Black Friday

Who’s shopping on Friday?  Not me!  I know all my blog readers are nice, mannerly folks but just a reminder . . those people who are working at the retail establishments . . they may need a smile or a kind word because not all those shoppers are nice, mannerly folks.   The world needs more nice, mannerly folks!

This morning, as I was sitting at my computer resting my bum knee so I can get back to the longarm, I was patting myself on the back (which hurts because I got an H1N1 shot yesterday and my arm is sore!) and I thought . . not shopping isn’t enough.  I need to do something nice for someone.   I figured there will be leftovers so I shouldn’t have to cook at all on Friday.  Are there football games on TV?  If so, Vince will be glued to the TV and he’ll be real happy for me to stay downstairs sewing and out of his hair.  Chad will hunt on Friday morning and he’ll be working Friday afternoon/night.  Remember . . be nice to those retail workers!  🙂

I came up with two possibilities for tops I should be able to start and finish by the end of the weekend . . especially if I can sew a bit today and tomorrow and then all day Friday.  Not sure which one of these I’ll make but these will be real easy for stash quilts.




Which one do you like best?  If someone were giving you a quilt . . just something in the 60″ x 80″ range, something to use on the sofa . . which one would you like?  I’m not trying to match anyone’s decore . . just a little “thanks for being nice” quilt.



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    Judi says

    That’s a toss up I love them both even my dh said he liked both but the top one he likes better. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, we are heading to our daughter’s to spend the day tomorrow. No shopping for us on Friday either even thou I haven’t even started.

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    Marilyn says

    l love them both, but #2 – I can see it in batiks! It would be beautiful!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the 3 of you!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  3. 4


    Thank you for the kind words and suggestions about those working retail. Personally, I thank you. I have to be at the store LATE Wed. night to change out our stores signs (0therwise I would have to be there 4 hours before the store opened on Friday..4am opening) and alot of us will be starting work at 3:30am. Now I live an hour away Plus getting up and ready time. This means that I wake up around 1:45 Friday a.m. and don’t get off work until after 2pm and then drive an hour home. A smile works wonders!! …. Both ways, because I know that the customers are stressed and probably not used to getting up way early either!

    About the quilts. I really am drawn to the first quilt. I like the brightness of the colors and haveing alot of light background really draws my eyes to the colors. Love the border! What a great way to get that border done quickly, pull the colors to the outer edge of the quilt and yet, I think it helps pull it all together. I would love to have the directions to this quilt! Hgus

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    Susan says

    I like the second one. Black in a quilt always make the colors “pop” and with the colors you have in your stash I can picture a beautiful quilt in the end :o)

  5. 6

    Robin says

    There’s something about the second one that I like better although I’m sure either one would be appreciated. I’m not going out shopping either or going anywhere for that matter unless I go get something done with my hair. Just planning on getting some much needed quilting done! Happy Thnaksgiving to all.

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    Kathy in FL says

    I really like the first one. It would look great over my sofa. I’m going to be sewing right along with you!

  7. 8


    I love them both, but the second one really speaks to me.

    Hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend! No shopping for me either. I would rather have a root canal than go out shopping on Friday! I will be thinking of Chad and all of the other retail workers. Let’s pray there are not any deaths this year.

  8. 9

    Rona says

    The black one. That just would look so great.

    What are you going to quilt on it? Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. 10


    I like the second one! Black really makes the colors jump out. I agree batiks would be great in that one. No shopping for me on Friday – I will be at the longarm trying to get all the customer quilts done by 12/15! Thanks for a great blog – love the recipes too!

    Barb L.
    Tarpon Springs, FL

  10. 11


    If I were making the quilt to give away as a just because, I would do #2 cause its faster and easier. #1 is nice but that’s a bunch of half square triangles. I love that outside border treatment.


  11. 12


    I will be one of those crazy Friday shoppers.. if my daughter wants to go…otherwise I will check the papers and just go locally..

