The Smaller Loaf

My bread recipe makes 2 loaves.  Two big loaves.  With Chad gone, two loaves weren’t getting used before they grew weird fuzzy stuff!  I started freezing one ball of dough before I baked it but even then, half the time, the end of the one loaf was drying out before we used it, or worse . . getting moldy.

So, I ordered smaller bread pans and instead of making 2 loaves from the batch of bread dough, I now make 3 loaves.  They’re about 18 ounces each so they’re till plenty big enough.


See the difference in length of the two pans?  The width is the same . . though I think the one with the bread in it looks wider, but it isn’t.


A close to perfect loaf . . if I say so myself!  🙂

To freeze the unbaked dough, here’s what I do.


My countertop kinda matches my bread dough, doesn’t it?  First step is to divide the dough into three close to equal sections.  If baking one loaf, that ball will be shaped into a log and placed in the greased pan to let rise and bake.  But for the sections going into the freezer, pull off a section of plastic wrap.  I don’t tear it yet because then it gets all stuck to itself and I hate it when that happens.


Spray the plastic wrap with cooking spray.  Stick a ball of dough on there.


Wrap the dough as much as you can and then tear the plastic wrap from the roll and complete the wrapping process.


I’m using a FoodSaver bag but whatever you’re using, label it.

DSC09151Instead of putting the dough in two separate bags, I put it in one.  When it’s time to take one out, I’ll cut the bag, remove one ball of dough and then re-seal the bag.


Vacuumed and sealed.  Ready for the freezer.  Bread making will be easy this week!  Just take out a ball of dough, let it thaw and rise.  Bake.  Slather with butter and jam! 🙂



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    The bread looks so good…..I really do have to start making my own. My mom and grandmother always made bread and I never really learned…..guess it’s time. 🙂

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    A while back, you recommmended a breadmaking book (Artisan Bread). Wonderful recipes and since the dough can be in the frig for a week or two, I figured out the one person for one day size and how long to cook it.

    I had to figure out a day’s serving, since the bread was so wonderful I ate it all in a sitting!

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    Kelly E says

    So freezing doesn’t kill the little yeasties? I would have never thought that you could freeze dough because then the yeast would die and it wouldn’t rise and you’d have a baked brick… must not be the case. Wonderful to know!

    Do you happen to know any hard and fast rules about what foods can be frozen well and what can’t? I’m wondering because we are trying to do a lot more frugal shopping, cooking etc but that defeats the purpose if what I freeze is inedible once it thaws LOL.

    Also, I’m currently having a Christmas cookie dilemna, wondering which types of cookies I could make now and freeze and which ones wouldn’t do so well.

    I know you don’t proclaim to be a cooking expert, but I love your blog and do value your wisdom and experience on matters like these! If you have any “rules” you live by for freezing, I would love it if you would share.

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for that tip. Being a family of two it is hard to eat two loaves of bread before they become bird food.

    I am still waiting to hear from you about the price.

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    I have been contemplating freezing half of my dough, because we frequently run into the same problems (although once mine gets stale or starts growing things, it becomes chicken food). How do you go about doing the thaw & rise? Does it thaw on the counter, and rise as it thaws, and then go into the oven, or does it thaw in the fridge, then rise & bake in the oven? (I have a gas stove, and normally do my 2nd rise in the oven, then turn the oven on to bake. The pilot keeps the oven at a perfect bread-rising temp.)

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    Christy Q says

    What a great tip! Thanks so much for sharing it. It will be perfect for my husband and I so I really appreciate it. BTW, thanks for e-mailing me about the game camera a few weeks ago. I really appreciated hearing from you. 🙂

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    My way of handling bread going stale or worse is to pass piping hot loaves or half loaves to my neighbors!
    A great way to let them know how much I appreciate them.

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    I am looking for a really good bread pan. Where did you get yours at? Have you tried freezing your bread after it is baked? That is the way that my mother used to do it.