Quilts as Gifts

Here’s a question for you.  Maybe 2 questions . . maybe 3 . . you know how I am!  🙂  I’ve asked this question on the blog before but I love reading your answers (and I don’t really have anything else interesting to talk about today).  You don’t want to hear me complain about having to wake up at daylight and go outside in the 17° to take care of the chickens, do you?

Here’s my question:  If you’re making a quilt for a gift for someone, do you make it to match their decor?  Do you make it themed to something they like?  Do you make it however you want it to be?

This is not if you’re commissioned to make a quilt or they ask you to make a quilt . . then you make it as instructed.  This is just  . . say you decide to make a quilt for someone as a Christmas gift or just because you like them and want them to know you really like them a lot!

There was a time when I would have tried to match their decor but then I remember that first quilt I made that was peach and blue; and then I remember (only because my friend, Sandy, reminded me) about the red and yellow drunkard’s path I started 25 years ago. Thank goodness I lost that top somewhere along the way.

If I knew a friend hated lime green, I wouldn’t use lime green in her quilt.  Don’t worry . . if someone doesn’t like lime green, they can’t be my friend!

What are your thoughts on colors for quilts as gifts?



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    When I’m making a quilt for a gift I try to match either the recipient’s decor or some affinity they have – I made a Yellow Brick Road out of all cat fabrics for my niece some years ago (back when everyone was making a YBR). If I make the quilt to someone else’s taste, I won’t want to keep the quilt when it’s done!

    Most of the quilt gifts I make are baby quilts, and I sure don’t want one of those!

    Robin (who also has a lime green kitchen!)

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    dawn says

    I try to make a quilt in someones favorite colors or something they like as a hobby etc but most of mine are lap quilts not quilt for a bed. If for a bed or wall I would try to match their decor. For example if making them a Christmas wall hanging, and they liked country style for their home then I would stick with that as opposed to making one very glitzy.
    A quilt is to comfort and warm and is not always left out to decorate. Sometimes it is waiting sliently until the need to snuggle with a loved one while watching tv or a movie. You really dont need to match the living room. just my opinion
    Dawn in MA
    I love all quilts. even scrappy ones made of leftover unmatching blocks. they all have a place in my heart.

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    I try to make gift quilts to match wherever they are going. But I also find I have made a quilt for myself and it seems to walk off with someone who seems to like it.
    I have also given quilts to neices and I have no idea what their colour schemes are, but love it when one of them sends me a photo of them with a new baby wrapped up in the quilt I sent.
    This Christmas three quilts are on there way to family, two made using the ice fabrics and one a quilt as you go in bright jigsaw fabric and colours for my latest granddaughter [age 2]

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    i don’t match it to their decor. i have so many quilts that are on my “i want to make that someday” list that i know i’ll never get them all made. so i pluck one off that list and pull fabrics that i want to work with. i may take the recipients general likes and dislikes into consideration (do they like traditional or contemporary “stuff”, bold or soft colors etc) but i never make it to match a specific decor or room.

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    I don’t always have a recipient in mind when I start a quilt, so I make it out of what I like.
    If it’s for a specific person I try to match their likes. When I made my DD’s TATW, I picked all variations of sky and stars (she works at NASA), and she loved it.
    When I did my DMIL’s broken dishes, I know she loves blue, so it was all blues.


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    If the quilt is a gift I try to match their decor. But I make so many quilts and often a relative will fall in love with one of them and receive it as a gift “off the rack” so to speak. Great question.

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    Jerzydeb says

    Like Holly, I don’t always know where the quilt I’m making will end up – some end up being claimed by my own children, but most end up as gifts. I have one sister who loves my quilts, uses them everyday, shows them off – and after this Christmas – she will have 3 – each one with NO PURPLE – because she hates it. Now, my SIL has none of my quilts. Last holiday when she was here she requested one …. in country reds. Certainly not my type of colors (I like bold, batik like fabrics). But being the good SIL I am…. I started…. and I’m no where near done – because anytime I have enough time to start to sew – I certainly don’t want to waste it on working with fabrics I really don’t like. She may never receive her quilt – because I have so many others that I really want to do !

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    Audrey says

    I cannot work in someone else’s colours. I don’t have decor in my house and can’t do quilts that match something. Since scrappy is my usual style, I would make something that I liked and my gift would be part of me.

