Playing with EQ

Since I don’t have my stash and all my sewing stuff with me I’ve been playing with EQ.  I did bring one project and I added one border but it’s just too hard to sew when I’m not at home with my own cutting table, and my own tools.  I did finish a pair of socks but mostly yesterday and today, I’ve been playing.

Yesterday I was feeling rebellious I suppose.  I wanted quilts that weren’t like what I usually make . . something “liberated”.  I just might make these quilts too  . . if ever I feel a bit radical again.  🙂

I do like this one and it’s so easy but . . is it too plain?  I don’t know . .


This one interests me too.


This one is beginning to look more normal.  The old “me” must have re-appeared.




  1. 1

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I like your stars. Their sort of funky. I played with EQ last night also. Check out my pattern. It’s on the blog. Good trip home.

  2. 3

    KatieQ says

    I like the first quilt. It may be simple, but I like the way vertical rectangles look like they could tip over and knock each other down. Kind of like when you line up dominoes to knock them down.

    I definitely wouldn’t mind having the directions for that one. I also love the star quilt.

  3. 7

    Linda says

    I like that first one too. Simple & kind of wonky. The last one is my favorite though. More traditional yet a little wonky. Guess I’m just not feeling as rebellious as you!! LOL

  4. 13


    oooough!!! That 3rd one is FABULOUS! Your colors and pattern are all so great! I think you must make it and also make it the next Hour a Day project! 🙂 I love it!

    and did you ever decide on a “font” 😉 LOL

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. 14


    THe star is my favorite too – I have a liberated star quilt in my list of quilts to make one day and I like how you added the half square triangles to your version!

  6. 17

    Carol says

    Oooh, love them all. I like KatieQ’s description of #1 – quivering dominoes. #2 – the colors and pattern kind of look like tropical/African rain. And #3 – definitely one of your quilts. Another quilt for an hour for your admiring fans? Yes?

  7. 21

    Rosaline says

    Sandy said the first one reminds her of a Gee’s Bend quilt. I feel the same way and it’s for this reason I’m not keen on it. I love the third one – such a hip teenager style. The border on the second one is great; liberated yet stylish (not folk arty).