Design Wall Monday – November 30, 2009

This is kinda not true because as of last night, this quilt was not on my design wall.  The borders have been added and it’s ready to quilt.


What you might notice is that the block smack dab in the middle is wrong! It’s fixed now.  This is my Black Friday top, which really came down off the design wall last night and I hope to get it quilted today.

What’s on your design wall?


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    “… as of last night, this quilt was not on my design wall.”

    Ahem (… clearing throat….) have you forgotten your own rules? Tsk, tsk… I think there was something to the effect of …. “5.Your photo doesn’t have to be taken on Sunday or Monday. Any time during the week you have a good shot of blocks on your design wall, take it. You can also post it on your blog any day of the week but please remember to link up with us on Mondays.”

    Kidding aside – I am impressed that you got so far, so fast. It looks great. I think taking digital photos at this stage really helps to catch the oops. Remember squinting at quilts to check things out?

    And, hope all goes well with the plumber today and that you can get a fast replacement of your water heater.


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      Well, for me . . I figure if it’s not on my design wall on Monday, I’m cheating. It’s ok for everyone else though. Maybe I’ll lighten up on myself.

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    I love this quilt! I can’t wait to get back to making quilts. Finishing things up before next year now. Like stockings and little gifts, etc.

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    Sandy says

    If you haven’t started quilting yet one more block is incorrect.
    Fourth row down the blue one has the black going the wrong way,
    Hope I caught you in time. Or maybe that is the way it should be going.

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      Somehow, I must’ve figured that one out before putting the top together. Haven’t started quilting yet but it looks right. This just proves . . if there’s a mistake to be made . . I’m the one to make it. I didn’t even realize there was a wrong way to turn these blocks which makes me keep re-checking that top to see if I have a block sewn together wrong.

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    I love this quilt. This reminds me that I have blocks made from the Hanky Panky pattern that I need to get out of the bin and up on the wall and made into a top. Thanks for the motivation. I love Design Wall Monday!!!

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    It took me a while to find the “wrong” block on your wall but once I did then it really stood out. I had the same thing happen to me but inside a UFO block that I made 3 years ago. I decided to leave it as a reminder to pay better attention in the future. lol

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    I like Design Wall Monday. I don’t think it is cheating to use a picture taken mid process. Some projects need more time on the ‘wall’ than others. I have to change mine often and can’t put up all the projects I have going because some are surprises for Christmas…The Monday after Christmas, I can post the pictures of the secret project.

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    Bobbie says

    Now I’m gonna whine–I don’t even have a design wall and NO place to make one. (except on the bed in the “front bedroom”. Hugs,Bobbie Poor, poor, pitiful me

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    Kathy B in TN says

    You’ve probably already caught it – but the first block in that same 4th row needs to be rotated also . . .

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    Jean says

    Hi Judy

    I faithfully read your blog every day – love it … and my computer died – with the bookmark for the blog …

    I am desperately trying to find the directions for the Black Friday Quilt top – love it …. can you give me help …. Jean