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    I try to make things that “go” with either a person’s favorite colors or some hobby / preference of theirs. I’d never make it just to MY taste as that just doesn’t seem right. When shopping for a STORE-bought gift, I don’t go and buy what I want…I try to get a gift suited for the recipient, so why should a handmade item be made with any different thought in mind?

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    I usually try to pick something that goes with the person’s personality or their situation. For instance, my Dad is very much into his Irish heritage, so when I decided to make a quilt for him, I picked out different hues of green and cream colors. Basically I try to get something that I think the person would like even if it doesn’t necessarily match decor in their home.

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    I choose fabrics and patterns that I like and then give the finished quilt to a family member. Sometimes I have a family member in mind when I purchase fabric and pattern but not often. I planned on making quilts for my children this year. I have three children and one quilt finished! Most of my quilts are lap quilts and a few wall hangings. Judy, I wish I could quilt like you I would get a lot more quilts done. I am still a beginner, only my family would appreciate them. I do some charity quilts for children. I don’t think they will be critical of my quilts. I use lots of happy fabrics and colors!

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    I’ve done both. I usually just make what ever quilt fancies me at the moment in what ever colors I think will look best. Then after it’s made, I think , “Who would like this quilt?” And I give it away. Backwards I know.

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    I try to use colors and patterns that I know my friends would enjoy or that wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb in their decor. I only make quilts for very close friends now and maybe the occasional baby. People just don’t know how much work goes into them and it makes me feel bad when I give them and then never see them again. I have one good friend who has a few of my minis all over her house. That makes me smile. She’s a quilter so she gets it.
    I’m contemplating a wedding quilt for my son and his bride to be but I’m really not sure how much it would be welcome. Touchy subject. Does she really want one or is she being polite? Don’t know how to read it yet. Maybe I’ll just give them more money…sigh

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    Well, this year, I made two, and tried to match what I thought would look good in their homes, they were oversized to fit on their beds and were for older folks, that will use them as bedspreads. One, I chose the colors that reminded me of the person, and the last one….I picked what I liked…so I am sure I am not much help, because I nearly answered yes to all your questions!!

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    I’m like Holly, I usually don’t know where my quilt is going until almost the end of the process. And most of mine are scrappy and I have never had anyone not want the quilt. I make mostly smaller quilts I call cuddle on the couch quilt. Always room for at least 2 people.
    I love seeing quilts I made being used. 🙂

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    Julianne says

    I try to use colors they would like. Unless it is a themed quilt, Like Christmas, or some other holiday. Do not gift a lot of large quilts. I gift wall hangings or throw or lap size something to carry to sporting events. Something like that.

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    Diann Smith says

    A REALLY close friend I would ask what colors she prefers but mostly if on my own I would make a SCRAP quilt because they are so much more interesting, I have the stash, and anyway most of my friends think they are BLANKETS…the nonquilting ones that is.
    Here’s the deal on that though. Quilting and giving it away (except for baby quilts) is kind of like being a surrogate mother. I might could produce it but I have real issues w/ letting go of it. That’s why I don’t make many quilts for others
    as presents.

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    Linda says

    I always have quilts in my cupboard that don’t have a home yet, so I try and get something out that I think they will like. For instance, I am giving my son’s girlfriend (this might be “the one”!) a quilt for Christmas, I asked him to help me choose one she would like. There were about 5 possibilities, narrowed it down to 2…then picked one.
    It’s very rare I make a quilt and know who the eventual recipient will be…unless it’s for me or someone has asked for something specific!

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    While I try to not make a quilt in a color that would make a person nauseated—-(ie–not their favorite), I do not try to match decor. I instead make one that I would love to keep!! Since most people seem to like my quilts, at this point I haven’t gone wrong—plus I have only made quilts for family and they wouldn’t tell me they didn’t like it even if they didn’t :-). I do try to match their style preference—traditional vs. modern etc.

  20. 20


    Lets see..
    DD#1-I made hers to match her living room cause that’s where it would live
    DD#2-made hers pink and black cause she likes that and her living rooms decor is kids toys and you can’t match that
    Grandkids got colors that I thought they would like.
    Sons-in-law are getting quilts this year for Christmas…
    SIL#1- Gets Crimson/Cream/black with OU (Oklahoma University) fabric….
    SIL#2- Gets tan/black/brown and one baseball fabric with the St Louis Cardinals logo hand embroidered in red on one of the squares…
    so, I guess I try to match what I think the person would like…

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    Mama Pea Quilts says

    This is truly a big problem for me. No, it really is! When I choose what another person would like (modern or batiks for instance, which is not my thing) I don’t enjoy making the quilt. The same with choice of colors. But at the same time, if I go to the trouble of making a quilt for someone (wedding gift, etc.), I sure want them to like and appreciate it. Seems like the majority of your other commenters have come to a good solution, but I’m still uncomfortable with what to do.

