Mom’s Quilts

While at Paducah for the quilt show this spring, one of the first booths we came across was the Accuquilt booth, home of the Go! Cutter.  Several of my quilting buddies have it and from time to time, I think about getting myself one.  I can see the value of having it but I haven’t convinced myself that I can’t live without it.  Mom, on the other hand, was sold the minute she saw it.  And she has definitely used it!

She was on a search for red/black/white fabrics while at Paducah.  She cut these stars out with the Go! Cutter.


Look at those points!  Mom is more of a hand piecer but she did these on the machine and they were perfect!  She says they’re perfect due to the Go! Cutter.


She made this apple core quilt using the Go! Cutter too.  She just got it back from the quilter and hadn’t bound it yet when I was there.  No, I wasn’t the quilter!  🙁


And this one also from the Go! Cutter . . the tumbler die.  Also just back from the quilter and not bound . . nope, I didn’t quilt it.  Larry in Westlake, LA quilted both of them, and did a great job.


This little quilt (sorry for the bad picture) is so cute.  It’s all hand embroidered and hand quilted.  I tried to convince mom that I should bring it home and save it for my first grandbaby but . . it didn’t come home with me.


Beautiful quilts mom has made, don’t you think?



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    Your Mom is such a wonderful quilter. Everyone tells me it usually skips a generation but not in your case. Great colors.

    Living in NY, on Long Island(there’s an underground aquifer)I never fully appreciate the water situation until I go on a trip. Pa. & North Carolina have water that tastes like poison. We always take bottled when we visit family.

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    I really like your mom’s quilts, wonderful hand and machine work. Love those bright colors, and red and black are probably my favorite combination.

    Tell mom we yhink she’s just great! : )

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    My favorite quilt shop carries the Accuquilt – everytime I go in there I’m tempted. I’m such a gadget freak – so far I’ve resisted temptation.
    Bob always gives me a generous gift certificate to this shop for Christmas so I may succomb after the holidays. That’s how I got my EQ6.

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    Your Mom is a great quilter! I especially like the baby quilt. I like gadgets but have not given to the Go Cutter. Off to read about it once again.

  5. 5

    Sandy says

    I love my Go Cutter. It was expensive but for me it has helped cutting out accurately. I would love to make the star quilt I am hoping next year to do one. Of course I love Sunbonnet Sue so that baby quilt is the best.

  6. 7


    Your mom has done a great job on the quilts. I thought about the cutter also….watched it in action when I was at Houston…but I resisted the urge to buy one. Maybe next year.

  7. 9

    peggy says

    The precision in your mom’s quilts is amazing. I may have to check out that cutter. BTW, does Chad know you’re already thinking about grandbabies?

  8. 10

    pdudgeon says

    beautiful quilts, all.
    your mom deserves a pat on the back and a great big hug for the inspiration that she has been in your life.
    please thank her for all of us.

  9. 11

    Marilyn says

    Those quilts are beautiful…..the baby quilt is my favorite. I still have
    hopes that before I’m gone there will be a grandbaby. I only have
    one son and he is older than Chad, so far no special someone.
    He is having too much fun with his toys I guess.

  10. 12

    Linda says

    Beautiful quilts. My friend Jane would love the black/white/red one. I’m with you on the baby quilt….just love the colors it’s set together and bordered with.

  11. 13


    Your mom’s quilts are wonderful! I’ve been tempted by the Go! cutter, but have resisted temptation so far. Although it would be harder to misplace than a rotary cutter. I am collecting black, white, and red fabrics. I’ve always wanted to do a black and white quilt with one color accent, although I’m thinking about chrome yellow instead of red. By the time I get around to it, it will probably be a different third color! Thank your mom for sharing with us!

  12. 14


    I love, love, love your mom’s quilts. 🙂 The apple core and tumbler are my kind of scrappy. I think I may have to dig out that apple core template I bought ??? years ago. And you didn’t quilt them~ is that normal that you don’t quilt for your mom??? 😉

  13. 15


    Beautiful quilts – your mom is very talented!

    So, did you order a Go Cutter for yourself? Are you convinced you need one? I’ve looked at them a few times but not convinced I need one.

  14. 16

    Cindy B says

    I have the Go and I would buy it again. It’s great. I sew all my scraps together and then cut shapes. I was amazed at how much yardage I was tossing by not using all my scraps. The Yahool group for the Accuquilt cutters has great tips and how tos. I love the strip die, tumbler, drunkard’s path, apple core, diamond, HST, hexagon, circle, wellm I like them all! DH hasn’t a clue to my quilting tools and thought I was carrying around a portable typewriter for the longest time! If I had the room I would have the Studio model.

    I love your mom’s quilts. The colors are great.

  15. 18


    I thought those Go! Cutters were amazing, but I actually worried that my piecing would be compromised by the bias edges on the triangles. I generally use triangle paper to avoid having to sew on the bias. Plus, I didn’t like the amount of waste fabric. Call me Ms. Scrooge. Lovely tool, but something I can do without. I do have an Alto’s QuiltCut 2. It’s a great tool, but I often dislike having to drag it out to use it. So, I end up cutting the old fashioned way (well, at least as old as the ancient days when we changed to rotary cutters!). Your Mom has done a wonderful job on her quilts — they look great!

  16. 20

    Brenda B. says

    These are so pretty. I just did that set of needlepoint Girls. It’s the first one I’ve ever done and did it all in red. I really like the one in your picture – so colorful!

  17. 21


    This is kinda pricey for most of us, but could be an expenditure for a guild, if “someone” was responsible for the cutter.

    Accuracy looks really excellent.

  18. 23

    Darlene S says

    Judy, I love what your mother did with her quilts. I especially like the red, black and white one. Tell her to keep up the good work.

    We have 2 AccuCutters at the shop where I work and use them to make up lots of pre-cut kits, especially with flannel for rag quilts. The fringe is pre-cut before you sew blocks together. Use of the machine is free if you buy your fabric from the shop, or you can rent it for only $5/hr. Dar S

  19. 24


    I have the Go! cutter too. I LOVE it. I love the accuracy, I love the speed, and most of all I love that I don’t get backache (being tall) from bending over the table to cut.

  20. 25

    Jerzydeb says

    The quilts are beautiful ! Your mom is very talented – it runs in the family!

    Perhaps your mom is saving that quilt for a great grand-baby …. perhaps someone should mention it to Chad?

  21. 26


    I’m so tempted to buy one for my Mom. I always end up doing a lot of cutting for her when I’m here and with the GO back home in Minneapolis I’m always wishing she had one here.

    I’m having fun with the Tumblers and Apple Core along with other dies too!