Tonight – 12/4/09

Got everything on the list done.  Even made a cracker pie and that wasn’t on my list.  That’s the beauty of making a list and checking it twice . . oh, wait!  That’s Santa . . not Judy!  Had I not made that list and posted it, I would have given up on about Border #5 on Loose Change and I would have stopped with the binding when it was pinned on and not yet sewed down.

But, because I told you I was going to do it all . . I did it all.

1.  The order for yarn and needles is in my shopping cart.  Have not yet placed the order but I suppose I will do that . . maybe not.  I did find some needles that will work and I may try some yarn I have here before ordering more.  We’ll see how much will power I have between now and bed time.

2.  Loose Change Borders – all are added.  I can hardly wait to quilt this one.  Binding will be the same purple fabric as the narrow border.


3.  Chicken is done but I’ll spare you the ugly cooked chicken picture.  Gumbo is started.

4.  Chili is made and we had it for dinner and it was good!

5.  Black Friday is trimmed and binding is on.  I think I’ll bind this one by hand because the outer border is scrappy and with that black binding . . what color thread would I use?  I don’t mind doing one by hand every now and then.


I like this quilt!  If you see a mistake in those blocks, please don’t tell me now.  After posting the picture with the blocks turned wrong, I’m kinda paranoid about this one.



  1. 4

    Cindy says

    I LOVE your Black Friday Quilt. How can I get/buy the pattern?? (I have been lurking here for several weeks and tune in EVERY day!!!).

    Cindy in California

  2. 5


    They both look great — love the black and brights. I have some hand dyed fabrics from VickiW and I’m thinking I might have to pair them up with a nice black.

    Do you have a favorite Black? I think I’ve used up all of the Patrick Lose one I’d bought tons of a few years ago and I’ll need to find a nice one.

  3. 6


    I love both the quilts, but specially Loose Change.

    Here it’s 8am, but you made me feel hungry after reading about chilli.

    As for the question in another post about quilts as gifts, I try to work in the favourite colours, and ignore decor – after all, they could always redecorate to match the quilt couldn’t they?

  4. 7

    Jerzydeb says

    I love both quilts – I would change my decor to match either of those if I had received it as a gift …I think Sue is on to something … the giftee could always change their decor to match the quilt received !