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Containers with no lids; lids with no containers . . I have such a mess with my storage dishes.  As soon as I throw away a container with no lid, then I find a lid that I think went with it.  As I unpacked from the move almost three years ago, I tossed unmatched containers and lids into a box (or two or three).  You’d think after three years, I could just throw out the whole box but I can’t.  Mostly I store my leftovers in glass jars with plastic screw on lids but sometimes I need regular containers.

When I was at mom’s during the summer, she had bought a whole set of containers and lids that stacked nicely, didn’t take up much room and seemed like good sizes.  When we were at Target last month, I called mom and asked her to tell me again what those containers were. Found them . . probably should’ve bought to sets and thrown out every container and lid without a mate.


Now all I need is more room in the fridge.  If I had 10 fridges and 12 freezers, I’d still need just a little more room!



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    Sandi says

    I think that leftover containers conspire in the cupboard to hide their lids in deep dark corners. Add in husbands and children that refuse to match them up before putting them away, and PRESTO! You can never find a matching set.

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    Judy, after years of going through what you experienced I decided to store the containers with the lids ON the container. Yeah, it takes a little more room, but boy it sure is nice to have them already matched up!

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    Oh my, you too on the lid thing? Nothing annoys me more than trying to match up lids and container bottoms as I crawl around my messy cupboard, just grrr!!

    : )

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    Tricia says

    My daughter and I just went throught the whole “matching of the Tupperware” hide-and-seed game last week! Oh, the holiday fun! It actually took two weeks to work ourselves up to it-we would walk through the kitchen and remind each other that we really need to get on to it!
    In the past we have been more generous with some of the “singles” and hopeful,I guess…not this year! Apparently we are feeling ruthless and were tossing things left and right. We came upon a box from our last move filled with parts and pieces from old beaters and mixers and who knows what all. I did desperately want to keep a 2 1/2 inch long screw-like thing because I just couldn’t figure out what it could be for, but my children pointed out that it was still in it’s plastic bag and since it hadn’t been opened in at least the 7 years we’ve been here, we probably weren’t going to be needing it! Ah, to be so free!
    Thanks for your blog! I pull it up all the time, always knowing there will be a new post, and never knowing what it will be about!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Deb says

    Doesnt EVERYONE have this problem?? I always thought so. After trying a lot of different things, I just buy one brand of containers (usually Glad) and stick with those. It does tick me off when they change the DESIGN, and then the lids dont match, so when there is no lids left for the old ones, they will be done. I also throw them out when they start looking funky, with all the talk about leaching plastic now. But they freeze well, and stack well. Yea, no freezing, or heating, etc. but come on. They have made us VERY dependant on plastic….when they start making Pyrex dishes for storing, we will see, but those would be hard to store also! They would take up A LOT of room. They are always great for passing out leftovers for the holiday dinners! Although, they do make lids for pyrex dinnerwhere for doing leftovers….will have to check into it…

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    Peggy says

    I just bough a box of the same containers! My problem is not that I loose the containers or lids, but my partents can’t keep them together in their kitchen. Some how I have lids in my kitchen and upstairs they have the containers or vice versa. So I needed some storage containers while staying in a condo in WI and went out and bought the smaller set. I love them and wish I had bought the larger set.

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    Carol in SW IN says

    When I lived next door to my parents it was always a mission to find containers that someone could take leftovers home in from the holiday dishes. So one year while out Christmas shopping I came across a big set of storage containers in a design that I hadn’t seen before. I left the whole box at Mom’s to use. So now when I come across a piece of it at my house, I know that it needs to go back to my Mom’s. Now if I could just pitch all the mismatched stuff here. I did come across a box mismatched stuff from the move here over 12 years ago and did heave it out the door.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    Carol in SW IN

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    Angie says

    I’ve been seeing these advertised in magazines and on TV Judy. Do let us know how they work out —in a few months. I had to chuckle at your Jar storage. My dear mother in law also did this, and when she passed on we found kitchen cupboards full of Jars. I mean —oddles. Some were quite unique! I think she purchased a lot of her food at the grocery store by what the glass container looked like! Not so much about the food inside the container.

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    a couple of weeks ago, we pulled out all the containers in the cupboard, matched lids, threw out the ones we knew we never used. and cut back by at least 75%. And I haven’t missed any I’ve throw away yet!

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    Denise says

    Those are the kind I use Judy and I really like them. All very “useable” sizes for me. And I cleaned out anything that wouldn’t stack as nicely as they did inside each other and sent them off to Goodwill. I have really limited space for plasticware so they need to play nicely and stack or be gone! 🙂