    Now if you asked me about my looooong list of quilts I’m dying to make . . . well, there’s a whole bunch of wonderful hours (days? years?) to be spent doing that with no problem at all!

  22. 22

    peg says

    When it’s a gift I try for their fav color or if it’s a baby gift, I try to make it “happy” whether or not I know the sex of the baby. One year everyone eventually received a flannel quilt, now I’m working up on finishing the Halloween quilts for everyone and my daughter asked me the other day how come I never did any Christmas quilts. My answer… I’m working on it, I’m working on it!

  23. 23


    Quilts I make that are intended for gifts usually have either a color or interest the recipient likes in it somewhere. However, I always make my quilts scrappy, never all perfectly matched with every block the same fabrics or all fabrics from a designer line. For me it is just so…..blah. So even though the quilt will go to someone else, I make it to please me, too. No one has ever refused one because it had purple or yellow or, gasp!, orange in it. I think the vast majority of people who are gifted with a quilt love it because it is such a special gift made with love just for them.

  24. 24

    JOY says

    I try to match the quilt to the recipient, but don’t overstress over my decision. For example, if I were making one for my mom, I’d not use the bright batiks that I love…I’d use jewel tones (another love of mine) as they would be more likely to be used 🙂

  25. 25

    Becky R says

    I just have in mind the colors or themes the person likes. That’s usually enough. Of course when I’m not making a full size quilt either – more like a throw size.

  26. 26

    KatieQ says

    I don’t dare to make a quilt to match someone’s decor. I am so slow that by the time the quilt is finished they have probably redecorated. I do keep in mind their style, traditional, country, or modern, their interests, and their favorite colors. People’s general taste and color preference doesn’t usually alter too much over time so that’s usually safer for me. Even safer, is if someone has a hobby or consuming interest, that can last a lifetime so I have plenty of time to finish the quilt.

  27. 27

    Glenda in Florida says

    I try to make something they will like, but I’ve learned not to even start something if I don’t care for the colors or pattern. Like several people above stated, I don’t like to work with some colors or styles, and they tend to sit while I work on things that I enjoy more.

    I make a lot of baby quilts–bright and colorful. Someone asked me for patels once, and that sat for several months–just wasn’t fun to work on.

    One more thing–if I’m not so sure that the person will love the front of their quilt, I try to use their favorite color, or fabric that deals with a hobby they enjoy for the backing. That way they could just turn it over and enjoy it that way.

  28. 28

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Many non quilters just don’t realize how much time and effort that it takes to make a quilt. I only give quilts as gifts to those that I know will appreciate them. I go above and beyond to make the gift quilt pleasing in color and style. Some people will never get one of my quilts because I know it would never be pleasing enough to them!!!

  29. 29

    Christy Q says

    I make quilts in colors that they like which typically go with their decor – if not match precisely. Usually, decor changes but their taste generally stays the same. I’m a new quilter anyway so who knows what my recipients really think as I haven’t given all that many away yet. I’ll find out after Christmas! 🙂

  30. 30


    if i’m making a quilt for a gift for an adult i’ll ususally ask for color suggestions but I get to pick the pattern. If its for a child i usually just go for fun. I made the mistake of letting my MIL pick pattern and color for her queen size bed-she picked tumbling blocks! The colors she picked(blue and yellow) are easy to work with but I have the fabric all bought and ready to start and its been sitting for almost 5 years totally uncut cause tumbling blocks scares me. Maybe someday…..

