Design Wall Monday – November 23, 2009

Chaos rules in my sewing room.  Portions of three different tops on the design wall.  I’m going to do better!  The newest (near the bottom) are wonky little four patches.  Top left is Taylor’s “X’s and O’s” quilt.  Top right . . I don’t think that’s working out like I wanted it to . . still not sure what I’m going to do with that one.


What’s on your design wall?


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    Sadly, I don’t have anything terribly interesting on the design wall – plus my photos are on my home computer and I’m at work. BUT! I have a modest giveaway today through Thursday. 🙂

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    Diane says

    woohoo my 1st design wall Monday post. Love seeing what ‘yinze-guys’ are all doing! The variety is amazing and inspiring, ok sometimes it’s intimidating too. But always fun to see.

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    That wasn’t so hard! I’ve been reading the design wall for months and finally plucked up my courage. Thanks Judy and I hope Vince is well soon.

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    Only 32 days until Christmas and I’ve been making homemade Christmas Ornaments for a SWAP so they are on my ‘real’ design wall this week! And of course a few SBS blocks too… The blocks are off the wall at my quilt buddies since she has been sick. I’ll go back to my SBS in January when I can put it on my own wall here and really get down to making those last bunch of blocks.

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    Love those wonky four patches, Judy! I also love all the bright colors that you have on your design wall…very fun!


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    I’m thrilled because I went to bed last night with a design wall full of blocks and a couple hours after dropping Chesty off for his surgery, I had a finished top up there!