Late Bloomers

Finally!  A second Ameraucana is laying.  There are four of them.  One . . Smokey . . has been laying consistently for a couple of months.  Everyone told us, and the research we had done said the chickens would start laying when they were about 5 months old.  Not true!  The Red Stars started laying when they were just a bit over four months old.  The Ameraucanas . . late bloomers.  Smokey started laying at about six months.  It took eight months for the second Ameraucana to start laying and there are two that still haven’t layed.


And guess who’s so prompt about telling me why she’s so much better than those other chickens! Oh, Ruby!  Pleeeeze!  I know you’re a better hen, I know your eggs are bigger and better.  I know all that . . stop saying “I told you so!”


These are the eggs I got one morning this week.  The little avocado greenish looking egg in the back is the new layer.  The greenish blue one in front is Smokey’s egg.  See the little ridge around the middle?  All her eggs have that.  Wonder why!


Just to show you that Ruby is right . . her egg is in the middle.  Ameraucana eggs on each side.  The weird thing is . . though I haven’t weighed the chickens, the Ameraucanas probably weigh a good 25% more than do the Red Stars, and the Ameraucanas lay those wimpy little eggs.  The price I pay to get colored eggs I guess.


Don’t turn your back and walk away in a huff . . you know you’re my favorite chicken!

Seriously, I’m so happy with my chickens and I’m so glad we got them.



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    I love reading about your girls Ruby’s so gorgeous, such a sweetie.

    The ridge around the middle of the other egg is interesting… is it a thicker layer of shell, or is it a bulge from the inside?

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    Rebecca says

    I was just thinking about your chickens, so I’m glad to see them!

    It’s funny that Smokey was the first Ameraucana to start laying. Guess she just held herself superior to the others.

    How are they doing with the change in weather/seasons? Do they sleep the whole time it’s dark? Do they lay as much? How cold can they tolerate?

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    Bobbie says

    My neighbor was over today-we got to talking about chickens and eggs-he said they had a bunch of chickens on his folks dairy farm and those chickens laid eggs, but there was no shell on them–they used them, just had to be very careful about picking them up-they had the “fine skin???”round them and were just as good as eggs in shells. Do you think he was serious or just “getting to me.” He swore it was true.????? Hugs, Bobbie

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    quiltbea says

    Love the chicken stories. I’m glad that hen finally decided to give you some eggs. Love the color difference. I think I would love Easter eggs even if they are smaller. But Ruby’s would be the ‘Stars’ in my fridge since I love large eggs. She deserves 4 stars for size.