  31. 31

    Diane says

    I find making and giving quilts for gifts can be tricky. I’ve had a few recipients who I’m not sure they were thrilled with the gift. One quilt I made I’ve never seen again,not even in a corner closet of the guest bedroom. ouch! (and I even made what I thought she would like, not my colors at all–which was difficult to do. All that hand-quilting looking at “not me so-so colors”) Since I make quilts just because I love to and they are starting to take over….haha. This summer when my sister was home from N Mexico, I had a big family picnic at my house. I had just finished a quilt that I was quite proud of and had it out on my bed to show them (the binding wasn’t done yet, but they don’t care). My family is great to share quilts with, not one of them is a quilter, so EVERYTHING I do is amazing to them! It’s so good for my ego. 🙂 Anyway, as I was telling them about different quilts, I started pulling them out from everywhere in the house and laid them on the bed. There were about 9-10 quilts out and on the spur of the moment I said, “please, pick one that you like and take it.” At first they thought I was nuts and kept saying “no,no, we couldn’t. (Sure you can just pick one you like) So both my sisters, my brother’s wife and my son’s girlfriend took bed quilts home that day. I was so happy, my quilts are getting used and I know they liked them because they picked them. And you know what? The quilts they chose, I would never have thought that would be the one they wanted. It was the best “gifting experience” ever. And also, even though I offered several times, my grma, great Aunt and my mom wouldn’t take a quilt. I think they just are to the point that they have enough ‘stuff’. I even offered to make one for my aunt, I thought maybe none of what I make was in her taste, and she declined. So I guess, some people, even though they like looking at quilts and the work involved. Aren’t interested in owning one and that’s cool.

  32. 32


    This year I have made quite a few quilts for my son’s friends and new family relatives (he got married this year). When talking to my DIL about the quilts, it’s always been in general terms, like brights or jewel tones or earth tones. I also told her I was going to be using up scraps (it was a great way to unload old fabrics and scraps) so the designs would be whatever I came up with at the time. Since that is my typical MO for “around the house” quilts, she didn’t know any better. It was a win-win for all concerned! My underlying philosophy is that beggars can’t be choosers. *wink*

  33. 33

    pdudgeon says

    mostly i try to match their preferences if i know them.
    if i don’t, then i’ll pull a great top from my stash and quilt that up.

  34. 34

    Lisa says

    I start with a focal fabric or theme that reminds me of the person.
    #1 – I made a quilt with pink, black, green, and yellow. The focal fabric was hot pink with sandals. It was for my 7 year old niece. None of the colors go with her room or any room in my MILs house. But it appealed to Scarlett. My 17 year old daughter picked out the colors and did an EXCELLENT job!
    #2 – 3 year old nephew has CF and needs to stay hydrated. He loves popsicles. I saw a pattern with paper-pieced popsicles. He got a small quilt!
    #3 – I made a baby quilt for a couple with a new baby boy. I don’t know them personally, but my BIL does. The father is a guitar player. I found a batik with guitars on it. I used that fabric and a jelly roll to make the quilt. I used red for the backing and binding, since the baby was a boy.

  35. 35


    What a great question Judy. You see I don’t make quilts for specific people anymore. I tried making some things as wedding gifts, and Christmas gifts. But like Diane mentioned they are never to be seen again (except maybe at the Goodwill!). In our family, both of my sisters in law are very talented gals. One makes amazing floral arrangements (and anything else she puts her hand to) and the other quilts. The only time I can remember giving a quilt to someone who really seemed to love it, was to my BFF. She was battling cancer and I really wanted to make one for her. She seemed to really appreciate it. Unfortunately she lost her battle, and of course I have no idea what ever happened to the quilt. Her family sold almost everything she owned at yard sales 🙁 So now I have a question for you Judy. I made a quilt “Picnic” (can be seen on my blog- http://happycottagequilter.blogspot.com/2009/11/lets-have-picnic.html) and I am considering sending it to a friend who lives 1500 miles away. I’ve never been to her house and I actually have never met her in person. It is a small quilt, like a table topper or wall hanging. Would you send it?? Even though you don’t know what her color scheme is? I’d appreciate any replies, even from your readers.

  36. 36


    A. I am going to have to come back & read some of those responses.
    B. I don’t even think about matching decor – decor changes – THANKFULLY! My GF tried to match decor for one of her friends – black & white & red – how hard can that be – how many reds are there? That is how hard that can be! (My GF’s quilt has real red, the bedroom has burgundy/port/dark organ meat red.
    C. I make what I want – ask my other GF, I have been owrking on her log cabin for FAR TOO LONG – because it does not interest me! O.K. I am feeling guilty again. Oh, o.k. I’m over it.
    D. I have to start out making the quilt as a gift. You see the quilts that I make “just to make” I become involved with & don’t want to give away.
    E. I asked my future MIL what color she liked – thinking that I would make her a quilt – she said “Plaid.” So I got some blue, yellow & blue/yellow fabric & pieced a plaid quilt for her. (I did not have plaid fabric in my stash… I have since made a quilt with plaid fabric for my BIL.)

