Vince Update

We’re home.  It was a very long day . . much longer for Vince than for me I’m sure.  He passed the stress test but the doctor told him that 15 – 20% of stress tests show false results and if he has any more problems, to get back to the hospital in Joplin. He had already been diagnosed with some type of esophageal problem and was supposed to have some scope or scan and just hasn’t done it.  He’ll be calling his local doctor tomorrow I’m sure.

While driving to Joplin this morning, alone in my car with the radio off, lots of thoughts ran through my head.  We have so much to be thankful for.  We truly have a great life but I think when, even for a fleeting moment, you see how quickly you could face “the end”, I wonder if we (any of us) are living life to the fullest.  Tim McGraw’s song “Live Like You Were Dying” came to mind. No, I’m not going sky diving or rocky mountain climbing.  I probably won’t even drive across a big bridge!  🙂  But, even how we react to little problems, and the things we do, the way we go about meeting our goals . . some things need to change.

From our conversation on the way home this evening, I could tell Vince was thinking the same thing I was thinking . . it’s time to live like we were dying.  We’re not going to throw caution to the wind but we may make some changes.

Thank you to every one of you who wrote me, who prayed for us, who called.  Most of you I’ve never met and yet it was very comforting for me to know that “friends” around the world were praying for us and sending good thoughts our way.

It’s not even 7 p.m. yet and I think I’m going to curl up in bed with my Kindle and probably fall asleep within a few minutes!



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    Marilyn says

    Judy, there were lots of prayers coming from here. I am so glad that he was released to go home. If life changes are needed, it is time to make them. No matter what they are. We only have this one life and we need to take full advantage of it.

    I love you and glad this horrific, scary day has come to a close. Sleep tite!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

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    Oh my goodness. Here I was busy today and didn’t get a chance to check in on you – and look what happened!! I’m so happy everything went well. Vince owes you BIG TIME for scaring you like that! And us!! Will keep you both in prayers – a little lagniappe!

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    I’m so glad Vince is going to be alright. I hope he follows up with his local dr and finds out exactly what is going on.

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    Just Me says

    So glad you are BOTH home! Please get Vince to get those tests done.
    My daughter has espholgial problems that mimic a heart attack at times. Even a friend who is an RN witnessing an attack she had, thought it was a heart attack, even though she is only in her early 40’s. She had the upper scope done and with the help of a great gastoenterologist she has improved 90%.
    Meanwhile this may fit your statement.
    I read this poem awhile back:

    Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways-Chardonnay in one hand-strawberries in the other…body thoroughly use up, totally worn out, and screaming WOO HOO! What a ride!

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    So glad it all worked out! My DH had a severe headache 2 years ago which turned out to be a benign brain tumor, which they removed thru his nose! It was the scariest time of my life, and it did change both of us. We’re much more tolerant of each other, and go with the flow more. Please do the same!


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    Glad to hear you are both home. I thought my hubby was stubborn about seeing the doctor. Vince make that doctor appt first thing tomorrow!!! I think he owes you some Dimple fabric! ;0)

    I know what you mean about trivial things. I was thinking on the way home how 5 years from now this project I’m working on will just be a memory, but it’s such a pain in my backside right now.

    Have a good evening. Get some rest so you’re all ready to focus on what Dimple colors you should order. LOL

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    Linda H says

    I’m so glad Vince is home! (I’ve been hung up here without a functioning keyboard –kinda like having laryngitis.) Hope he will be diligent in following through on all the suggested tests, etc.

    I know what you mean about living as though we are dying. And of course, we are dying a bit every day. Life is getting shorter and shorter. The key is knowing where we are going at the end and being fully available each day to be a blessing.

    Will continue to keep you both in my prayers.

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    Angie says

    Don’t check in for a few days—and this is what I see. My goodness, I hope Vince is O.K. and that you are to. It’s harder on the wife and husband than the patient when one ends up in the ER. Get those Test done Vince!

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    Peggy says

    Judy and Vince,
    I am glad things turned out the way they did so far. I do hope Vince finds out what the problem is so you can both sleep at night.

    I know what you were going through Judy. My husband has a heart attack that lead to stent surgery at midnight. Not too many people in the operating part of the hospital at night. Several months later he had triple bypass surgery and said “Good Bye” to his son and I before surgery. Thank goodness he made it through the surgery, but I am still crying at the thought of loosing him….and that was 3 years ago. He is only 56 years old now!

