Oranges, Lemons & Grapefruit

On Lime Green Kitchen today:

Carrot Souffle – Years ago we would eat carrot souffle at a local cafeteria.  Later I was so happy to find this recipe that is just as good as I remember eating at the restaurant.  We make it often and always on holidays.

What do I miss most about being away from Louisiana?  Family and friends first but the food!  Crawfish are at the top of that list but right now, the citrus trees are full and I so miss going out and pulling fruit off the tree.


These are satsumas from dad’s trees, along with some jams and jellies I bought on the way home and some blueberry jam and muscadine jelly that mom made.


Lemons and oranges from my sister’s trees.  It’s real hard to tell the lemons from the oranges . . these lemons are big!


Grapefruit from dad’s trees.  When we ate grapefruit, we always cut them in half and used a grapefruit spoon.


But, Vince peels grapefruit like an orange, pulls the segments apart, sprinkles sugar on top and that’s how he eats them.  If he’s going to peel it and divide it into segments for me, I’ll eat it any way he serves it.  He wouldn’t be too happy seeing it sitting on my laptop though!

For now, I’ll just be happy to bring back whatever I can because I don’t believe I can grow citrus here!



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    You can tell I’m from the northeast where citrus fruit is only a word and something we see in the supermarket for mucho money.

    I can’t even imagine going outside to pick your fruit from trees, though my favorite part of visiting Fl was the smell of the orange blossoms and actually picking up some grapefruit from someone’s yard as it laid there to rot.

    Anyway, lucky you to be able to bring home all that fruit from your visit.

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    Oh to have citrus trees in your yard…..I wonder if we can do that in the Pacific Northwest–No!
    I’d buy those jams and jellies just for the cool labels alone. 😉
    Vince, I love my grapefruit peeled and sectioned and no sugar please! :-0

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    Darlene S says

    I’m with Judi and Yvonne, you can have all my crayfish too. I’d love to be able to pick fresh fruit from a tree in my yard or anyone’s yard near me–especially oranges and grapefruit. Once when I visited a friend in Ariz. they had one tree of each and every morning we got to pick our fruit. It was the best part of that vacation!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Dar

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    I’ve never even considered trying crawfish – I can’t get over what they eat & that “sucking the head” bit that you guys do when you eat them.

    I like my grapefruit peeled & segmented – no sugar. I never “got” the method of using a grapefruit spoon – though I tried & I was told that it is less sour segmented. I also like the grapfruit (citrus) salad that comes in a jar in the produce section of the grocery store.

    What is a muscadine?