Fruit Trees Attract . .

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Sheriff’s Deputies!  Fruit trees attract Sheriff’s Deputies!

When I drove up at my parents’ house, the first thing I noticed were all the citrus trees loaded with fruit.

IMG00016-20091111-1450This is one tree but there are satsuma, tangerine, naval orange, grapefruit and I don’t remember what else.  My sister brought me a bunch of lemons from her tree but mom and dad don’t have a fruit bearing lemon tree right now.

Several years ago the neighbor was building a workshop behind their house and mom and dad kept finding orange peelings on the ground.  They were sure the workers next door were stealing the fruit.  Mom and dad have way more than they’ll use so they didn’t really mind but they thought it was kinda rude for them to throw piles and piles of peelings in mom and dad’s yard.  Then, they realized it was raccoons eating the fruit.  And, those darned raccoons . . they have no manners at all!  No way you can teach a raccoon to take the orange peelings to the trash can.

Mom had gone to get a perm.  I stayed home.  Dad was here and we were talking when he wasn’t napping on the sofa.  When mom walked in, she was talking to someone so I figured it was a friend coming to visit.  Their house is like Grand Central Station!  There’s always someone coming and going.  They have more company in one day than I have in 3 years!  Don’t even ask me how many times a day their phone rings!  And don’t ask me about the two separate visits yesterday that brought a total of 10 children here!


Anyway, mom walks in with a Sheriff’s Deputy . . and then another one comes up.  I’m thinking . . what has my mother done?

Nope, she hadn’t done anything.  The burglar alarm had gone off next door and they were dispatched to check it out.  And, in the process, they saw the citrus trees loaded with fruit.


They wanted to pick oranges!  It happened that they both knew mom and dad.  In fact, it was one of the deputy’s step-sons who had been in the accident with my nephew three years ago and that same nephew had bought a used car from the other deputy a long time ago.

They each picked a big bag of oranges . . it never hurts to keep the deputies happy!  I’m betting they’ll be back . . soon!  🙂



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    I love when you sahre about your parents…you Mom sounds like a wonderful person! Glad it was the neighbors alarm and not a problem at your parents house.

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    I guess I need new glasses. . . .at first glance I thought you wrote “Truit trees ATTACK sheriff’s officers”. . . .ROFLOL

    I’m glad that I re-read your posting.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Sherry V.

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    Cindy says

    My mom’s house was like that too. And her phone was always ringing. It drove me crazy.

    I wish we could grow oranges here. But your mom can’t grow lilacs, right?

    I like lilacs too. But those orange trees smell so good in the spring when they bloom.