Was I Supposed to Sew Today?

That’s what I thought!  I think I even said so . . I’m staying home and sewing ALL day Friday.  I’m not going to leave the house .. not once.  Goofy me . . even thinking that might happen.

It could have been worse.  We didn’t go to the mall.  We didn’t go to  JoAnn’s Fabrics.  We didn’t go to Wal-Mart.  We didn’t go to Target.  What the heck did we do that caused me not to get to sew a stitch til after 5 p.m.?

Right off the bat, before I’d even fixed breakfast, the processor called to say Chad’s deer was ready.  I didn’t really mind running up the road about 20 miles to get the venison . . wouldn’t take long at all.  No, that wasn’t going to happen either.

Vince wants to make sausage so he wanted to go by the Amish store and see if they have a meat grinder. Went there first.  They had one but it wasn’t what we wanted.  Got a few things there.  Then Vince decided we should go to Butler to the Mennonite store there and see if they had a meat grinder.  Nope, sold the last one this week.  Have more on order.  By now, it was 11:00 and I hadn’t bothered fixing breakfast so I was hungry.  There’s a great little bakery there so we got sandwiches there.

The real adventure came about when Vince remembered that someone had told him that there was a place . . somewhere . . that sold sausage making supplies.  When you drive the back roads in our county and the surrounding counties . . there’s so much wide open spaces.  I thought we were lost forever.  But look how pretty it is out there!


It was a beautiful day and though I had planned to be sewing, I was so thankful not to be in crowded retail establishments, I didn’t care how long we stayed out.  We finally found someone to ask about this sausage making supply store and at first he wasn’t sure what we were talking about but as Vince kept telling him what we were looking for, he remembered a place.  We turned around and went in the direction in which this man had pointed us.


Lots of bumpy dirt roads but we finally arrived.  What a neat place it was!  All kinds of spices and lots of Louisiana/Cajun items.  Here’s their display of hot sauces.


We came away with lots of spices and flavoring packets for sausage.  Never did find a grinder but I can order one from Amazon for my Kitchen Aid.

And, look at this stately old tree!  I want to live in the country!!


I don’t even care if I have to live off a dirt road.  I do want cell phone service and there was none of that to be found in this area today but . . it surely was a beautiful area.

It was a good day for both of us.  Vince got to do a bit of shopping and I didn’t have to go to any crowded places.  Dare I say . . tomorrow I will sew?



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    That beats sewing and shopping in crowded malls. Glad to see that you still have sunshine and that it is not too cold to go outside yet. You bring back fond memories of sausage making from my childhood.

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    did that place sell roux in a jar? hehe

    Looked like a perfect day to me. I only entered one store today and that was Party City to get the things for Alayna’s birthday party. Dora will be the theme this year.

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    I have a grinder for my KA and it works great. Did you order a sausage stuffer too? I haven’t used the stuffer yet but I will one of these days. 🙂
    We have an old commercial Hobart grinder we use if there is a big quantity of meat. That thing can grind a brick if needed! Can’t wait to read the adventures of sausage and please share the recipes.
    Looks like you had a beautiful day for a drive and some quality Vince time. 🙂

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    Hey Judy…..check out gander mountain…..we got our meat grinder there and the sausage stuffing attachment comes with it…..I think around $125 or so.

    I glad your day shopping was easy on you….who doesn’t enjoy a nice quiet drive out in the country……and that spice display…….lets just say, I’m green with envy as we don’t have any neat stores like that to shop in here.


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    pdudgeon says

    i did my shopping online today…hubby would NOT let me behind the wheel, so i avoided the malls and the crowds. Looks like you had a beautiful trip.

    Don’t you just love those old country stores where they have everything imagineable, wood floors, screen doors, and sometimes even an old register?

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    Becky R says

    After reading your post this am I too found the couple of things I wanted were available online – and even earlier than if I’d gone to the store. Thanks for that tip.
    So I went to the fabric store for a bit today to see what grabbed me.

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    Evelyn says

    Even if it was inadvertant – it looks like you and Vince found a happy compromise for a shopping trip and lunch out. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Well I stayed home and pieced and quilted and tied and have plans for the same tomorrow although I’ll probably walk down to the coffee shop for a bit just to get out of the house.

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    Just Me says

    I love the pictures of your travels yesterday.

    One thing we love to do when out in the car, is to get off the main roads and see what is really out there in American. You cannot see that from the interstate roads!

    Of course we take the main roads sometimes, but if I find a road that goes in the same general direction of our travels for awhile, we will take it ans see different corners of the country.

    Imagine our surprise when traveling thru Kansas a few years ago – got off the interstate roads, we rounded the bend and lo….there was a CAMEL farm. Who would have thought it! A camel farm in Kansas.
    That is true USA! Give me the country, the mountains and the byways for sightseeing anyday!!!

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    OOOOhhhhhh, did I see Slap Ya Mama in that photo of sauces and spices? How lucky for you to find that place. I have to order Cajun seasoning online. Our town has about 20,000 people but not one kind of Cajun seasoning in the whole place! Lots of Creole and Old Bay but not Cajun. LOVED your story of your Friday adventures!

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    quiltbea says

    Hey, its sounds like a great day to me. I’d have loved to have joined you. Love the pictures and the story.