How ’bout a Turkey Sandwich?

10:00 p.m. . . the night before Thanksgiving.  This is the point where I always say “I’m not doing this again!”  Next year . . we’re having turkey sandwiches . . turkey from the Wal-Mart deli!  Maybe even storebought bread!  🙂

I’m too tired to move.  My kitchen is a wreck.  I think I’m so tired I’m not even thinking straight because I’m going to show you my kitchen . . exactly as it looks at the moment.


This afternoon Chad asked for chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes for dinner.  I needed mashed potatoes for my rolls tomorrow but what was I thinking?  Chicken fried steak?  I ended up having to mop the floor, take the stove apart and clean it . . and I don’t even like chicken fried steak, nor do I like milk gravy.  I should never have done that today.

The turkey is brining overnight, pumpkin and buttermilk pies are made, cranberry sauce is made and it is so good, cherry/cranberry salad is made.  Tomorrow I’ll mix up the dressings, make the green bean bundles, make the carrot souffle, make the rolls, make the gravy, inject the turkey so Vince and Chad can fry it.  Hmm . . that’s more than I thought that’s left to be done!

And, I truly wonder if it’s really worth it for just the three of us.  But, it’s Thanksgiving and it’s tradition to have all the Thanksgiving  foods so I’m sure I’ll do it all again next year, and probably complain about it again!  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I hope you all have much to be thankful for.



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    Kathie L. says

    Dear Judy,
    My husband and I are in the Netherlands for a few months and have some family visiting for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here and the usual ingredients for a Thanksgiving feast just aren’t available – no turkey, pumpkin, cranberries!! Plus, I don’t have an oven, just a microwave and a stovetop. So we are making do with roasted chickens that the local butcher shop is roasting for me this afternoon and vlaai (a Dutch dessert) from the 300 year old bakery on the corner. It won’t be the usual, but I know it will great. The pumpkin pies will have to wait until we are home for Christmas. Here’s wishing everyone a warm holiday with family and friends.
    Thankfully, Kathie L. from Allentown

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    Marilyn says

    I say the same thing every year but this year am actually doing it. We
    are having pasta and chop suey…….and boy am I sad. Sometimes
    (most of the time) I think I am losing my mind, all I can think
    about this morning is turkey and all that goes with it. But I guess
    I’ll get over it.
    Hope that Vince is feeling good since his trip to the ER. A happy holiday
    to you and your family. Enjoy your day.

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    I long ago put out notice that the night before Thanksgiving there will NOT be any kind of cooked meal here. Yesterday, I did a decent lunch and didn’t mind as it just joined the rest of the mess…but other years, it’s been reheating of leftovers OR just a sandwich or something ordered in on the night before Thanksgiving. I found once I started doing that….it made the Thanksgiving dinner prep on the “day before” go much smoother…a lot less stress. I have also done the dinner just for TWO of us…..and since we love the leftovers, it is well worth it!!! Enjoy your dinner and your day….and you leftovers, too!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Along with all the things I’m thankful for is your blog, it gives me pleasure each day as I read early mornings.


  5. 6


    Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

    I am going to a friend’s house, so I am doing the cranberry sauce and the salad. But, I did get a small turkey that is still thawing. I’ll cook it later, just so I can have the leftovers!


  6. 7


    Most of the family is gathering here today, turkey goes in the oven pretty soon. Hubby wanted to deep fry it but on Thanksgiving, I want tradition…..he can deep fry in January. 😉
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful day.

  7. 8


    How do you brine your turkey and what do you inject it with? We always deep fry 2 turkeys – but I’ve never known what else to do with them???

  8. 9


    Wow…if I had known you were cooking all that I would have gotten in the car and driven the massive amount of miles to your house for dinner…

  9. 10

    Carol says

    It’s my mother’s tradition is to have Thanksgiving at her house. Not everyone makes it every year. My mother likes to cook and bake. I’m the assistant cook. I just show up and do what I’m told.
    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

  10. 11

    Linda C says

    It’s absolutely worth it! And I can say that because I am _not_ the cook! (just chief bottlewasher.)

    There’s a 35 lb turkey in the oven for the three of us; needless to say we really like turkey! We’ll have turkey four or five ways and freeze some for later.

  11. 12

    Robin says

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! For the two of us I’m doing a small turkey just because it’s Thanksgiving and I feel I should. Miss the big family get togethers in a way that we had when I was younger but in some ways now that I’m older it’s just a hassel.

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    Rebecca says

    Isn’t saying “Next year, sandwiches” all part of the tradition? You know how important tradition is at Thanksgiving!

  13. 14

    Evelyn says

    No traditional Thanksgiving ingredients available in Austria either – we had Weinerschnitzel, zuchini in a sourcream sauce and boiled/pan fried potatoes. Last year we were in Canada and I cooked a huge bird for my son’s little friends – the entire meal for a group of 5 year olds, but it was fun. I think it is worth it – there is something to be said for tradition! Just next year – plan to eat one of your yummy freezer meals the night instead of cooking. I know you will enjoy your meal once you get a chance to sit down… and the leftovers are always my favorite part! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Judy, we had the corn chowder for dinner last night (the soup that will start the dinner today.) Makes for an easy pre-Thanksgiving meal. (Hey Linda C…I am chief bottlewasher too! My sweetheart does alllllllll the cooking!) Our tradition is to invite a young family and some widows/singles that have no family here. It’s just a way to give thanks to our friends. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  15. 18


    Rebecca’s right… the refrain “Sandwiches next year” is a part of the tradition! Fr the past 2-something years, my dear SIL has had the party at her home… Thanksgiving is all about thanks, and family, and friends – so this year we are 30 in number, ranging in age from 94 down to twoyears old! I’m on pie detail, alng with Nichole who does cheesecake. I’ll be driving the “Bakery Truck” as nephew Jonny calls the big 4WD Dodge… bringing seven kinds of pie (no, really, seven!). And the cranberry sauce.
    Happy holiday to you all, and all the ‘Blog-friends” out there… hope Vince is none the worse for wear re his ER stiint. We do havemuch to be thankful for – this year and always.

    • 18.1


      OOps… darn it, I didn’t read before I hit “send”. Wouldn’t you know it! Nora has been hosting the festivities for over TWENTY years, not 2… my face is red!

  16. 19


    Happy belated Thanksgiving! Oh I love chicken fried steak. do you have a reciepe you can share. I would love to make some myself but I’ve never found the reciepe.
    Cleary K.