    Take care of yourself, Vince and Chad.

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    Oh my gosh Judy I just read your other post and rushed right over to comment! I am so glad that your hubby is okay and tell him to make sure to call the doctor tomorrow first thing!
    hugs to you and to him,

  11. 13


    You both were in my thoughts today, I’m glad things are good so far…but do have more tests…better to be safe. You two need to go on a cruise….or maybe the snow train in Canada…or rent a motor home and drive cross country…something.
    Have a great Thanksgiving and Take Care.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Whew! It’s good to hear you are both home. Yep, prod your sweetheart into making that doctors appointment. You need him around for a looooonnngg time yet. We will keep you in our prayers and in God’s hands.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Glad to hear that Vince is home. Sometimes Gerd will act like a heart attack. I assume they will check him for that. Jim has that problem. Jim has already had a heart attack and he also has Gerd problems. Maybe the problem with the esphogus (spelling may be messed up, I’m guessing) may have caused the problem. It is possible that it went into spasm.

    Life is short. Live it while you have the health to do it. And the big word there is HEALTH. Worry about the small stuff later and kick up your heels (his too).

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    Bon says

    Hey Judy. I, like the others, am glad he was able to come home today and am hoping he does the follow-up with his doctor. Life is so fragile.

  15. 18


    I am so glad to hear that you are back home, I’m sorry that I missed your earlier post. It is a wake up call to all of us to live life to its fullest. We take so much for granted until we lose it. You both are in my prayers, God Bless.

  16. 19


    I am so glad to hear that Vince is OK. Thanks for letting us know you were able to bring him home. I agree that we all need to live life to the fullest.

  17. 20


    Judy – I’m so glad Vince is okay for now. Do make sure he goes to the doc for a follow-up. Men can be so bad about taking care of their health. Yes, we all need to live like we’re dying — because we ARE! We have no idea what day, but it will come before we know it, so it’s time to grab for all the good life you can get.

  18. 21


    Glad Vince is home and you both can rest… Please make sure he follows up tomorrow… men have such short memories about health stuff! Yes, every moment is a blessing and sometimes a scare is the best thing we can have to help us change for the better! I’ll be keeping you both in my thoughts…

  19. 22


    Judy, Without getting deep into religion, there is much to be thankful for…HE has blessed my life with friends like you! I’m thankful Vince wasn’t having a heart attack and thankful that you’re home where you can both get some rest.

  20. 23


    I didn’t realize you were dealing with this until I saw my Facebook tonight. I’m glad you’re both home and hope that Vince really is ok.

  21. 24


    I’m so glad to hear everything is fine today……please keep op with the doctors to figure out what is the cause…

    Living like you are dying is how my DH and I have been living for the last 8 years. It’s not always about our “bucket” list….its more about how we conduct our everyday lives……we take the time to enjoy the simple things in life, say I love you more, deciding what is important and what isn’t……generally taking care of each other living as if this would be our last day together. Sometimes a wake up call such as a medical issue is a good thing!!!!

    In my prayers, Karen

  22. 27

    neen says

    Man alive, don’t you hate drama??!! Especially when it is life altering??!!

    I know exactly how you feel, Judy. My dh had a stroke last year and I remember standing at the foot of the bed in the ER and thinking, “Man, it’s amazing how your life can change in the blink of an eye!” These events certainly do bring us up short and bring our frailities, sharply, in focus. The thoughts of “what could be,” leave you with a real empty feeling.

    I’m so glad that you both fared well and hope that Vince will GLADLY go to find out what is wrong. You can’t fight something that you can’t name, yet.

    You both will be in my thoughts and prayers until you get your guy straighted out and taken care of.


  23. 29

    LINDA says

    Just found your website tonite and I can only imagine the things that were going threw your mind while setting in the ER waiting to hear the results of all the tests. I was so glad to hear that Vince was home and doing better.

    Life changes are hard at times but we all need to reflect on our lives and do what we can to make improvements.

    Please urge Vince to check with his regular doctor and get a second opinion if not satisfied.

    As for you Judy I hope the stress is leveling off and you are getting the sleep you need. Thank you for this wonderful website.

