Bless His Heart

My poor husband!  He’s trying so hard.  Will he succeed?  Will he fail?  It must be a rough life for Vince . . having such an unwilling partner!

He’s aching to go shopping on Black Friday!

Yesterday morning as I began fixing breakfast, he said “Do I have time to run to the store to get a newspaper before you start cooking?”  How could I say NO to running three blocks for a newspaper?  It wasn’t the newspaper itself . . we never get a newspaper.  Vince couldn’t stand not seeing the sale ads.


There are sales at his favorite stores — Best Buy, Office Depot, Harbor Freight, Target . . I’ve never seen anyone who likes to shop as much as my husband does.

He hasn’t even mentioned shopping to me but here’s what he has said during the course of the day.

  • Is Chad working tomorrow? (which means . . Do you think Chad would go shopping with me tomorrow?)
  • Chad, what time do you work tomorrow (which means . . Will you go shopping with me when you’re not working?)

Chad’s response was:  I’m working tomorrow night but I’m hunting in the morning.

Later . .

  • Chad, wouldn’t you rather shop with me than hunt?

Chad’s response . . nothing . . the look said it all!

I’ve already said to Vince “You know you’re going shopping!”  He said NO!  I am NOT!  So maybe he will not just because he said he will not.  He’s been real busy on the internet most of the day and did tell me that most of the stores had the same sales online as in the stores.

You know what I’ll be doing . . making a quilt top!  You know what I’m not doing for the next two days?  Cooking . . I’m not cooking anything except maybe breakfast and that’s questionable!

If you’re shopping on Black Friday, you have my sympathies!  If you’re home sewing .. think about me because that’s what I’ll be doing all day!



  1. 2


    I’m definitely NOT shopping. But I´m also won´t sew. I´m in Office working the whole day 😉 But tomorrow I´will sew an new Quilttop 🙂 🙂

  2. 3

    Marilyn says

    You may as well go shopping since your up so early… would be an
    adventure. Just think how happy Vince would be and after all he
    was ill this week. Just something to get you thinking LOL

  3. 4

    Julie says

    This is my first time ever going out on Black Friday shopping! I’m not too sure about this — I had forgotten that 3:45 comes twice a day. I think I’d rather be in the sewing room — maybe later! An item I bought last week for Christmas for my DS is on sale for $100 less. I’m going to try to get the sale priced item – and take the other back to a diferent store tomorrow! One place on Black Friday will be enough (unless it’s a quilt store)!!

  4. 5


    I did Black Friday once or twice when there were “must-have” toys for the kids that were in short supply and were high-priced. (Remember the Furbies and the Cabbage Patch Dolls?) Black Friday shopping is NOT for me!!!

  5. 6


    My husband and 18-year-old daughter got up at 2:15 (I actually think my daughter never went to bed) to be at Kohl’s at 3 to get in line for when it opened at 4! It’s 6:22 and they’re already home loaded down with bags.

  6. 8


    I do my best to avoid shopping on Black Friday. But I want to make a QOV, so may drop by the LQS for some blue – I have plenty of red right now.

  7. 9


    You couldn’t pay me enough to go Black Friday shopping. The thought of it gives me the ‘shudders’. I’ll spend the day sewing and unloading & re-loading the dishwasher from yesterday’s feast.

  8. 10


    Not only am I not shopping today, I will attempt to stay out of the stores until after Christmas. What I need I will get on the internet. I HATE shopping any day but I REALLY HATE shopping at Christmas.

  9. 11


    he he he

    Sounds like my hubby. He was online all day yesterday “checking out the sales” but he said he didn’t find anything worth driving 65 miles for…thank goodness.

    If he had, he’d have drug us all out at 1am in the morning to drive into Bismarck and wait in the parking lot!

  10. 12

    Robin says

    When I was little we always went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, now that I’m older I have gone maybe twice. Not worth the frenzy although I admit to standing in line at Target a couple years back to get a flat screen TV and racing through the stores to put my hands on one! It was kind of fun! 🙂 But today I’m home quilting.

  11. 13


    Theres WAYYYY to many nuts out there ! I actually went: saw the cars parked out to the highway, came home !…. LOLL I had those funny lil voices talking to me…. ‘go home gohome’ I DID !

  12. 14


    I wouldn’t shop today if they gave me the stuff for free. I’m working an a baby quilt for my niece…’s raining and perfect for a day at the machine. 🙂

  13. 15


    I stayed up last night and clipped the black Friday coupons.
    I woke up this morning and my sanity returned. I went back to sleep and slept til noon!

  14. 16


    I ran out at 9am this morning to get my 9 foot Christmas tree that was over half off. I have been looking for two years for a decent priced one and I finally found it. I picked up some decorations, then that was it! Judging by your Facebook post, I am assuming you are NOT working on a quilt!

    By the way, thank the Lord we always make a bone-in ham on Thanksgiving! You should have seen the looks on our faces!!!

  15. 17


    so I’m itching to know – did Vince go shopping or not???

    I saw that Toys-R-us had same sales on line for both yesterday and today – said 2-day super sale… and put off the 2 things I really needed to buy for santa to buy for today – only I didn’t read the fine print that it ended at 1pm today. 🙁 so i missed out on 50% off on those two items.

    oh well.