Rich, Flavorful Broth

Maybe I’m only striving to redeem myself after using storebought roux.  Next thing you know, I may be feeding my family storebought bread!  🙂

Last week some cooking show was on and the chef was using chicken broth.  He said if you can’t use homemade broth, you might as well use water.  Hope that same theory doesn’t apply to roux!  🙁

This weekend I made broth and if you’ve never made homemade broth, you really should try it at least once.  Here’s a post where I did it in the crockpot.  But lately I’ve been doing it in the pressure cooker and I think it works better . . especially when I’m needing cooked chicken meat also.


Stick a chicken in the pressure cooker.  Add a bit of salt, pepper, a bay leaf or two, a quartered onion, some celery and carrots . . whatever you want to add.  Cook it at high pressure for 6 – 8 minutes.


Remove the chicken and it can easily be shredded with forks.  Once the broth cools, strain it and either can it, freeze it or use it.


The smaller bowl on the left went into the gumbo.  The larger bowl on the right will be used with my cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving.


The chicken . . one bowl went into the gumbo and one bowl will go into the cornbread dressing.  I can hardly wait til Thanksgiving Day!



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    Have a happy Thanksgiving! Do you use a thawed chicken, or can it be frozen and stuck in the pressure cooker? (I’m not very good about remembering to thaw things in advance!)

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      Donna in KS says

      I thaw mine. I want to get the “stuff” pulled out of the cavity, you know the gizzard, liver, neck………

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    Donna in KS says

    Happy Thanksgiving, Judy, and to your family. You have, as do most of us, so much for which to be thankful. Vince has got a doctor appointment. Right??? I could hardly believe even as I was reading it! Take care! Continued blessings to you and yours.

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    Happy Thanksgiving Judy. This must be the one time a year that your kitchen looks like mine…sigh.
    I loved the last post. We are going to the in-laws to be who put on a huge Italian Feast. My son, being very Chad-like, demands mashed potatoes and gravy. I checked with the MIL to be Cheryl and she chuckled when she told me to bring Mashed potatoes & gravy. Last year she said they had their traditional roasted red potatoes& cippolini with rosemary and olive oil and James said “What! no mashed potatoes…no gravy….??? So yesterday I bought turkey wings-roasted them-made gravy and I’m waiting for the taters to be done now. Here I thought I was going to get away Scot-free. Good thing they really love him. Good Italian is wasted on my son.

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    There is nothing like homemade broth that’s for sure. I make my own but I’ve never thought of using my pressure cooker….thanks for the idea. Hope your Thanksgiving was great. Take care.

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    Whoa… I’m channeling Judy Laquidara! I was behind on my blog reading and didn’t read this. Honestly, I didn’t. And I blogged about making homemade turkey broth – in the pressure cooker – the one that I bought after you recommended it. 🙂