  37. 37


    It depends… My mom, I let her help me pick out fabric for what she wants her bedroom to look like someday (it needs to be painted!!!). For other people, I try to pick what they would like, not necessarily by their decor. Sometimes the quilt is done first, then I figure out who I’m giving it to, and they get whatever I make!

  38. 38


    I made Christmas Quilts for my childrens’ families last year, so choosing fabric was pretty easy. The quilt patterns, however are varied as to their interests and what I dreamed up along the way. You can see all of them at this blog post. When I made their Wedding quilts I used some of their favorite colors. Again using their likes to select the pattern. For the Son who was in the Army I made a Red, White and Blue Lone Star. That was so easy to decide.


  39. 40


    I’ve gifted a few quilts… and sometimes try to match up colors to them… I gave away two bento box patters this year – both of bright colors – both to girls.14 and 20…

    I’m currently working on binding for a quilt for David my husband. It was Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery design from Quiltmaker magazine.. and I let him help me choose between the red fabrics on what to use…

    so I guess really for the most part I just do my own thing.. and hope they like it. 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  40. 41


    I try to personalize it somehow, but don’t know a thing about their decor. I do it in a theme or color scheme I think they’ll like. My son, who is in the Air Force, is getting an Eleanor Burns Victory Quilt, with the airplane block in the center. My father-in-law, retired Army and proud patriot, is getting “America the Beautiful.” My mother, who I know loves jewel tones in her blouses, is getting a lap quilt done in jewel tones. My friend Patty, who loves Lucille Ball, is getting a table runner done in I Love Lucy fabric. My friend Tara, who is a teacher, is getting a mini that has colored crayons on it.

  41. 42

    Barb says

    I would be happy with any quilt that I received. It is the thought behind the gift that counts. I think it is special when someone takes their time to make something for someone else. In todays world where time is a precious thing it is great for someone to do something for someone else.

  42. 43


    As a gift I make what I want. I try to go with a theme of something that they collect. If they ask me to make them a quilt I usually have them pick out the fabric that they want.

  43. 44


    I have to agree with everyone else. Mostly I make what I WANT to make and “Beggers can’t be choosers”. LOL

    Baby quilts for grandchildren are just that… Baby quilts. But I really liked the colors DIL and I chose.
    Quilt for MIL. She likes frogs. So I made a Warm Wishes using frog fabric. She likes it and shows it off to people, but I don’t think she actually uses it. (It’s that way with any gift she gets)
    Quilt for my teenage son is going be made from wolf fabric, cuz that what he likes.
    A hand pieced lap sized giant dahlia quilt will be given to my aunt who adores red and is a fabulous artist and LOVES my quilting.(We share a name so I’m her favorite. Anything I do she loves)
    Quilt for my grandmother was made to reflect her lifelong interests, ie. hummingbird fabrics(she loved the hummers), card trick block (always playing solitare or other card games) and each “hand” of cards used a different hummingbird fabric to represent her 4 grandchildren
    I also made a denim rag quilt with denim on both sides. It got used as a floor quilt under the table during my daycare provider days to protect the carpet as it was too heavy to use on the bed. Army son stole it.

    I make what I want taking into account a persons likes and interests. I don’t worry too much about a color that a person doesn’t like except to not make it a main fabric.

    • 44.1

      Bobbie says

      As we speak, I am in my sewing room, making Troy-son- a flannel quilt that will be very warm-he sleeps on the couch mostly-I know, I know–it because he isn’t much of a sleeper and keeps “her” awake a lot(I would just say “too bad sweety”. I had made him 2 quilts for the couch before and when we were down there Thanksgiving, I saw how bad he needed a new one–she had washed them to death-another thing-she is a clean freek-don’t get me wrong-I do like her a lot-Troy loves her to death-but certain things get on the back side of me. Anyway, the quilt is not any where fancy, but it will keep him warm. We live in Colo. and today it is about 10 d.above 0. Hugs, Bobbie – who is fixing to “get back at it.

