About Those Gift Quilts

On Lime Green Kitchen:

Cracker Pie – I know I’m always saying these recipes are simple but they really are.  This one doesn’t even have a crust!

Thank you so much for all the responses to my question.  Those were great!  I’ll go back and read those over and over again through the years.

When I start out making a quilt, I don’t usually have a clue where it’s going to end up.  When I did make a quilt for my dad, I showed him pictures of the designs and got his input on the colors.  Most of the time, I doodle in EQ and come up with a design, can’t wait to get started, work from the stash so it’s bright fabric, finish it, love it and then have to decide what to do with it.  Some go to orphanages, some go to veterans’ homes, some go to QOV’s, some go to friends and family, some go into the closet.

Here’s the backing from Black Friday:


Does that fit anyone’s decor . . except maybe mine?  🙂  Probably not but it is a nice quilt, don’t you think?  What would you do if I gave it to you?  Of course, I can’t give it to all of you but would this green backing shock you?  Would you stick it in the closet and never let it see the light of day?  Would you love it and cherish it forever, til death do you part?  Through sickness and health?

Look at these feathers.  Oh . . lime green and feathers.  Who could ask for more? Don’t answer that!


So, is it too bright to give to a friend?  To a family member?  I think a child in an orphanage would like it.  Probably not a veteran or a QOV but I still love it.



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    Loretta says

    It is a stunning quilt and I love it!! and it matches my decor perfectly–my decor is still “early childhood”–I never could get that Southern Living look, as I went from children to grandchildren with no break. If you decide not to keep it, I definitely would love to be the recipient of a Judy L., quilted with feathers quilt.
    Also, I think you’d be surprised at what the veterans like–I work in a veterans home–and this quilt screams “life”.

    Loretta in Louisiana, where it snowed in many places tonight

  2. 2


    It just looks great. I really love it and that it maybe doesn’t match my decor perfectly, why bother, just love it. In fact I think it will match the decor upstairs perfectly.

  3. 4


    The spread on the bed in my sewing room (which doubles as the granddaughters’ bedroom when they are here) has lime green and turquoise blue in it…as does the curtain valance…so this would totally go in that room!!! Your work, as usual, is wonderful.

  4. 5


    I think, no I KNOW, anyone who receives that quilt will absolutely love it. I can see it wrapped around a mother with children in her lap, perhaps reading a bedtime story. I can see it bringing life to a veteran, or love to an orphan. The bright colors can only chase away depression – who could possibly be sad wrapped with all that cheer? I don’t think the vet, nor the orphan, would worry about decor, they would simply feel the blessing that came with the gift.

  5. 6


    I think that lime green back would be perfect for the middle of the winter duldrums…. I personally don’t worry about matchy matchy….

  6. 9

    KatieQ says

    Although I love this quilt and would be happy to commit to any feats of strength to prove I am worthy of it, I know there is a child or veteran somewhere who needs this bright beauty for their very own.

    Feathers AND lime green! It doesn’t get much better than that.

  7. 10


    Love everything about it – especially the lime green. I agree with Katie & Loretta. I can’t imagine a veteran (or anyone else for that matter) not loving it. It’s a ‘happy’ quilt.

  8. 11


    I have a very strict rule about quilts—you decorate around them. 😉 I think anyone would be happy to cuddle under this quilt!

    You did great with your list…good job not caving in and knitting all day like I did. 🙂

  9. 12

    Eve says

    I have to agree w/ KatieQ and Loretta also. And Linda is right—lime green is a neutral!! This quilt is beautiful!! What a blessing it is going to be for the recipient. You rock, Judy!! Eve

  10. 13

    Alberta in N GA says

    I dont think it matters what the back looks like and if somebody really has a problem with it then they dont need it. I doubt that anybody would turn down that quilt as a gift from you. They would feel honored so just enjoy making it…using up some of your stash for the backing and then let somebody else enjoy it also whether it is a veteran or a child who needs some love.

  11. 14

    pdudgeon says

    the lime green would make me think of Spring in the middle of Winter, white sand beaches, and a tropical paradise.

    the kitties would make me smile!

    i think it’s a fabulous backing to a fabulous quilt!

  12. 15


    The quilt is gorgeous! Wherever it ends up is going to make someone VERY happy!!

    Did Mom and Dad get snow yesterday? Don said his grandchildren were playing in show in DeQuincy!

  13. 16


    The back may be bright, but lets face it, how often when you curl up with a quilt, or put a quilt on the bed is the backing showing? So the backs can be fun. Years ago I purchased BOM blocks from a chain store — the year after the quilt was made so forget setting kits. Found a cool stripe for sashing & binding and a large bird print for the border. Used the left over fabric and pieced the backing — birds going every which way. That’s the side my niece likes. My DH is mortified. Incidently one of the colors was lime green.

