The Long Road Home

On Lime Green Kitchen Today:

Overnight Peach French Toast – an easy dish that peach lovers will flip over!  Set it all up the night before and all you need to do is stick it in the oven in the morning.

It’s a good 11 hour drive from here to my parents’ home.  That allows 3 stops to get gas and make real quick visits to the restrooms.  This does not allow any time for stopping at a restaurant so I bring along crackers, cheese, Dr. Pepper and eat in the car.  Before leaving 10 days ago, I decided I should drive about 5-1/2 hours, spend the night in a hotel, and then complete the trip the next day.  Worked great!  Spent Tuesday night in a brand new suite type hotel . . except they had those goofy, put off no light bulbs!  I already knew there was a sushi restaurant near the hotel so this was my dinner that first night:


Next day, since I wasn’t in a rush, I stopped by a little quilt shop I’d been passing up for three years.  I didn’t buy anything!  Then I stopped at the Catfish Cabin in Jasper, TX.  We lived in Jasper when Chad was about 3.  We were friends with the owner of the Catfish Cabin, and ate there often.  The food was as good as I had remembered.

And, speaking of food, here’s fried crawfish from Popeye’s.


That was pretty good too!

Yesterday, it was time to make the 11 hour trip home.  The plan was to leave Lake Charles about 9 a.m., make a few leisurely stops along the way . . maybe a yarn shop or a quilt shop or an antique shop, arrive at the halfway spot hotel about 4 p.m., spend the night, make a leisurely trip the 2nd half of the trip today.  Well . . yesterday morning, I was awake at 4 a.m.  I said to myself . . either I’ll fall back asleep or I’ll get up when I see that mom and dad are awake  . . whichever happens first.  I tossed and turned and counted sheep til about 5:30 when I saw light shining under my bedroom door.  Got up, took my shower, packed my car and was ready to go by 6:15 but my sister was on her way to Lake Charles and she had more lemons and oranges for me so I waited for her to get there about 7 a.m., then I left.  Since most little shops didn’t open til 10, I ended up at the hotel by 12:30.  That was way too early to check in so I canceled my reservation and made a reservation about 3 hours farther down the road.  By the time I got to Muskogee where I had a reservation, I thought . . I can make it to the next town so I canceled the Muskogee reservation and made a reservation in Pryor but by the time I got to Pryor, I thought . . I can drive a bit over 2 more hours and be home!  Crazy, huh?  But I made it all the way home — the 11 hour trip took a bit over 12 hours.

My own bed!  My own shower!  My dog  . . it’s good to be home!



  1. 1

    KatieQ says

    I’m glad to hear you are back safe and sound.

    After reading thngs you cook at home or eat when you are out, I wonder how you don’t weigh 300 lbs.

    If there is a secret please share it!

  2. 3

    Julie says

    I’ve learned that is wonderful to go visit, but home is the best!!! I am glad that you had a wonderful visit with family, and that you are home safely.

  3. 4

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Glad you are safely home. It is hard to pass up good food. You can diet tomorrow. It is 59 degrees and it looks like rain.

  4. 5

    Karla says

    Glad you made it home safely, it always takes me about 12 hours to drive from Waco to Springfield.

  5. 6

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Glad you are safely home. I live 45 minutes from Muskogee or about the same from Pryor as I live north of Tahlequah. We went to Fayetteville and Rogers today to shop. I understand why you don’t travel 71 or 540 through Arkansas, those hills and hollows with giant bridges stretching across them are scary. Arkansas is a beautiful state, though.

  6. 7


    I used to do that all the time when I was driving back and forth to Virginia. It’s best to take your time and stop on the way down but on the way home, I’d rather drive straight through!