  44. 45


    Well…I approach quilt gifting two ways:

    1. if for a relative then I ask about personal preferences like colors and things they like (mostly for backing fabric). I also ask about things they don’t like~so I don’t include it in the quilt. I then choose a pattern to make and use their color preferences.

    2. if for a teacher then I make something I feel he/she would like. Florals for a female teacher or brownie leader, music something for the piano teacher or even b&w for the modern teacher.

    I’ve gifted quilts to children only to say that they don’t like the quilt so now if a child wants a quilt then he/she has to ask me for one! Hope this helps! 🙂

  45. 46

    Cindy says

    If I ever made a quilt for someone, they darn well better like what I want to make and if a kid or anyone else ever told me they didn’t like what I gave them, it would be the last thing they or anyone connected to them ever got from me. Cause if they raised a kid to be that rude, why would you ever bother??

    Hey, you don’t even have to tell me you want my opinion on something. You know I’m going to tell you anyway.

  46. 47

    Lori says

    They very first quilt I made was made out of scraps. I used a cardboard template. I was about 9 years old, gosh that must have been about 42 years ago! Any way I remember going upstairs in Penneys to the fabric department to get the backing fabric…lime green!

    When making a quilt for someone else, I usually try to gear it toward them somewhat. I have a neice graduating in May, since I don’t know what her room looks like, I have noticed that she wears alot of pink, so her quilt will have pink in it.

  47. 48

    bettina walia says

    when i make quilts which i have just really started making… i am making two quilts right now for project linus….they are in most need so that is why i make quilts.

    i usually use bright colors but use a pattern of my own liking.

    i hope this answers your questins

  48. 49

    Kathy in FL says

    When I make a quilt as a gift for someone, I either make it in fabrics that are themed for them (dogs, cats, flowers, etc.), or in their favorite colors, or in a pattern I want to try (Star of Bethlehem was the pattern) that I know I’ll never try if I’m making the quilt for myself. I like multicolored, scrappy quilts, so that’s what I make and give away all the time.

  49. 50

    Debbie says

    Sometimes I try to use colors I know they use or like, but sometimes I just make what I want and figure everyone likes something different from time to time. I think the pattern of the quilt matters a lot too. Modern to traditional….. Most of my friends and family just like anything.

  50. 51

    Julie H. says

    I always make quilts in fabrics or colors the recipient likes. My DIL got an Elvis, my DS a Raiders, DGS Spiderman, DGD Precious Moments etc. Baby quilts, I sew with the nursery colors, designs (i.e. bugs, dinosaurs.) Quilts I sew because I love the fabrics or pattern, I keep. I don’t always try to match my home colors. Some are picnic quilts or camping quilts which can be “cook’s choice.” I also layer quilts on the bed and only the top one has to match the rest of the room.

  51. 52

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I try to consider the favorite color and work from there. I tend to make personal quilts for cuddling (flannel back:-) while watching a movie. So these are lap type quilts that are slightly larger than baby quilt size. Just made 14 for Christmas presents for children and grandchildren. Considered their colors and kept a hawaiian theme. The quilts included lots of applique…slippah’s (flip/flops), turtles (man child) and hibiscus flowers. Each one was unique and fun to do. I sure hope they like them. My other children and grandchildren use their quilts to death…which is what I want! They are made to be used and loved.

  52. 53

    Becky I says

    When I make a quilt as a gift there are several things I do. (1) If I know their decor I try to blend somehow (2) or use a theme of somesort that reminds me of the person the quilt is for (3) or just, maybe I just like the quilt but want to share it with someone then they get what they get. I guess you could say what some one gets as a gift depends on how I feel, what they like, what I have or just what I am in the mood to do. A few years ago someone gave me a huge bag of themed fabric. I used that fabric to make gifty things for many family members one Christmas, then a few years later I made pillow cases out of some of it for quick gifts for some children I knew. Then after all that last Christmas (Dec 25) I went to my sewing room and spent most of the day, It was quiet and we had absolutly nothing on the agenda (that doesn’t happen often even on Christmas) anyway, I decided a nice scrappy quilt would do and got out all the “themed” fabrics my friend had given me and made her a top, which I have yet to quilt so she doesn’t know yet that she is getting it. Her name is on it and one day she will get it, then I will tell her the story. By the way, there is none of that fabric left, it is gone, done and over! Piecing is my escape from reality so it really depends on my mood, what is on my mind or not on my mind when I am sewing. I don’t know if this is what you wanted but it is my answer! Have a wonderful evening………