    My son works retail so be nice to the cart jockeys (officially called Lot Attendants) also. He will be running around trying to keep everyone happy…

  12. 13


    My preference is #2 – perhaps because I really want to make a Bento box quilt, and this one looks more interesting than that. However, I’m drawn to Lady of the Lake quilts, and #1 resembles that. Either one would make an awesome gift.

  13. 15

    Alberta in N GA says

    I prefer the 2nd one. I think the black makes it a lot more colorful and definitely batiks would be great.

  14. 16

    Marilyn says

    Number 1 would be my choice ….but I like both. How is Vince feeling ?
    That episode probably gave both of you a scare.

    My son works in retail, has to be at work at 4 am, personally I think
    it’s kiind of crazy. He always says this is the week from hell. On the
    other side of the coin, he’s glad to have a job here in Michigan.

  15. 18


    They’re both great, but I think I prefer the second, brighter quilt where the color really pops with the black. It kinda reminds me of M&Ms…or it could be that I’m just craving some chocolate. LOL! :o)

    • 18.1


      My vote is for No 2 because I really like the black in it! When I saw your post about Black Friday, I was afraid for you that Vince was making you go with him, but we all know that give the choice, you would probably rather drive over a bridge than shop on Black Friday!

  16. 20


    I like them both. I do think #2 is my favorite. I am also busy cooking today. We will have around 15 at our house for Thanksgiving dinner. It will really be nice to have all of the children and grandchildren together.

  17. 22


    No shopping for me on Friday….I’d pay 10% extra just to avoid the crowds. In keeping with my dark POV…I like #2 best – plus it looks fun to piece. Have a good holiday 🙂

  18. 24


    I like both designs but I love #2 and would enjoy receiving that as a gift. Have you ever noticed that most quilters do not receive quilts as a gift? Happy Thanksgiving and take care of that bum knee.

  19. 25

    Quiltinggranna says

    I like #1 the best. Looks like ships on the sea tilted for the waves. And I would never even consider shopping on Black Friday…….not even close to being worth it!

  20. 26

    Pat Bandura says

    First Judy I want to thank you for all the beautiful designs you share here on your blog. They are an inspiration to me and help to keep me motivated. As for which quilt I like best I’d say the second one. Althought I don’t like woring with black I do love what it does to color.

  21. 27


    I like the black as one of the other commenters said, It pops. I won’t be shopping either. Too far, too many people and for not a lot of savings. If, and If I shop at all it will be online. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  22. 31

    Linda says

    I like them both. How’s that for being decisive??

    Black Friday shopping? God, NO!!! Maybe a little online shopping, if I don’t get that done today. I plan to get things together for the three gifts I plan to make. Much less likely to be trampled by the stampeding herd that way. LOL

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to eat too much turkey and maybe sneak in a little nap.

  23. 33

    KatieQ says

    I love them both. If I were to receive the quilt, I would prefer #1 because I don’t like to piece half square triangles. If I were making the quilt, my choice would be #2 because it looks easy to piece but has great contrast.

  24. 34


    Judy…I see #2 as the favorite, at least for me. I really like that one! (P.S. – I can send you my address is you don’t still have it – if you were thinking of sending it out to someone!!!)

  25. 35

    Sarahe4e says

    Oh, Judy, they are both wonderful patterns. One (the lighter) looks like spring and summer, the other like fall and winter. I think I like the one with the white more, just because I like white!
    I am going to join you in not going to the stores on Black Friday. I will wait until Saturday when things have calmed down a bit. Then it is straight to the fabric store for some of their bargins.

  26. 36

    Bessie H. says

    I love # 2. Looks like it should be made with dimples. For a couch quilt I like darker colors- doesn’t show dirt as quick.

  27. 37

    Glenda says

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving with more blessings to come. Hope Vince is feeling better, please, please, do the follow-up with the gastro Dr. !!!! Both quilts are stunning ! But, nothing less than that from you !! I’d prefer number 1, but I’ll take either ! LOL Best wishes, Glenda P.S. do you need my address ? ROFLMBO !

