Oh, My Aching Eyes

On Lime Green Kitchen:

Italian Twist Bread – It’s easy and it’s yummy! Not necessarily low fat but sometimes, you just need cheesy bread!

This is something you do not want to try!  Quilting with the light going out.

I keep forgetting to ask Vince to fix it.  Last night I was trying to quilt . . in the basement, after dark, on a quilt with some black fabric and with this crazy blinking light.  Not an easy job.  I tried adding my little Bendable Bright Light but it shines on one spot and I need more of a spread of light.  Finally, I turned off the longarm light and turned on all the halogen lights and was able to finish the quilting.



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    I guess persistence paid off, but I’m thinking you’ll remember now to ask Vince to get the regular light working for you!

  2. 6

    Linda says

    After trying to work with that blinking light I’m surprised you’re still sane. LOL Love the quilt.

  3. 7


    oh what a headache that would have been!!! Maybe the name of this quilt should be “Can someone please turn on the lights!?!?!” hahaha

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  4. 8

    Julianne says

    Oh MY that would be terrible to try to see with. Glad you got the quilt done in spite of the blinking.

  5. 9


    Whatever the road block, you always find a way to get around it!!! I would have turned off the machine and worked it out tomorrow! 😉 Or maybe I would have done the same thing as you but I’m thinking not…

  6. 10


    Gee!!! And I thought I was having a bad day when my OTT light bulb burned out yesterday and there weren’t any replacment bulbs available locally. Had it taken on the blinking of Christmas lights……..I’m sure Vince will get it fixed for you. Or, it gives him the opportunity to go shopping for a new light.

  7. 13

    Cindy says

    Crikey, that thing has a short in it! To heck with Vince, call a freaking electrician! Today!

    I’m ascared of electricity. It’s magic.