  24. 30

    Evelyn says

    I am happy that you are both home! There truly is no place like home. A short wake-up call type stay at the hospital is so much better than a more serious stay – hopefully Vince will get right into the DR’s office and have more testing so there are no more middle of the night surprises. In the meantime – I hope you both catch up on your rest today! Glad to hear the good news. Cheers! Evelyn

  25. 31

    Alison in UK says

    Gosh, that sounds scary, thank goodness he got the all clear on the heart attack. I wish you many more happy years together.

  26. 32

    meredith says

    Thinking good thoughts for you all and hoping the tests will sort it all out. Take care of each other, this is a reminder that none of us should be complacent.

  27. 33


    I’m so glad to hear that everything turned out okay. A scare like that really wakes us up to what is important in our lives. Take care!

  28. 34


    Yes….life can totally change for us in an actual heartbeat. I’m glad things worked out yesterday and hope Vince does follow through and get everything totally checked out very soon. You have a really good reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving!!!

  29. 36

    Freda Henderson says

    I’m glad Vince is home Judy. My husband had a heart attack at 55 and he had no past heart problems. For months after I would lay awake listening to be sure he was still breathing. It is very traumatic when a loved one has major health problems.

  30. 37


    I am so happy to hear Vince is okay. Why does it take us (me) going through a crisis to realize how truly fortunate we are. My hubby and I lost our 32 year old son 2 years ago. My daughter lost her fiance 3 years prior to that. Life is fragile.

  31. 38

    Judy C in NC says

    Oh My Gosh Judy – the hardest part of life is waiting for a result or something that you have no control over. Vince should just have the Endoscopy – absolutely painless and they put you to sleep. It just takes the test to determine the treatment. Please make the appointment for him. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from Judy C

  32. 39

    Darlene B says

    So thankful to hear that Vince is doing well. My mom just spent a day and a half in the hospital for heart issues. It really does make you think of all that we have to be thankful for, and how often we take life and all God’s blessings for granted. My best to you, Vince, and Chad in this Thanksgiving season!

  33. 40

    Sandy says

    Judy- I am so glad Vince is home from the hospital and his tests are okay for now. He gave you quite a scare! You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

  34. 41

    Bonnie says

    Glad to hear Vince is doing well. I think it does take a ‘crisis’ to make us realize the many blessings that we have. Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless your family.

  35. 42

    laceflower says

    I too have done the DH chest pain run to the hospital, not fun and very scary. I’m glad your outcome was good.
    As to Chad and the ‘not homemade’, I’m just going to say it, you need to slap that boy! You are setting an awfully high standard for Mrs. Chad, the poor dear.

  36. 43

    LadyBaltimore says

    Oh, my goodness, Judy
    I just read about Vince today and I’m so glad you’re both home. You’re both in my prayers.
    I, too, have paced the hospital for my darling Colonel after chest pains and trouble breathing. The worst was when he went for a nuclear stress test and the results got him admitted immediately into the ER for an angiogram/angioplasty. I was so scared.
    Scares like this put everything into perspective, don’t they? Life is fragile.
    So glad Vince is doing well. Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving.

  37. 44


    Judy, I’m so glad you AND Vince were able to go home. I was away and didn’t read about this until today, otherwise, you would have had both of you in my thoughts and prayers sooner. Here’s to a stress free Thanksgiving for you and yours!

  38. 45

    Linda says

    Guess I should have read ALL the recent posts before commenting to one of the later ones. Just glad they didn’t find anything really, really serious wrong with Vince. Seems like as we get a little older things start falling apart & it’s just one little health issue after another. Guess as long as those issues stay small we shouldn’t complain too much should we?

  39. 46

    Eve says

    Oh, Judy! I’m soooo sorry you and Vince had such a scare. But I’m thrilled that the results of the stress test were good. Now, make sure he gets in there and gets that Endoscopy done!!! Once it’s over, he’ll wonder why he put it off so long. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! I’m sending up extra prayers of “Thanks” to God that everything turned out all right for y’all. ILY!!! Eve

  40. 48


    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry!!! I missed this obviously! Tell Vince to get that esophagus (can’t spell that either) looked at. Not to be messed with! Roger has Barrett’s Esophagus and we caught it just in time.