  28. 38

    Karla says

    Definitely like the first one, hope you will be having a great Thanksgiving with your family and all Vince’s test come out ok.

  29. 39


    I like the second one best….something about the black I think. We do not go anywhere near stores on Black Friday, besides, I already have a lot of presents either done or figured out already 🙂

  30. 40

    Donna DuMouchel says

    I like the second one (Bento Box variation) the best. There’s something very solid and satisfying about the design.

    Donna D., Hemet, CA

  31. 42

    Kathy C. says

    They are both so pretty, but the 2nd one is really striking. I love it! Will you post the pattern?

  32. 44


    Oooh, I like the second one!

    I will not be one of the Black Friday shoppers. I went to the grocery store today for all those little things that you never buy, and then you run out and it’s so hard to remember to restock (matches, DH’s special tea, floss, vitamins), and I thought the lines were insane today! No thank you, Black Friday!

  33. 45


    I love the second quilt. What a lovely gift! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! My pies are in the oven. Three of us are cooking so we are taking turns in the kitchen.

  34. 46

    Amy says

    The second – but I think that that is because of the black instead of white…. Oh yeah & the lack of HST’s.

  35. 47

    marta says

    Me encanta el segundo, el color oscuro realza de alguna manera y jerarquiza la composicion de color.

  36. 49

    Julie H. says

    I like the pattern of #1 but I like the black in #2. I keep meaning to make something with a black background just for a change. My husband’s vote is for #1.

    Hope Vince is doing well and I hope you have no further reaction to the shot. I’m sure a Dr. Pepper would make your arm feel better.

    Julie H.

    • 55.1


      I like #2 the best for a “using” quilt. I avoid light backgrounds if it is going to be a sofa quilt. Life is too short to worry about staining a light colored quilt!!


  37. 58


    I like the first one better.
    I believe the second one would be equally fun to make, but the second one has more movement and I would enjoy looking at it for years. Therefore, I would hope the recipient would feel the same way.

  38. 59


    Okay, the first message erased itself and when I retyped, I said the second one had more movement–but I meant that the first one did.
    (Don’t know if I have faulty fingers or a faulty keyboard!)

    • 61.1


      I think I like the first one better. I think the second one would be really nice made out of flannel – I wonder why it suggests flannel to me?

  39. 63


    I really like both quilts and wouldn’t mind making either of them. But, for the couch I quess I would go with number 2. The dirt would be less noticible. Happy Thanksgiving!

  40. 64


    #2 is mine, mine, mine. i just love the color saturation. more is not enough.
    and i like it so much, i wouldn’t gift it at all. it’s definitely a keeper.

  41. 66


    I like the 2nd one best…enjoy your Thanksgiving and day after…I’ll be working on Black Friday…so no shopping but hopefully some of my shoppers will have read your blog and will be kind.

  42. 67


    Ok, you don’t really need one more comment, but I just had to let you know that I love the second one. Would love to make a quilt like that.

  43. 73

    Pam says

    I really like the 2nd quilt. It’s so colorful and homey! It would be a wonderful way to say thanks! You are so nice!

  44. 74

    Peggy says

    Happy Thankgiving to you and yours Judy.

    I like the individual blocks in #1, but I personally don’t care that much for quilts that have a diagonal line. So I vote for #2.

    Lap Quilts are so nice this time of year. I even keep one on the bed in case I am just a little chilled. I need to make some more, so I can keep a couple in the van for winter travels.

  45. 79


    Oh my goodness! You mean I HAVE to make a choice?….ok…well then TWO as I have a magnetic attraction to anything with bright and black (oh I KNOW I could do #1 in those colors…) but I pick 2 anyway!

  46. 81


    I love quilt #1!! Quilt #2 is nice but quilt #1 sings! Your creativity knows no bounds. By the way, I hope things are still good with Vince. Scares like that really put things in perspective…..let’s hope that’s all it is, a scare.

  47. 82

    Kellie says

    I like both, but especially #2.

    I agree on being more mannerly. There just isn’t enough patience this time of year.

    Happy New Year!