.


3.  For 32 of the squares, square to 4-7/8″.  Cut on the diagonal once, across the black strip as shown.


4.  For 4 of the blocks from Step 2 (these will be the corners), square to 4-1/2″ but do not cut on the diagonal at all.

That’s it for today.