Still Stuffed!

We ate way too much and I so wish some of my family had been here or we were there . . just wish we were together on holidays.


We’re not much on turkey leftovers so I had a 10 pound turkey, which we fried.  There’s a fried duck there too, along with two kinds of dressing, green bean bundles, carrot souffle, cherry/cranberry salad, cranberry sauce, rolls and somehow I forgot to get the giblet gravy in the picture.  We ate about 1:30 and by 2:15, we were all asleep.  I didn’t wake up til 5:30 and that’s when we had dessert — buttermilk and pumpkin pies.


Vince picked the meat off the bone.  I detest that part — getting that stuff under my nails makes me feel weird!  The leftover turkey will probably be made into a gumbo.


My kitchen is finally clean and back to normal.   Anyone who opens a fridge around here had better stand back though . . they’re stuffed too!

Chad has gone to the movies and he’s spending the night with a friend so they can be closer to their hunting area in the morning.  Vince is online shopping.  I’m going to sew and I’m betting after sleeping half the day, I’ll be up late . . but those darned chickens don’t understand and I’ll still have to get up at daylight with them!



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    My hubby bones the Turkey and slices the meat for me too. Thankas for sharing a picture of your dinner. We didn’t eat until after 4pm so I was more hungry and didn’t take a picture… I have another Thanksgiving to take a picture of on Saturday.

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    I noticed you have some of the Corningware pieces with the blue flowers on them….I thought I was the only person still using them. I’ve had mine a long time and use them a LOT. Enjoy your sewing night! No sewing here since the grandkids are here and their bedroom is my usual sewing space.

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    The dinner looks great – and I also have some of that blue flower corningware.

    I ate at a friend’s today, but I bought a turkey since they were at such good prices. I get to cook it tomorrow and debone it and make some great soup stock…. better cooking and quilting than facing those shopping crowds.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I’ve never made duck, maybe I should try it. We had our dinner yesterday because Liam wanted to have Thanksgiving with Ryan, and Liam has to be with his dad today. So, I started cooking yesterday morning at 9 am and we ate at 6 pm. I did turkey, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts, turnip, mashed potatoes, candied yams and for dessert I made pecan cheesecake pie and apple pie. I was going to do a pumpkin pie too but ran out of oven space, kitchen space and time. I was stuffed to the point of being uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep until after midnight I was so full. I let the boys pick the menu, that’s why we had so much stuff. It was all so good though.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    Roger made creme brulee today and it was soooooooooo good. I asked him what he did different and he said he had used your eggs! So thank you again for the delicious eggs and the kids devoured the satsumas/oranges.

    Thank God for good cooks! Vince and Chad have you and we have Roger! Love you, my friend!!

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    KatieQ says

    There must be a lot of us of “a certain age” who are still using our cornflower corning ware. It used to be my favorite gift to buy for shower presents.

    Judy do you have a wall oven as well as a free standing stove in your kitchen or am I looking at the picture wrong? If you do, that’s a great idea. I wish I could fit that arrangement in my kitchen.