Irreconcilable Differences

What happens when the husband loves to shop and the wife does not?  I’m betting that most times, it’s the wife who loves to shop and the husband who does not.

We’ve about gotten past the point of physically shopping because Vince knows I don’t last long when we wander aisles of stores.  I’m ok to go in and get when we need but the picking up everything, looking at it, discussing it, putting it back and going to the next item . . I just can’t do it.

A new problem has emerged.  Vince is perfectly happy to sit at the computer and shop.

Despite what some of you may think about me, except for fabric and sock yarn, I don’t buy a lot of stuff and what I have, as long as it works, I don’t care how old it is.  And, I guess because I grew up in southwest Louisiana, I hate coats.  I take it off to get in the car, stand out in the cold to put it on to go in the grocery store, take it off when I get inside the grocery store . . why even wear it.  I can just run inside the store real quickly and not even get cold!  Vince loves coats.  I’m betting he buys 5 or 6 every year and I’m thinking that in order to make himself feel better, he always tries to talk me into getting a new coat.  I’m perfectly happy to take Chad or Vince’s old coats and use those when I have to go out with Speck or the chickens.  The sleeves are too long but that’s good . . they cover my hands and I don’t have to wear gloves.

This weekend I was cooking breakfast and Vince was on the computer.  Here’s our conversation:

Vince:  Do you need a new coat?
Me:  NO!
Vince:  Do you have a coat?
Me:  Yes!
Vince:  Are you sure you don’t need a new coat?
Me:  I’m very sure.

5 minutes later:

Vince:  Do we need a new washer and dryer?
Me:  Huh?
Vince:  Don’t we need a new washer and dryer?
Me:  NO!
Vince:  They have these front loading machines on sale.
Me:  No!
Vince:  How old is our washer?
Me:  I don’t know . . it still works.  I think they’re 7 years old.
Vince:  Sometimes you need to get new stuff.  It may be time.
Me:  NO!

5 minutes later:

Vince:  Here’s something you need (you all know there’s NOTHING I need!)


Every night I hear noises.  Vince thinks I could just send this robotic camera out into the family room or kitchen to take pictures of what’s going on, then it would send the pictures to my laptop and I don’t have to wake Vince up to see what I heard.

Don’t you think Vince needs to find something to do and get off the computer?  🙂

But, I would take a gas stove  .  .



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    yeah….tell him the ONLY thing you need is a gas stove and maybe that will get him to keep quiet about other stuff. My husband also tries to convince me to get stuff that HE really wants……but after 42 years of marriage, he is learning not to press too hard on that stuff now. LOL

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    I love your posts….My hubby loves to shop and I don’t….he even went to a couple of stores on Black Friday just to say he did…!

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    Lol – Vince’s shopping addiction is completely adorable. It makes me giggle every time you mention it. 😀 I would gladly go my entire life never, ever shopping. It’s exhausting, being in giant grocery/big-box stores… it wears me out, emotionally, just being in there at all. Cute little mom-and-pop shops are nice, but I don’t have enough money to wander through them often.

    It’s nice he wants to buy you things, though; how lucky you both are! You, because he wants to have good stuff, and he because you don’t say yes all the time. 🙂

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I hope Jim doesn’t hear about the robot. He is a gadget person and being a former cop (many, many moons ago), he still behaves like one and thinks we need all of this security stuff. We have security stuff that we don’t use, but we have it just in case. Jim likes to shop for certain things. Not clothes, I buy them for him. Of coarse, since most of his things are a total mess, he can’t find anything, so we have 2 or 3 of everything. It is bad enough that he goes to town nearly everyday, (Sam’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s are calling) and then there is the net.

    I am like you. Except for my quilting “stuff,” I really don’t buy much. I have even cut back on buying fabric. My wardrobe is pathetic but it works and least in my eyes.

  5. 5

    Marilyn says

    I can’t stop laughing about Vince and his shopping. But, does he listen
    when you say that you don’t need something or just click away
    and put the item into his shopping cart. Maybe Santa will bring
    that new stove and a coat for Vince.

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    Carolyn Thomas/Silkquilter01 says

    I think that he needs to set himself up as a personal shopper for others. I need a new wardrobe and HATE shopping as I am over large. LOL

  7. 10


    If he needs something to do, send him my way and he can start restructuring my kitchen for the fridge I want. Kevin is reluctant to start ripping and tearing.


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    Marilyn says

    Judy, you deserve that gas stove and hookup. I have always cooked on gas and love it. I would love a commercial stove but do not have room for one. On the other hand, I cooked the appetizers on Thursday to take with us. On Fri., i was ready to put the turkey in but the oven would not heat up. Ugh! Thank goodness for bbq’s. I am calling tomorrow for service. We think it is the ignitor. The broiler (inside the oven) works and so do the burners. Didn’t want to have to pay weekend rates for service. I still love gas stoves. I thought my fridge would go first!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

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    MaryLou Rupp says

    I think it is the most marvelous thing to cook on gas. I agree, tell Vince that’s what you need, make it your Christmas, birthday and anniversary all together but I hope you get one!

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    Judy, thanks for ending my Sunday (it is Sunday isn’t it?) with a chuckle. I used to love to shop but since I’ve retired I don’t need much and I don’t have as much to spend. I’d rather be home sewing, knitting, reading etc. although I do enjoy the fabric stores.
    Thankfully my husband thinks shopping is the next thing to hell.

  11. 15


    I don’t think I’d want to see a picture of whatever might be making that noise. You might find you have racoons or something looking around and then you’d be writing about the cute little habitat you created for them. 😉 It’s probably Vince or Chad looking for a late night snack.

  12. 16

    pdudgeon says

    LOL yep, Vince has a second career waiting for him; as either a buyer for a department store, or else a personal shopper.

  13. 17


    I can always tell when Wes is bored because he starts shopping on-line too. But, he is learning to do other things instead because enough of “Why did you buy that?” from me is more than he can handle!

    Does Vince have a long labor intensive hobby?