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Vince keeps asking why he doesn’t have a quilt for covering up when watching TV.  I’ve made him 3 that are throw size so I’m not real sure what he’s wanting but I’ll make one more . . since Christmas is coming and he needs another gift or two under the tree.


This is what I came up with.  Quick . . easy . . nothing fancy.  Choosing the fabrics was a difficult job!  No lime green, no purple, no pink.  Surely there’s something in my stash that will work!  I still may change out the gold but for now, this is what I’ve pulled for this quilt.


My goal is to have the top done by tomorrow night so . . don’t talk to me while I’m sewing!  🙂



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    bettina walia says

    i really love your color choices for vince quilt top should be quilt a christmas at your house this season

  2. 5

    Just Me says

    If Vince is like my husband, he wants a BIG one that will cover head to toe when the “sitting” in front of the TV changes into napping!
    I made a huge one for my husband a few years ago just for this purpose.

  3. 6


    My DH likes big and soft…. the favorites have minkee backings…….my family used to have fights over the minkee but now they each have there own.

    The quilt looks wonderful…..very masculine both in style and colors you have picked out.

    Done by Christmas???? You are a wonderwoman!!!!

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    Jane says

    You are an ambitious woman!! I admire you!!! Can’t wait to see the finished top……tomorrow!!!!

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    I cannot even imagine piecing a quilt in one day. But I tend to like to process so I don’t hurry and I don’t quilt for others or teach so I don’t have to hurry. But I admire what you can do. Oh, and I love the feathers on the lime green quilt.

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    I wish I could get a quilt done even 1/4 as quickly as you do! That looks like a very nice quilt for Vince. Is this one going to be larger than throw size?

  7. 10

    Deb S. says

    Wow, I LOVE this design. I think it’s my favorite one of yours. Can we have the pattern (or just the EQ file) so we can make one, too? I think this would look terrific in red/white/blus/gold for a Quilt of Valor.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, That is a great quilt for Vince. My hubby likes them big too, although he only covers his legs and lower half while using his recliner. Once in a while he will move to the couch and use the whole length. Everytime I’m working on a qquilt that he likes the color or pattern, he’ll ask, “Is that for me?” I’ve made him 3 quilts too. Is this a pattern you designed in EQ? That is another winner for us stash busters. You are amazing. I love seeing what you are working on. Dar S

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    Linda H says

    Not fancy?!! Done by tomorrow? Look out …. here comes SuperWoman! Seriously, a very nice design and colorscheme. Is it a surprise? Have fun with it. I’m looking forward to seeing it and seeing how you quilt it. I know it will be a winner.

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    peggy says

    I’m joining what is apparently a long line of us who are amazed how quickly your designs become actual quilt tops and then completed quilts! I’m so slow! Days into weeks into months into (don’t tell anyone) years! That’s me!

  11. 16


    Nothing Fancy???? Are you kidding me? I love it! It is very masculine. I want to make one for my sweetheart, are you going to be sharing this pattern with us too? I really appreciate you sharing your wonderful creations with us. I will be making the Black Friday quilt after the holidays.

    Thanks for letting me know where I can buy the bread pans. I will be ordering them. My bread pans are pathetic, I need some good ones. Have you ever tried glass ones?

  12. 17

    Chris says

    That looks a beautiful pattern. i look forward to seeing the finished quilt – it would take me months!
    Chris x

  13. 18


    I think you’ve designed a winner to suit what men like, Judy. My husband looked at that picture and said what a nice quilt it was! (Our computers are side by side so we can say “look at this”). 🙂

  14. 21

    Jackie Hicks says

    maybe he wants a bigger than throw size – my hubby likes twin size so he can tuck it around his feet and around his shoulders when he is in his recliner.
    Love the pattern!