Fog on the Pond

As I left Louisiana this week, not even 40 miles from mom and dad’s house, with a zillion miles to go, I saw this lake.  It was gorgeous with the morning fog rising from it.  I passed it and thought . . that was so pretty.  I kept thinking about it so a little ways down the road, I turned around and went back to get a picture.

Then I drove a bit down a little driveway to get a better view.


And, just to prove to you that I don’t have a clue how to work Photoshop (nor is it on my new laptop yet), the wires are still in the picture.

Louisiana has some gorgeous scenery but I sure was glad to get to the Texas state line . . 70 miles per hour even on the back roads and paved shoulders!  You Texas folks . . I hope you appreciate those nice roads you have.  Oh yes . . you pay taxes and us out of state folks get the privilege of driving on those nice roads.  Thanks!

I haven’t driven in every state . . not even half the states; nor have I driven on every highway in Texas but so far, Texas gets my award for best highways!  But . . this post is about Louisiana . . so why am I talking about Texas?



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    okperi says

    Yes, I have to agree about Texas roads. They are wonderful. Having lived in Louisiana I know what you mean about the roads there, lol. They are the pits, aren’t they? Love the picture of the pond. Looks very inviting….if you don’t think about the mesquitos. Glad you got home safely!

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    I love your blog and seldom leave comments and to okperi, too.

    Thank you so much for the compliments about our Texas roads.
    I have to say though, we strive to stay off I-35. We have no problem being on it when we get out of Texas when we go to Iowa.

    Gotta go ’cause we are having Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow – much to do today. Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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    Part of the roads in west TX the speed limit is 75 and the roads are wonderful! It has been many years since I drove in LA but I don’t miss it.

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    Charlene Tudor says

    We have lived in TX for the last 5 years after driving here from IL to visit our daughter for 20 years….and we have never quit raving about the country roads. Whenever I take a road trip I look to see if there are “back” roads to take because I know I’ll be able to make good time on them and they’re so much more interesting than the interstates!

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    Cindy says

    Great picture! Are you glad you’re home? I bet you are. You go back again in January? Did you leave quilts at your mom’s?

    My friend Linda, who reads your blog found a Little Red Hen book for you. She gave it to me yesterday, remind me when I see you again.

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    Connie says

    I got a chuckle cuz my boys know when we’ve left OK and driven into TX just by the change in the road.

  7. 9


    Hi Judy, I just drove from Texas to California. I would have to agree that our roads are pretty good. We even had 80 mph in the desolate west Texas area. Speeds were at least 75 everywhere else excepts Calif. but the roads in CA are not so smooth so I don’t know if I would want to go faster. We get to drive it all again in a few days but being here with family will make it worth it.

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    Gwynette says

    Loved the pond and fog photo. Aren’t the cypress lovely in their bronze cloaks for fall? Thanks… made me a little homesick for Louisiana, but that’s okay. I’ll survive.