  53. 54


    So far all of my quilts have been made for family except for one. These have all been purposeful so I ask for input from the intended. Usually it is easier for people to say what they don’t like, i.e., no yellow, no brights, NO LIME GREEN. No, I take that back, it was NO ORANGE. Then I pick the fabrics and the pattern I want to make. For me, scrappy is best so I enjoy putting lots and lots of prints and patterns together. More fun for me and keeps me interested in the quilt! I’ve made quite a variety of quilts and have enjoyed the learning experience over the last few years. My own fantasy is to have a pile of quilts in my house, all of which I made!

  54. 55


    Interesting question. I’ve had to think about it for awhile. The quilts I have made for gifts have been scrappy, usually in colors I think the recipient will like. If I know there are specific colors the recipient can’t stand, I don’t use them in the quilt.

    I don’t normally try to match a decor. That being said…the one I’m currently working on is to match a decor, lol.

    It was one of those, “Oh, I love that flamingo fabric! It matches my room!” So, while she picked the flamingo fabric, I’ve chosen what I like to go with it. The top is almost completed and I hope to be quilting on it next week.

  55. 56

    Lydia says

    At this point I don’t really make quilts for many people. Most people in my life are not “quilt worthy.” For my own use, I don’t worry about matching my decor — quilts are “homey,” and to my eye, they always look right, no matter the colors. Right now on my quilt racks upstairs I have one that’s red/blue/black/white, one that’s teal/orange/yellow, one that’s a muted rainbow array of hand-dyed fabrics, one that’s pink and green, one that features a big sunflower print on a taupe background with purple, green, gold and apricot, a brights with black, and maybe others as well. I’ve given my parents some quilts — the first one, I started not knowing what would ultimately happen to it, and when my mother expressed admiration I told her I’d finish it for her. She got sheets and a dust ruffle to match it. The other ones my parents have are lap quilts — one year I pulled out two tops I had made, and finished them, one for each of them. My dad’s is purple and teal, because he really likes purple. My mom’s is a green and cream ninepatch, because I was using it as a class sample so needed it finished anyhow. My mom loves quilts in general, especially if I make them 😉 Then as a thank-you for some favors my mom did for me, another time I gave her a quilt she’d admired a lot and jokingly threatened to steal. There are only a few friends I’d make a quilt for, and in those cases, like many other folks have said, I’d consider their general preferences or interests, but I’d have to make something that I could stay interested in. In fact, right now I’m procrastinating on a quilt for a friend who’s working on her dissertation — I told her when she finished her doctorate I’d make her a quilt, but her taste in colors and so forth is completely different than mine, so I have to wait until I’m in a certain mood in order to work on that. I’m still waiting 😉

  56. 57


    I have tried to make to decor, in the past, but now I tend to go with theme and or colors. This Christmas I made a dresden plate throw using chicken fabric for my mother who collects chicken stuff. Last year I made an applique quilt using colors that I think are Swedish colors for my DIL who loves everything Swedish. The truth is that I make things that I like or that make me think of the person and I just hope that they will like it. I just really like making quilts, and other things, for the people I love.

  57. 58


    I consider favorite colors and home style (modern, eclectic, country etc) but mostly I just go with my gut. Most quilts I give as gifts are for babies or children so then it’s just boy or girl themes. Love your quilts!

  58. 59


    I’m bad these days — most of the time I make the quilts I want to make and usually have plenty of tops around so when I need a gift I usually finish up one of those. Sometimes I offer the recipient a choice of several and let them pick the one they like best, sometimes I’ll just ask what colors they like or dislike and then pick one myself.

    I have a hard time piecing a quilt that I haven’t chosen to do so I never let someone pick out a pattern.

  59. 60

    Peggy says

    I’m with Mary, I usually have a supply of tops made up and when my children, grands and greats want one they pick. I make what I like if not I have a hard time finishing them. Right now I’m working on one and have another to go that are wedding presents that they picked the pattern. One is not bad but the other I will have to force myself to do. I’m sure it will be pretty but!!

  60. 61


    I’ve made all but two of my family a quilt. This quilt is lovely but I found out the new grandaughter- in- law is heavy into black. I will give it anyway and hope it grows on her. It’s to late to make another. But, I will not make it Black if I make another.