So I Missed a Week!

I think I did this same thing last year!  Actually last week I messed up and put Week 48 when it should have been Week 47 and no one even noticed.  Really . . I knew . . I just wanted to see if you all knew!  🙂   Not really.  I totally screwed up.

Instead of trying to fix it and change the links, next week will be Week 48-A.  Surely Mother Nature or whoever is in charge of the calendar can forgive me.  Next year, we’re just having “Sunday Stash Report” with no numbers.  It’s really confusing for me . . all 53 weeks . . or however many there are!  🙂

Sorry for the confusion.



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    I saw it, and got myself totally confused! LOL. Actually got out a calendar and counted — not backwards from 52, because that would have been too easy. I went the other way! ROFLOL.

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    I checked and recheck last week and this week… you had me confused as well. But decided it really didn’t matter in the end. With all the traveling you’ve been doing – I figured you must have passed yourself and weren’t sure if you were coming or going… LOL

    In my poking around the internet – there seems to be 53 weeks this year – must be due to how the days fall. There are web sites out there that keep track of the weeks and days of the year… but we aren’t surprised at that are we.