  14. 17

    Cindy Kuipers says

    I love it. No, it wouldn’t go in my decor… or maybe it would since my decor is a mix of whatevers! I love lime green, too. And kitties. And feathers. I think anyone who received it would be very happy!

  15. 18

    Becky R says

    I think the receipient just has to love lime and it would be perfect. I do and don’t think it is bright at all. It’s beautiful.

  16. 19


    There is a restaurant (Schreiners) in Fond du Lac, WI that serves a Ritz torte but it is only baked for Sunday so if you stop other days you can’t get it. Whenever traveling through there I ask for the recipe but they don’t share. Thanks to you because this sounds like it. I’ll let you know. As for backs it’s nice if the colors coordinate with the top but I don’t obsess over it. I do always use good quality fabric for my backs as I want them to wear equal to the tops. I will use sale fabric for the backs but I get it from the quilt shop and not from a chain store.

  17. 20

    Evelyn says

    I think it is a nice quilt and anyone who gets it will be happy! I love how kids don’t care if something “goes” or not – when I was making a purple coins quilt my son insisted that I include a small block I had pieced with a yellow anchor – just because he liked it. I think sometimes as quilters we overthink our decisions, but the person who gets the end product just loves it for what it is – they aren’t looking to see what color thread we used, if our points match or if maybe a different fabric would be better. Cheers! Evelyn

  18. 21

    Deb says

    I love it, but then I love lime green too! I would give it to anybody.
    I do have a question. In one of the last posts, you asked yourself (or us) “What color thread?” I would like to know this too. I have trouble with that, especially when it is a multi-colored top. I usually use a varigated, and it turns out o.k., but was wondering what “the pros” do? Or, those that have quilted more then me, and for someone else.
    Thanks. And once again, thanks for the pattern! you are too generous!

  19. 22


    If you gave it to me, after I stopped jumping up and down and shouting, I would cuddle up under it and look at all of the beautiful stitching and learn from everything on it. I have no decor, so it doesn’t need to match anything around here 🙂

    Love your work and daily inspiration to get in the sewing room.

  20. 23

    Norma says

    This is such a bright and happy quilt anyone would love it, especially someone who needs cheering up. I don’t worry about decor when gifting a quilt, or making one for that matter. This may be one of my favorites of the ones you’ve posted – it’s beautiful. I agree with Jerseydeb – some child in an orphanage or wounded veteran would cherish this quilt and the love that went into it!

    And we had snow flurries in Baton Rouge last night – a perfect beginning for our church’s Twin Living Christmas Trees performance.

  21. 24


    My Opinion: Quilts are original works of art, and don’t necessarily need to coordinate with anybody’s decor. Plus they are functional! No wonder we all love them so much.

  22. 25

    Sandy says

    I love lime green! I think any of us would be thrilled with this quilt. I don’t think you necessarily have to “match” a quilt to someone’s decor. It is a work of art and a gorgeous quilt.

  23. 26

    Cherrie R says

    My favorite quilts are those made by people who enjoyed making it. I get pleasure from knowing they chose the colors and made what they want. I make lots of quilts, usually from designs I come up with and in the scrappy way I like the best. Without fail someone always loves it and needs to take it home. Which is good, then I can make more.

  24. 28

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    It is definitely a bright, happy & joyous quilt and I love it! You do fine work and yes…it is a work of art. Because it is a happy quilt it could be considered therapeutic for its mood lifting properties:-) Like ‘pdudgeon’ says…white sand beaches and tropical paradise…so it definitely would work here:-) Anyone who received it would love it.

  25. 29


    Judy…that slime green is my favorite color of all time…so I definitely would love to receive it. As far as a quilt made by a friend, there IS no such thing as matching my decor…love makes everything match! I love, love, love that Black Friday quilt! Ya done good, Judy!!!

  26. 30

    bettina walia says

    i believe it to be a great looking quilt and i think the vets would love to have a warm quilt like that to brighten up the day…

  27. 31

    Glenda in Florida says

    If you gave it to me, I would love and cherish it, and USE it. Well, actually, I would give it to my husband, a 30 year army veteran, who said he liked it too. He is still waiting for me to make him one.

    Seriously–I can’t imagine anyone not being happy with that quilt.

  28. 32

    Robin says

    Even though those aren’t my colors I certainly won’t turn it away when you send it to me!!! 🙂 LOL!!! I think the lime green backing goes perfectly with the front and I can’t wait to see what is on the back of Loose Change.

  29. 33

    Lydia says

    Judy: I love that quilt, front and back! I’m not sure why you think a veteran or wounder service member wouldn’t want to have that quilt — they’re people! If people generally would like it, why wouldn’t someone who happens to have served this country by serving in the military? And some of them, more than most of the rest of us, may well need the cheeriness.

    I don’t really have a “decor” to match, but if I did, I still don’t worry about whether quilts match or not. Paintings don’t need to match your sofa, and neither do quilts 😉