A New Holiday Tradition

Looks like we’ve started something new that will probably continue as long as we live in this town.  Seems as though either Christmas or Thanksgiving, we have to replace the heating element in our water heater.  It was the day after Christmas last year when we had these dudes here working on the water heater.


They put in a super duper supposed to last twice as long element and it didn’t even make it one year!  It will be three years in January that we’ve lived here and this is the third element we’ve put in.

Do you wonder why we drink bottled water?

Don’t tell Vince but I’ve been hoping the element would go out sooner rather than later because when the plumber comes, we can talk about that gas line I want put through my garage (gas stove . . remember?).  But my husband is much smarter than I am.  He’s not going to have a plumber anywhere near this house for fear it could cost him to add the gas line and buy a new stove!  Vince said “I ordered elements to have on hand so I have some here.  I’ll change it myself tomorrow.”  HUH??  I want the plumber to come!  I need to talk to the plumber about the gas line! Nope, he’s gonna do it himself.  Vince is not “Mr. Fix It” and when he starts working on things . . that’s enough to send me to the mall!  🙂



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      It’s an electric water heater and changing the element isn’t a big deal. Vince has done it before (not here). We have the element already and don’t want to pay for a plumber on Sunday. Worst thing that can happen is we have to get a new water heater . . or new carpet downstairs . . or a new longarm . . on second thought . . 🙂

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    Evelyn says

    Maybe this really proves that Chad takes really LONG showers, LOL! I don’t know – maybe you need a water treatment system right at the source of the water? Do you have really hard water? We have hard water here and have to put salt in a special dispenser in our dishwasher and special tablets through the washing machine every load. Cheers! Evelyn

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    pdudgeon says

    one thing is for sure–Vince will get a lot of practice on how to change out the elements. maybe you should make a video of him doing this for posterity, and to pass down to the new homeowners when you move?

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    Linda says

    If it’s enough to send you to the mall it must be baaaadddd. 😉 I really can’t blame Vince for not wanting to pay a plumber, and I can’t imagine what one would charge on the weekend. EVERY time we have had a plumbing problem it’s either been at night, on the weekend or on a holiday…..go figure!!

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    Our element thingie has gone before and we need another new one right now. I want to get one of those tankless water heaters. And yes, we have a gas water heater, furnace, dryer and fireplace but not a stove. I just had the drywall done in the room under the kitchen when we needed new appliances and I wasn’t ready to have it torn up so soon to run the line in to the kitchen. When I remodel the kitchen I’m getting a gas stove.

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    As soon as I started reading your post my first thought was…go for gas and get a gas hot water heater…but you beat me to the punch…we’ll just have to wear Vince down…

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      Kathy C says

      Go for a TANKLESS water heater. They are small, VERY energy efficient, have NO element to worry about, and make TONS of hot water on demand. They are just this little box that attaches to the wall. I don’t think they cost any more than the regular heaters and cost WAY LESS to install AND they are eligable for a big tax credit (around $200-300). Try this link http://www.tanklesswaterheaterguide.com
      Vince will probably love it, very tech-y.